My Third Novel's Conclusion, My Heartbreak

My heart begins to break when I think about completing this particular book -- because this narrative has sustained me like no other story I've known. It's both more personal and more universal than my other works. But beyond memory and archetype, it's a cri-de-coeur about needing to become the person one is destined to be. And in the writing, I have met my own life's work, my own fated journey -- having the sense all the while that the pages are suffused with a resonance, an energy, an electrified field that defies explanation. Writers hope and pray to be overtaken by a work in this way -- to be conscripted into passionate service of a profound story. To experience it even once in a lifetime seems a great privilege. I still have several months before this novel is complete, and this constitutes my reprieve. Because I'm not ready for the beauty to end.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

An Open Letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray

The letter below was originally sent to FBI Director Christopher Wray on February 22, 2022.  Following that date, all signs of this material were deleted from my computer.  My email with an attachment conveying a copy of this letter, forwarded to the Office of the Inspector General Hotline of the U.S. Department of Justice on February 22, 2022, was obstructed, presumably by employees and affiliates of the FBI.

Given these extraordinary interventions intended to suppress this content from the public view, one must ask why.  What is so frightening about this letter that it would cause employees and affiliates of the FBI to engage in obstruction of justice in order to conceal it?

Its contents are as urgent for my family and me today as they were nearly three months ago, on February 22, 2022.  We are still receiving daily threats of being shot through the windows of our home in retaliation for my standing as a whistleblower of extensive corruption within the FBI's Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative and its affiliated "target of interest" program.

The notable difference seems to be that the FBI has now extended false charges of "espionage" to include false charges of "terrorism" toward my law-abiding family members and myself.  I gather that the fastest way the FBI can silence a whistleblower is by accusing her family members and herself of representing a "terrorist" threat to public safety, thereby justifying the intended aggression of this agency on the basis of a "false premise" accusation.

In an attempt to expose the absurdity and patent lies behind such allegations, I have offered to welcome into our home and offices any investigator deemed honest and trustworthy by the Office of the Inspector General Hotline of the U.S. Department of Justice.  That offer remains open and will continue to remain open indefinitely.

I note that in today's New York Times, the headline reads "Russia Exploits Capture of Ukrainians to Push False Premise of Terror."  Apparently, the courageous Ukrainian soldiers of the Mariupol steel plant, who surrendered from their refuge on Wednesday, are now being falsely accused by Vladimir Putin of being terrorists.  I take this to mean that Mr. Putin -- who is certainly the leading terrorist of this age -- plans, after corrupt convictions by a Russian court on false charges, to sentence these heroes to death.

But why is Christopher Wray's FBI falsely accusing law-abiding American citizens of terrorism? In order to silence their whistleblowing over widespread falsified law enforcement reporting within the NSARI and the "target of interest" program?  These disinformation techniques are distinctly Russian -- and so is the manner in which some within the FBI are reportedly utilizing AI-generated film co-opting the likeness of American citizens to depict crimes they did not commit.

Has the FBI become the leading force of the "insider threat" to our democracy?

I believe it has.

The risk is that most Americans have no idea that the primary source of political division within our country originates within the auspices of the agency we have trusted most to uphold the Constitution and the rule of law.  

Totalitarianism is dependent on both secrets and lies.  The truth of criminal behavior on the part of far-right law enforcement entities must remain secret.  At the same time, corrupt law enforcement officials must retain the power of false accusations --- the power of the lie -- through which they can render verdicts of life and death over any and all citizens at any time.

Once the ruse is publicly exposed, totalitarianism falls apart.

I believe Freedom of Information Act Request #1496758-000, fulfilled in its entirety, will contain the proof of the FBI's bid for autocracy -- its attempt to wrest power away from the American people and their duly elected representatives.

Would FBI Director Christopher Wray attempt to take my life and the lives of my family members before that FOIA request is fulfilled?  

Are the following threats I have received pertaining to my family members and myself through the FBI-facilitated Pegasus hack of my cell phone serious ones?

Here is the run-down of their content:

1. Kidnapping; 2. Car bomb; 3. Package/letter bomb; 4. Sniper assault; 5. Forced drug overdose made to appear to be suicide; 6. Staged car accident; 7. Staged car accident followed by ambulance transport with morphine overdose; 7. Arson; 8. Arson caused by incendiary projectiles; 9. Arson followed by ambulance transport with morphine overdose; 10. Intentional transmission of HIV; 11. Staged violent burglary; 12. Staged violent mugging; 13. DEW targeting of home and workplace; 14. HAARP targeting of home and workplace; 15. Forced job loss; 16. Cancer caused by improper utilities installment; 17. Slander and defamation involving dissemination of knowingly falsified material; 18. Privacy violations, including the illegal dissemination by the FBI of unlawfully collected material involving private life within our family; 19. Theft and unlawful dissemination of my latest book manuscript; 20. Killing of pets; 21. Arrest on false charges; 22. Isolation from all friends; 23. Forced divestment of property through intentional damage, gratuitous legal action, and insurance fraud ; 24. Forced separation of family members; 25. Ruining job prospects through slander and defamation extended to interviewers 26. Spurious lawsuits filed by neighbors accepting pay from Infragard.

Do the myriad harms listed above constitute assaults which are a routine part of the FBI's unconstitutional "target of interest" program or are they reserved for whistleblowers of FBI corruption like myself?

One wonders.

Don't we all want to know whether we're special?

I will hazard a guess and say that I think many of these threats constitute standard harms within the FBI's unlawful "target of interest" program, but I think I am special as well.

I think I have stumbled across the truth of a home-grown, FBI-created insider threat -- a bid for autocracy, outside of the knowledge and approval of the American public and our duly-elected representatives.  And beyond this, I think I am legally entitled to the proof of that corruption through the fulfillment of my Freedom of Information Act Request $#1496758-000.

So, that makes me special.

I'm also special because I'm unwilling to cave in to the thousands of death threats and substantive bribes the FBI and its affiliates have extended to me.

My soul is not for sale.

My friends and fellow Americans, our democracy should not be for sale, either.

Herewith, the February 22, 2022 letter Christopher Wray does not want you to see:

February 22, 2022

Dear Mr. Wray:

Tonight, I am receiving death threats on my Pegasus-hacked iPhone, compromised unlawfully by associates of the FBI, and, allegedly, with your agency's guidance.

Would you like to know their content?

I am told that, with the aid of surveillance devices the FBI has unlawfully placed inside my home, the interior of my whole house has been mapped.  Beyond this, I am informed that, with the aid of military telemetry, your contractors intend to shoot me overnight rather than wait for the requirement, as expressed by both the White House and the Office of the Inspector General of the U.S. DOJ, that you fulfill my FOIA request #1496758-000.

Apparently, the contents of material responsive to my FOIA request contain sufficiently damning falsifications that you do not believe your leadership role of the FBI can survive their public exposure.

My stalker, a leading member of Russian-affiliated organized crime and the alt right, according to those who know him well, has conveyed to me that you would rather commit first-degree murder of a law-abiding family than admit to the FBI's extensive corruption of the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative under your watch.

Is this true, Mr. Wray?

Is the FBI's "disposition matrix" a means your agency has employed to harm innocent, law-abiding Americans?  To wrest democracy away from the voting public?  To dismantle the Constitution piece by piece?

Mr. Wray, the United States was born as one nation under God, and that promise is still a luminous and worthy one for me.  It is with the love of God that I ask you to uphold the law in its entirety by fulfilling my FOIA request #1496758-000, now ten months past due.

Whatever your personal perspectives on due process and honorable conduct among law enforcement agents of the federal government, I maintain full right and claim to this material.

Do your people wish to shoot me through the windows of my residence rather than admit that they've engaged in egregious and criminal lies both in my case and in the "target of interest" program as a whole?

I'm very sorry to hear these allegations, sir.

Because I and my family still have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, despite your agency's crimes against us.

I ask you once again, Mr. Wray, for the full record of material responsive to FOIA request #1496758-000.

Beyond this, sir, I ask that you cease threatening our lives with false accusations relating to "industrial espionage" and other invented crimes.

Mr. Wray, I formally request that you uphold the rule of law and ensure my family's safety and my own prior to this material's receipt and following it.

Sincerely yours,

Lane MacWilliams

cc: OIG Hotline, U.S. DOJ