My Third Novel's Conclusion, My Heartbreak

My heart begins to break when I think about completing this particular book -- because this narrative has sustained me like no other story I've known. It's both more personal and more universal than my other works. But beyond memory and archetype, it's a cri-de-coeur about needing to become the person one is destined to be. And in the writing, I have met my own life's work, my own fated journey -- having the sense all the while that the pages are suffused with a resonance, an energy, an electrified field that defies explanation. Writers hope and pray to be overtaken by a work in this way -- to be conscripted into passionate service of a profound story. To experience it even once in a lifetime seems a great privilege. I still have several months before this novel is complete, and this constitutes my reprieve. Because I'm not ready for the beauty to end.

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

President Biden: Democracy's Defender Through Renewed Enforcement of the Freedom of Information Act


To the Office of the Inspector General Hotline, U.S. DOJ:


When I was a child, my mother, whose faith was a shining mountain, would very occasionally pronounce, “One must not forget that there is evil in the world.  It does exist.”


I had no idea what she was talking about.  And, more to the point, I hoped she was wrong.


I spent most of my life harboring vague distrust toward anyone who used the word “evil,” except perhaps in a remote context, in discussing the aggressors of the World Wars, the originators of the Holocaust, or the dictators of totalitarian regimes.


And I was mistaken.


My mother was right. And yes, I had a mother who was always right, so I should have known.


But I think we can readily see that slander and defamation of the sort currently being perpetrated by certain segments of the FBI are knowingly wrong.


For the FBI to pay a psychiatrist and psychologist to violate their professional ethics in maligning the state of mind of someone they do not know, a person who is not their patient, an individual who stands as a whistleblower of FBI corruption – is knowingly wrong.


For the FBI to film a husband and wife sharing private intimacy and then post such material online – is knowingly wrong.


For the FBI to disseminate fake films suggesting that law-abiding citizens of the United States have harmed the vulnerable – is knowingly wrong.


For the FBI to threaten people’s lives and livelihoods unless they engage in falsified witness statements dictated by their FBI handlers – is knowingly wrong.


For the FBI to pay the housecleaners of a “target” to collect strands of her hair, so that DNA “evidence” can be falsely claimed as being found at fictitious “crime scenes”—is knowingly wrong.


For the FBI to utilize edited and misattributed audio, phone calls with spoofed caller IDs, AI-generated video, fake social media, email and text messaging accounts, and appropriated Apple IDs to further false claims of “espionage,” and/or “terrorism,” as being perpetrated by law-abiding American citizens – is knowingly wrong.


For the FBI to engage in physical predation toward law-abiding American citizens for anti-democratic objectives – is knowingly wrong.


For the FBI to dismantle the Freedom of Information Act – without the knowledge of the public, the Congress, the Department of Justice, or the President – is knowingly wrong.


Taken together, these acts begin to fill out a more comprehensive picture of the harassment and harms in which the FBI has been engaging under the pretext of “national security concerns.”


That picture is one in which far right infiltration of the FBI has allowed predation of “targets of interest,” many of whom are law-abiding American citizens, in virtually every area of their lives.  These harms appear to be compounded by defamatory claims that sufferers of this harassment are “delusional” when they complain about their plight.


Unfortunately, there are sufficient voyeuristic and sadistic elements at play within the “target of interest” program that we can recognize a Nazi-like or Stasi-like culture, which appears to celebrate diminishment and injury in others.


As an institutional paradigm, the “target of interest” protocol seems to reflect a psychopathic mindset, which endeavors to exert total psychological and economic control of a “target” through perpetrating harm.


The means used to wield that control are consistently coercive.


And, when corrupt FBI agents falsely invoke the Patriot Act or the Espionage Act in the name of “national security,” alongside compensation tendered through Infragard, it appears that the independence of the judiciary can be compromised, Congressional advocacy can be obstructed, physicians can violate their oaths, attorneys can breach their obligations, loyal Americans can denounce loyal Americans, and neighbors can prey upon one another with impunity.


Yet, a house divided will not stand.


And the FBI’s current ethos of “disrupt, discredit, and divide” represents the most substantive and severe threat to our democracy since King George III.


What are the vulnerabilities within our society that have allowed this incipient totalitarian threat to emerge?


Russia has, from the mid-1990’s onward, cultivated the “angry young men” of the far right as integral to the human trafficking apparatus of organized crime within the United States.  There are well-documented links between the heads of far-right “militias” and human trafficking “leaders” within our country.


When individuals, including law enforcement officers, engage in human trafficking as customers, it appears that they are routinely filmed and subsequently “owned” by far right-affiliated organized crime interests.


The American public has had difficulty perceiving the sources and intent of disinformation, whether through Fox News, One America News, social media, or the political apparatus of the far right.


Popular American culture has idealized financial success over and above the success of character and integrity, leading FBI “informants” to believe that compensation tendered in return for falsified FBI witness statements constitutes a justifiable “good.”


There has been a lack of accountability for federal and local law enforcement officials who engage in corrupted reporting.


There has been a lack of accountability for FBI recruits and FBI informants, who have been protected from exposure of their predations toward law-abiding “targets,” primarily through secrecy agreements that subvert the Constitution.


The national security agencies have knowingly undertaken a program of mass surveillance of the American public, consistently concealing this fact from Congress, the press, and all who have questioned the focus of its capabilities.


Certain segments of the FBI and other three-letter agencies have engaged in the deployment, without oversight, of directed energy devices and HAARP against law-abiding members of the American public.


The FBI has exploited the lack of public awareness of AI technologies in paying contractors for fake films co-opting the likeness of “targets” to depict them in the perpetration of crimes that never took place.  Some of these fictitious crimes correspond to far right conspiracy theory, to which a purported 41 million Americans subscribe, according to a recent article in the New York Times.


The FBI appears to wield its “disposition matrix,” primarily though not exclusively through contractors and paid affiliates, against law-abiding members of the United States who refuse to comply with the agency’s unlawful and unconstitutional demands.


Certain segments of the FBI appear well-practiced in the unlawful exploitation of secrecy loopholes within the Espionage Act and the Patriot Act.


The major newspapers within the United States maintain relationships with the national security agencies, allowing these agencies to effectively suppress public awareness of the “insider threat” currently represented by the FBI from all but the most alert members of the American public – well less than 1%.  Given that, from the FBI’s perspective, it will always be in the “national security interest” for journalists not to write about FBI corruption, one can immediately perceive the dangers present in this concealed censorship.


There have been notable media failures in characterizing the FBI’s formal acquisition of Pegasus software in 2019 (its informal and extensive use pre-dates 2019) for the express purpose of training its contractors in its use, only for the agency to buy back the information unlawfully collected through unconstitutional surveillance of the American public.


The FBI’s utilization of Infragard as a primary means of extending bribes to individual members of the public, private and public companies, and public utilities constitutes a significant and concealed vector of corruption, in which the agency has drawn from the national treasury to subvert democratic norms.


The FBI has engaged in a clandestine dismantling of the Freedom of Information Act through unlawful FOIA delays, unlawful FOIA redactions, and unlawful FOIA fulfillments, which simply provide blank reports to “targets of interest.”


What would unmake this “insider threat” overnight?


The establishment by President Biden of a Freedom of Information Act Office that stands entirely independent of the auspices of the FBI, the CIA, the DHS, the NSA, and every national security agency.


This Office should be staffed by civilians with no ties to the national security agencies or the military.


This Office should be prohibited from engaging in any dialogue with the FBI, Infragard, other three letter agencies, or the U.S. military.  Its primary goal should be to open all the books of the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative and the FBI’s affiliated “target of interest” program.


Given the apparently egregious extent of systemic falsifications within the “target of interest” program, witness statements of informants should be disclosed to "targets."


A public repository of corrupt reporting and harassment perpetrated through the NSARI and the “target of interest” program should be established, while maintaining appropriate confidentiality, so that the public can be educated about the abuses that have transpired and the threat they have posed to the foundations of our democracy.


FOIA Offices internal to the national security agencies should ultimately be closed, with their mandate being served by civilian FOIA offices.  FOIA Offices within the FBI and other agencies have failed to uphold their responsibilities to the American people and to the Constitution. This abdication of central mission must be recognized.


Infragard should be immediately dismantled, and its budget frozen.  No payments for DEW deployment mean many fewer victims of long-term harm being perpetrated by affiliates of the FBI.


The national security agencies, their contractors and affiliates, branches of the U.S. military, and military contractors should be immediately prohibited from participating in any and all campaign financing participation for members of Congress.


FBI personnel should be actively prosecuted for violations of the Hatch Act.


The President, as our Commander in Chief, should consider appointing an independent investigative committee to address programmatic corruption within the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative and the FBI’s affiliated “target of interest” program.  The infiltration of the national security agencies, and, indeed, of certain segments of the military by the far right should be fully illuminated by such an investigation.

The privacy of law-abiding U.S. citizens should be re-confirmed as a Constitutional right and re-established as foundational to the freedoms of law-abiding American citizens.  Violations of that privacy by the FBI and others should be documented and litigated, and further violations should be disallowed.


The use of DEWs should be outlawed as assault with a deadly weapon.  Penalties for violations of prohibited use should be severe. The manufacturers of DEWs should be shut down, and DEWs in distribution should be collected and dismantled. NATO and the United Nations should agree that use of DEWs constitutes crimes against humanity.


All HAARP facilities should be shut down.  There are too many individuals within the military, both domestic and international, active and retired, who possess tasking capability for HAARP-type facilities.  The lack of traceability of this weapon’s deployment means that it is certain to be misused. Such capability will always serve the interests of autocracy, never democracy.  The international community should  agree to disable and dismantle all HAARP facilities, save those designed to detect where HAARP may be deployed by rogue states – in which case such facilities should be immediately disabled.


The Pentagon should be prevented from investing in AI drone attack programs, perhaps with the single exception of programs designed to eliminate attack drones themselves. In the future, if democracy is to survive, American skies must be kept clear for citizens who love free speech, free assembly, freedom of the press, and all the freedoms formalized within our Constitution.


Cross-communication structures between the national security agencies and the military must be re-examined.  The current communications paradigm allows ample margin for misconduct on the part of those with totalitarian aims, who would seek to evade restrictions imposed by our Constitution’s requirement of civilian control of the military.


The culture of the FBI, a quasi-military organization, which seems to demonstrate both misogynistic and racist ideologies, needs to be examined.  It is possible that, after an independent commission studies the corruption of the NSARI and the FBI’s affiliated “target of interest” program, a recommendation may be made that the agency is too compromised to continue in its current form.


The United States requires a national law enforcement agency, but one which is fully transparent and accountable to the American people, and one which scrupulously adheres to the truth.


Civilian control of the military must be, in every measure, re-established.  We have a remarkably wise Commander-in-Chief, with exceptional judgment and insight.  The American people voted for President Joseph R. Biden to lead us.  Not Christopher Wray.  President Biden’s authority as Commander-in-Chief must be upheld, just as our Constitution must be upheld.  Our democracy depends upon this fundamental

preservation of chain of command as originating in the Executive branch of U.S. government.


And now, I hope you’ll bear with me, because I need to say a few words about President Biden.


It is to our collective diminishment that the international community comprehends the great hope that President Biden represents to democracies all over the world, while many Americans have not yet perceived this truth in full.


The vast majority of American presidents would not have the courage and integrity to address the “insider threat” that the FBI has come to represent to our nation.  Prior presidents have either failed to perceive the emerging risks or they have not wanted to wrestle the FBI leadership to a public accounting of this agency’s crimes against law-abiding American citizens.


What makes President Biden the leader for our time?  He possesses both the intelligence and the strength of character to illuminate the truth of our predicament for the American public, whose freedoms and whose children’s freedoms are now, unbeknownst to them, imperiled.


This venerable and courageous President has not only perceived the extent of this insider threat, he has also conceived of a plan with which to confront it.


That takes insight, bravery, wisdom, determination, faith, judgment and fortitude – and all of these in abundant quantities.


The qualities that make our President so rare cannot be replaced by another – and I cannot emphasize this enough.  Strength of character and integrity of soul are among the rarest elements on the planet.  And on such intangibles, the futures of all of us depend.


Whenever I hear conjecture about President Biden’s age regarding his second term, I feel like giving the public an impassioned lecture on this point.


Leaders like President Biden are not replaceable.


I don’t care whether President Biden tells me he is celebrating his one thousandth birthday.


He is the leader to guide us forward through these shoals.  He is the Commander in Chief to help Americans understand how certain segments of the national security agencies have gone astray. He is the one person with the mettle and the fortitude and the faith to return true Constitutional democracy to the American public.


Good people of the OIG Hotline, perhaps one person out of one million will not succumb to the coercion of the FBI through the threats, bribes and harms this agency is currently wielding.  Perhaps one out of ten million.


The vast majority of people simply put their heads down and hope someone else will stand on the principles they themselves are unwilling, in the final measure, to risk their comforts for.


Such is the chronicle of a democracy’s end.


President Biden is not willing to let that happen.


President Biden is that one person in ten million who cares for this country more than he cares for his own short-term personal interests.


He is rare, courageous, astute, determined, irreplaceable.  A leader for our time.  A leader for all time.


I hope I might have the chance to articulate this to the American people – along with any Congresspersons who are unclear on the truth.


I say with respectful insistence – they need to hear it.


Most sincerely,


Lane MacWilliams

Friday, June 24, 2022

PG&E as Signatory to Infragard: Democracy Imperiled by a Monopolistic Public Utility


I spoke to PG&E Customer Relations Representative Ms. Felicia Smith this afternoon, regarding her suggestion that PG&E, given the “safety concerns” (her words) present in this utility’s servicing of my account, utilize solar generation records of electricity recorded in 2021 as a “template” for 2022 solar billing.

Ms. Smith seemed to be rather painfully aware of my suspicion that Mr. Sarah Morrone is an FBI contractor, and not a PG&E employee.


She seemed to experience a degree of cognitive dissonance when I discussed with her the problem of falsified law enforcement reporting as being perpetrated by the FBI.


Objectively, I do not believe that PG&E is going to engage in a “special billing arrangement” regarding my account, because to do so would be tantamount to admitting malfeasance on the utility’s part.  In general, from what I have seen, this company is unwilling to acknowledge its own wrongdoing.  Instead, it seems more than willing to engage in aggressive predations toward “targets of interest” at the FBI’s request.


Ms. Smith has become rather over-eager and fawning during our conversations.  Beyond this, I would characterize her as newly nervous, with a self-consciousness that indicates she feels “on stage.” She stutters, which she did not when we first spoke, and her reasoning is circular and repetitive, indicating a relatively high degree of anxiety.  She seems to be stalling for an “answer from the executives,” which is highly unlikely to come.


I would assess that she has been pressed into the “vanquishing of a threat” by both the FBI and PG&E, likely through providing extensively falsified “witness statements” to the FBI in return for hefty payments from Infragard.  Ms. Smith seems sufficiently nervous that I would assess those payments to be substantive enough to alter her quality of life.


Is it permissible to observe the tragedy within one American preying upon another for pay from corrupt elements within the FBI?  I do view the character failures present within this pattern to be tragic.


The FBI desires an excuse to stage an unjustified law-enforcement raid.  


PG&E desires escape from accountability in its predations toward me as a paying customer of its public utility.


Both entities are highly aware that they have broken the law and violated the Constitution.


Due to the risks present in speaking further to Ms. Felicia Smith, I will leave a voicemail for her this evening, requesting that she leave content messages on my home line (xxx) xxx-xxxx, and duplicate these communications through emailing me at


Her witness testaments for the FBI will likely need to be forcefully rebutted, in my opinion, in order to ensure my family’s safety.  I would greatly appreciate the active engagement of the OIG Hotline in mounting that defense.


Ms. Smith did acknowledge an unscheduled PG&E power outage on Vista Verde Way on Wednesday, June 22, 2022, from 11:11 am to 1:15 pm.  She further acknowledged that there were work crews “in the direct vicinity” of Vista Verde Way at that time.


So, I have questions about whether they were present on the Cal Water site at that time, attempting to alter certain access of this “hardscaping installation” to PG&E power.


Thank you for your engagement with these concerns.  It is my sense that PG&E’s participation in the harassment and harms of the FBI’s “targets of interest” is likely well practiced and extensive, to the greater peril of our democracy.


Most sincerely,


Lane MacWilliams


Thursday, June 23, 2022

FBI Director Christopher Wray, Uphold the Freedom of Information Act and Cease Your Contractors' Threats to My Family

My stalker is, according to those who know him well, a human trafficker, the head of an alt right militia, and a leading member of Russian-affiliated organized crime within the United States.  

So, I take it seriously when he sends me threats stating that corrupt law enforcement officers intend to stage an unjustified raid on my home this evening, with a purportedly violent objective.


What is the specific nature of the corruption of a segment of the FBI?  It is manifesting in falsified law enforcement reporting for anti-democratic objectives.  Utilizing false claims of “espionage,” “terrorism,” and/or predation toward the vulnerable, these agents and their contractors are unconstitutionally surveilling, harassing and harming several million American citizens at “targets of interest.” Democrats, journalists, women and minorities are over-represented as “targets” the FBI has listed for said harms.


It’s fair to say that these wayward FBI agents do not want to be caught.


And more particularly, FBI Director Christopher Wray does not want to be caught.


So, to stand as a whistleblower of corruption within the FBI’s Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative and its affiliated “target of interest” program is a serious matter, indeed.


Christopher Wray owes me the fulfillment of my Freedom of Information Act Requeest #1496758-000, now one year and one month overdue.


Would he engage his agents and contractors in a plan of harm against me in order to avoid the requirement that he fulfill my request in its entirety, without redaction?


Friends, unfortunately, it seems that many people would break the law if they felt they could act with impunity.


That’s why the Freedom of Information Act is so necessary to our democracy.  It serves as a check on unbridled powers of federal law enforcement, yet only when it is upheld and respected.


Mr. Wray, fulfill my FOIA Request #1496758-000.


Do not cause my family any additional harassment or harm, sir.


You have an obligation to the law-abiding American public, of which I and my family are a faithful part, to answer FOIA requests in an honest, timely and complete manner.


Please uphold that obligation.  Uphold it now.


Lane MacWilliams

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Vox Clamantis in Deserto

Some organizations demonstrate institutional humility, a willingness to be wrong at times, as everyone is wrong at times, and a receptivity to self-examination and change.

The FBI has not shown itself to be one of them.


Recently, the FBI publicly admitted having purchased NSO’s hacking software known as Pegasus. However, the agency leadership following by saying that the software had never been used by the FBI.


What is the truth of this matter?  The truth is that the FBI purchased Pegasus software for the purpose of engaging in massive surveillance of American citizens and others.  Once it learned the software internally, it hired contractors to engage in the actual “work” of the surveillance, and then purchased the information, unlawfully gained, directly from them.


In most cases, the FBI has taught contractors how to use Pegasus in the process.


The FBI’s purchase of Pegasus contravened its guarantees to Congress and the executive branch that it would not do so.  Still, this agency felt comfortable utilizing funds from the public treasury to violate the privacy of millions of Americans in ways the public has not yet grasped.


Similarly, with regard to the matter of falsified law enforcement reporting, the FBI is highly unlikely to admit its fault regarding this matter.


Christopher Wray cried a few crocodile tears in front of Congress over the FBI’s falsified victim statements regarding the U.S. gymnasts.  What he didn’t say is that the FBI is engaged in extensive, ongoing and expanding falsified law enforcement reporting through corruptions of the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative and the FBI's unconstitutional "target of interest" program.


For the FBI to claim that a woman who has had one lifetime intimate partner is a prostitute?


For the FBI to claim that a woman who has never once used illegal or recreational drugs in her 60 years on the planet is a drug manufacturer and dealer?


For the FBI to claim that a person who is a defender of the vulnerable is a predator toward children?


For the FBI to allege that patriotic, law abiding Americans are engaging in acts of “espionage” and “terrorism”?


These represent crimes of knowingly falsified law enforcement reporting which are impossible for the FBI to defend.

And I regret to state that I am informed the FBI has committed each and every one of these crimes against me personally.


The violations of the Constitution in these claims and their resultant harms are so egregious as to be immediately recognizable as gratuitous and unconscionable acts.


Would the FBI and its affiliates engage in violence before admitting to their crimes of falsified law enforcement reporting against the law-abiding American public?


Unfortunately, it appears the FBI would.


How can victims of the FBI’s crimes defend themselves against the malfeasance the FBI is perpetrating against them?


If the Freedom of Information Act is indeed broken, abandoned and unenforceable, then Americans’ civil liberties have already been forfeited.  They just don’t know it yet.


If the FBI is free to engage in plans of first-degree murder against law-abiding American citizens such as my husband and myself, then our human rights have already been sacrificed.  Americans are simply unaware.


Democracy only has an opportunity to survive if criminals within law enforcement are held accountable for their crimes.


So, I must ask, why are the FBI’s abuses being allowed to continue?


Why is the law-abiding citizenry of the United States being allowed to serve as unwilling victims of the FBI’s scheme of falsified law enforcement reporting for anti-democratic objectives?


Is there anyone capable of enforcing the Freedom of Information Act in immediately requiring the fulfillment of my FOIA Request #1496758-000?


I have been asking this question for one year and one month, as of today.


Why have my pleas gone unanswered?


Why has the FBI been allowed to pile lie upon lie upon lie in alleging falsehoods about my husband and myself through threats and bribes extended to coerced “informants” and “witnesses”?


Why is the FBI being enabled in these disgraceful predations toward my family and toward the American public?


Who has the power to hold these criminal agents within the FBI to immediate account?


Who has the courage to speak out about the crimes being committed as the result of far right infiltration of the FBI and affiliated agencies?


Who has the integrity to articulate to the public the urgent need for transparency and accountability on behalf of our democracy?


Because right now, I am “vox clamantis in deserto”   -- one voice crying in the wilderness.


And that is not what democracy sounds like.


At all.


Am I indignant to have been falsely accused of “espionage,”  “terrorism,”  “prostitution,”  “child predation,”  “drug dealing,”  “drug manufacture,”  and “mental instability” by criminal agents within the FBI?


I am indignant.


But that indignation requires prompt legal, public recourse.


I cannot hold this line alone.  


Such a task is impossible, and the very fact that I have had to strive so heroically for so long in the search of a simple FOIA fulfillment constitutes an horrendous wrong.


I am asking for immediate, peaceable, determinative intervention from a government office with the appropriate authority to demand the FBI provide me with an unredacted fulfillment of my FOIA Request #1496758-000.


My safety and that of my family demands that this intervention occur forthwith.


For the ten thousandth time, I am asking for help.


For the love of God, for the love of our country, for the love of the Truth, who will answer me?

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Why President Biden Must Run Again

President Biden is not just my personal hero.  He is also democracy’s hero, in ways the American public has yet to grasp.

He understands, more than any other President in recent history, the pitched battle being waged behind the scenes between autocracy and democracy, between disinformation and fealty to the truth, between governance as false pageantry and democracy as a way of life.


And President Biden is striving, often out of the public view, for the civil liberties and human rights of all Americans – all – even the vast numbers who remain unaware of the effort to nullify the validity of their vote altogether.


There are some who would prefer to turn American democracy into a mere performance of freedom, in which citizens vote for their elected representatives only to have their government controlled by the unelected, the unvetted, by those who would prioritize the exercise of power over the defense of our civil liberties.


It is a great test of our nation that the most profound challenge to our democracy has arisen from within segments of the national security apparatus of the United States itself.


Divisions of the FBI under Director Christopher Wray have engaged in falsified law enforcement reporting for anti-democratic objectives, falsely accusing law-abiding American citizens of crimes as far-reaching and egregious as “espionage,” “terrorism,” and “predation” toward the vulnerable.  Harnessing fabricated email accounts, fake social media profiles, falsified text messaging, edited and misattributed audio, AI-generated video co-opting the likeness of “targets,” and more, these false allegations have been made within certain divisions of the FBI for totalitarian objectives.


The public is perhaps familiar with the fact that FBI agents knowingly falsified the victim statements of the USA gymnasts regarding the criminal predations of Larry Nassar. Yet, the public is all but entirely naïve to the fact that the FBI has undertaken a program of broad-scale falsified law enforcement reporting through corruption of the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative.


For an example of the FBI’s false allegations of “terrorism” against law-abiding American citizens, see Ahmad Chebli’s account on the ACLU website, here:


FBI Director Christopher Wray knows that, if the FBI can control the reputations, careers, economic futures, personal lives and free will of any member of the American public it chooses, autocracy will have won over and above the exercise of a government of the people, by the people and for the people.


In the version of America the current FBI leadership hopes to enforce, democracy will have been replaced by something known as “surveillance capitalism,” in which freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, right to privacy, and many other rights protected by the founders of our nation within the Constitution – will have been sacrificed to the dictates of a de facto police state – a totalitarianism which rather ruthlessly seeks to “neutralize” those who choose to object to its pervasive and limitless constraints on the civil liberties of the American public.


When one understands how indiscriminately certain discrete elements within the U.S. security and defense apparatus are currently inflicting unauthorized civilian casualties through drone strikes in various corners of the world – and when one understands that the Pentagon has recently contracted with Google to create AI technology that will “identify” the targets of drone strikes without any real-time human input, one begins to perceive the unacceptable dangers present within such a model of future governance.


The current FBI Director clearly possesses ambitions to rule well beyond U.S. borders.  CBS’s television series, “FBI International,” which is available for live-streaming 24 hours a day, telegraphs the agency’s ambitions more succinctly than I can.


Has anybody wondered why a federal law enforcement agency is promoting its own “international” profile through co-opting the ostensible “entertainment” arm of a major television network?


Americans should be concerned about this thinly-veiled foray into the realm of self-promoting propaganda.  This series is the agency’s narcissistic equivalent of a shirtless Vladimir Putin on horseback – a naked attempt at self-glorification at the expense of a nation.


President Biden understands the frightening prospect of a totalitarian America manipulated by FBI disinformation and manufactured “kompromat,” even if the public has not yet fathomed its perilous implications.


And I need to say, it takes immense personal courage and fortitude to stand for the truth when that truth exists in opposition to corrupt factions within the FBI.


It takes courage for a private citizen to stand for that truth.


It takes courage for a President to stand for that truth.


President Biden possesses that courage, and he is manifesting it to heroic degree – not on his own behalf, but on behalf of all who love democracy – liberals and moderates and conservatives, alike.  Everyone.


Americans need to know that, in learning of this pressing threat to the survivial of our democracy, most presidents would choose to keep their heads down – not to cause controversy – not to invoke the discomfort and disapprobation of autocratic elements within our own national security apparatus.


In truth, most American presidents already have made that implied choice.  They have simply made it outside of the public view.


As Eisenhower presciently observed in 1961, “the potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.”


Yet our hope rests in a President who has sufficient strength of character to oppose such a rise.


I will say this:  having been the recipient of endless death threats and attempted bribes over the last year regarding my Freedom of Information Act Request #1496758-000, it takes profound strength of character and deep spiritual resolve to tell the FBI noNo, I will not accept a redacted report.  No, I will not accept a withheld report.  No, I will not excuse you from accountability for your lies.


Strength.  Fortitude. Faith.  Courage.  Determination.  Hope.  Integrity.  Character.


President Biden possesses all of these gifts and more.


Certain people are irreplaceable.


President Biden, a rarity among leaders, is one.


Americans need him in defense of their democracy as surely as I need him in defense of mine.


If I am granted the time and safety in which to express to the American people why President Biden is their fierce defender, their intrepid advocate, their best hope at this crossroads in America’s democracy, I intend to try.


Because our freedoms require that all Americans among us have access to the truth, I intend to try.


With the abiding, heartfelt, indelible love I possess for this country, I intend to try.

Twenty More Questions for FBI Director Christopher Wray



1.     When my stalker, who is a leading member of the far right, says that the FBI and its contractors intend to harm me “the first time” I venture outside my home, is he talking about an assassination attempt perpetrated by federal law enforcement and its affiliates?

2.      Is this how the FBI’s “disposition matrix” works?  Whistleblowers, journalists, Democrats, anyone seen to be opposing the agenda of the far right in general and the FBI in particular is treated as an enemy the agency seeks to “neutrailize”?

3.     Why does the FBI work so hard to falsely portray whistleblowers of FBI corruption as criminals engaged in serious crimes such as “espionage” and “terrorism”?

4.      Are these false accusations the surest way the agency has of violating the civil rights of law-abiding American citizens under color of law?

5.      How long has the FBI been violating the human rights of law-abiding American citizens by slandering and defaming them under the false pretext of “national security”?

6.      To what extent does the FBI utilize Infragard partnerships with both public and private entities (Amazon, Google, Apple, PG&E, AT&T) to collaborate on the harassment and harm of “targets of interest” for far right political objectives?

7.      Why did the FBI coerce the recent actions of PG&E and AT&T representatives relating to my family’s PG&E account?

8.      Did the FBI direct AT&T Splicing Technician Edward V. to come to my home on Wednesday, June 8, 2022 without an appointment with the express goal of coercing his falsified reporting of our conversation?

9.      When AT&T Splicing Technician Edward V. told me that I should be cognizant of the risk of four or five men with violent intent gaining access to my home by entering my garage, was that a specific threat he had been told by the FBI to convey to me in person?

10  How long has the FBI been violating the human rights of law-abiding American citizens by assailing them with HAARP and DEWs when they fail to comply with the agency’s totalitarian demands for “compliance”?

11  When former President Donald Trump considered replacing you as FBI Director with William Evanina, Attorney General Barr threatened to resign.  Is that because Attorney General Barr understood that Evanina, with his history in FBI counterintelligence, would immediately transform the United States into a functional dictatorship, without the knowledge or consent of the American people?

12  In the past, have you coerced FBI employees into signing a “vote of confidence” which supported your continued leadership of the agency?  Have you let it be known that FBI personnel would suffer “repercussions” if they failed to voice their support for you?

13  Does real leadership need to coerce employee support in this manner?

14  Has the FBI been involved in exacerbating a “border crisis” for the United States?  Was the agency involved, along with other agencies, in the destabilization of Haiti and the transport of large numbers of Haitian immigrants to the southern U.S. border that ensued?

15 Were these crimes committed with the express intent of manufacturing a political crisis for the Biden administration?

16  What is the extent of internal FBI discussions regarding the manipulation of inflationary pressures within the United States and worldwide?

17  Is the FBI engaged in instructing its business “partners” through Infragard to artificially manipulate consumer pricing?  Are these acts being undertaken with the express intent of manufacturing an economic crisis for political objectives?

18  Is it true that you, in your role as Director of the FBI, oppose President Biden because he represents moderate, sustainable, judicious leadership for the United States, when the FBI benefits from polarization in politics and a sharply divided electorate?

19  Have both the New York Times and the Washington Post have, at various times, been persuaded by the FBI to sideline articles relating to malfeasance on the part of the FBI, the NSA, the DHS, and others?  For how long has the FBI cultivated strict control of the major news outlets by invoking “national security concerns”?  

20.  Is it true that there are many virtuous men and women within the FBI who oppose this agency’s violations of the Constitution, and, along with President Biden, are striving to protect our democracy from the overthrow of the people’s sovereignty that you are attempting to perpetrate through wide-scale falsified law enforcement reporting?

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Twenty Questions for FBI Director Christopher Wray

 1.  Why is the FBI engaged in falsified law enforcement reporting for anti-democratic objectives through corruption of the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative?

2.  Why are law-abiding American citizens being falsely accused by the FBI of crimes that never occurred relating to "espionage" and "terrorism" in order to justify the FBI's unconstitutional surveillance and harassment of "non-investigative subjects'?

3.  Why are Democrats and journalists over-represented among those the FBI unconstitutionally lists as "targets of interest"?

4.  Why are women and minorities over-represented among those the FBI unconstitutionally lists as "targets of interest"?

5.  What is the FBI's "disposition matrix" and how does this relate to the FBI's unlawful "target of interest" program?

6.  Why did the FBI fail to investigate crimes committed by a leading member of the far right after my husband and I reported them to an Oakland FBI agent in February of 2020?

7.  Why did FBI agent Txx Lxxxx violate the Hatch Act by presenting at a political fundraiser for a far-right Republican candidate for California State Assembly in January of 2020?

8.  Why did FBI agent Txx Lxxxx subsequently falsify his report of a conversation I had with him that night?

9. Does the FBI punitively target whistleblowers of FBI corruption of major federal programs such as the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative?

10.  Why has the FBI bribed and threatened my friends and family members in an effort to have them engage in falsified law enforcement reporting for anti-democratic objectives?

11.  Why does the FBI routinely engage in slander, defamation, harassment and harm of law-abiding "targets of interest," despite the agency's clear violations of the Constitution in undertaking these actions?

12.  Why has the FBI failed to fulfill my Freedom of Information Act Request #1496758-000, despite one year and one month having elapsed since my May 16, 2021 letter to your FOIA Office?

13.  Why has my life and the lives of my family members been threatened the entire time since that request?

14.  Why have affiliates of the FBI attempted to bribe me into accepting a redacting fulfillment of FOIA Request #1496758-000?

15.  Why have my family and I been threatened with arson, forced job loss, staged car accident, letter bomb/package bomb, car bomb, kidnapping, slander and defamation, staged violent mugging, staged violent burglary, forced property divestment, flooding of our Cape Cod property, spurious lawsuits, sniper assault, the killing of our pets, intentional transmission of a serious illness, DEW assault, HAARP deployment, and execution-style killing by someone disguised as a "delivery man" -- all of these threats being accompanied by a demand that I accept redacted materials pursuant to my FOIA Request #1496758-000?

16.  Is it true that the FBI has in its possession an AI-generated film co-opting my likeness in order to depict a crime or crimes that never occurred?

17.  Is it true that this film corresponds to far right conspiracy theory, which segments of the FBI have been complicit in advancing as "credible" to the 41 million Americans who give credence to its assertions targeting Democrats and journalists of wrongdoing?

18.  Is the white windowless van parked at 160 Vista Verde Way transporting the DEW my stalker has threatened to use in harming my family and myself?

19.  Why has the FBI never had a Democrat as its Director?

20.  Why are you as FBI Director currently defying the direction of the Office of the Inspector General Hotline of the U.S. Department of Justice, in addition to the instruction of the White House, to provide me with all materials pursuant to my Freedom of Information Act Request #1496758-000 in their entirety, without redaction, and on an immediate basis?