My Third Novel's Conclusion, My Heartbreak

My heart begins to break when I think about completing this particular book -- because this narrative has sustained me like no other story I've known. It's both more personal and more universal than my other works. But beyond memory and archetype, it's a cri-de-coeur about needing to become the person one is destined to be. And in the writing, I have met my own life's work, my own fated journey -- having the sense all the while that the pages are suffused with a resonance, an energy, an electrified field that defies explanation. Writers hope and pray to be overtaken by a work in this way -- to be conscripted into passionate service of a profound story. To experience it even once in a lifetime seems a great privilege. I still have several months before this novel is complete, and this constitutes my reprieve. Because I'm not ready for the beauty to end.

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Why the Difficult Truth of FBI Corruption Must Be Revealed

OIG Hotline investigators, my thoughts at this time are with those who have recently lost loved ones in alleged predation by FBI affiliates.

Such losses are difficult to countenance for us as benevolent Americans; nonetheless, the truth of their cause should be vigorously sought, in my opinion.

The difficult truth should never translate to the concealed truth.  That path can lead to human rights violations perpetrated by the very personnel which have committed to uphold the Constitution against those who oppose its democratic foundations.

My stalker often alleges that many Americans don't want the truth, as with the post that follows:

I understand as much as anyone the desire to view all FBI personnel as honest, protective and benevolent. Our sense of safety on a personal level, and, indeed, our sense of stability as a society, is partly predicated on the worthiness of those who carry badges, authority, and the public trust.

Yet, certain members of the FBI appear to have disturbing affiliations with the far right and Russian-affiliated organized crime, as demonstrated by my stalker's influence over segments of this agency.

Whether those affiliations have led to the "targeting" of innocent American citizens through falsified law enforcement reporting for anti-democratic objectives is an extremely serious matter.

Sometimes, as now, the truth may not reassure us.

Yet, I would suggest that the difficult truth is all the more necessary to those of us who wish to preserve our democracy against those with totalitarian objectives.

The truth is not a compromise, a mediation, an interpretation or a conceit.

The truth is the foundation of a democracy that insists on the preservations of civil liberties and human rights for all of its citizens, not a select few.

I had wished to write today about my husband's virtue, because this is a man who is worthy of my most heartfelt, thoughtful defense against false allegations.

And, while I will accomplish this task soon, this afternoon, I simply wish to thank you for all you are doing to illuminate the "insider threat" that segments the FBI have now come to represent within our beloved country.

Today claims my contemplation of this struggle for the soul of our nation, and my manifest grief for those who, through no fault of their own, have been rendered "targets" in a battle they never chose.

So many of the FBI's "targets of interest" are simply people.  

Daughters. Nephews. Sisters. Cousins. Aunts.  Fathers. Sons.  College students.  

They possess all the inalienable rights of every American citizen.

As we uphold their human rights, so, too, we uphold our own.

I will close by saying that five years ago, I encountered a criminal predator in my physical therapist's office.  What began as a young man's efforts to prey upon me as a "prospect" for his organized crime cabal -- including many members of local and federal law enforcement -- has turned into something quite different.

When a woman who has been preyed upon by corrupt law enforcement personnel finds her footing in her defense of the democracy, the legitimacy of her voice should be upheld.

I have rallied to my strength, as I expect that American citizens are capable of rallying to theirs.

The truth will be necessary to all of us in our insistence that all Americans are due the respect, the honor, the privacy, and the sovereignty that our forefathers envisioned for us when they framed our Constitution.

The indisputable facts will help us to illuminate for the American electorate this "insider threat" to the future of our democracy.

Americans may not find those facts "reassuring."  But they will surely find them necessary.

In gratitude for your ongoing efforts in this investigation,

Lane MacWilliams


At the end of my posts regarding the unlawful actions of far-right personnel within the FBI, I will be adding the following statement.  The FBI is a deeply divided agency.  There are many FBI employees who view their vows to the Constitution with the utmost seriousness and honor, and who strive to defend the fundamentals of our democracy with courage, fortitude and commitment.  The fact that some segments of the FBI appear to have embraced a lawless course is not a justification to assail the FBI in general.  The safety of FBI agents should be protected, just as the safety of the American citizenry should be protected.  As President Joseph R. Biden has so rightly expressed, violence is never justified in any circumstance.  The rule of law must always be honored and upheld.  It is our shared determination to preserve the civil liberties and human rights of ALL AMERICANS that renders the United States a democracy.  We must never abandon this promise.  All of our most cherished freedoms depend upon it.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Content Restricted to OIG Hotline Investigations Division: Ken MacWilliams' Testament to Lane MacWilliams' Parenting

This information is for the OIG Hotline Investigations Division only.

All other readers are asked to exit this post at this time.

Lane MacWilliams


OIG Hotline investigators, I mentioned to my husband Ken MacWilliams that FBI personnel may be extending pressure to others to lie about my parenting.

In response, he kindly wrote the following testament:

The following text is transcribed herewith for ease of reading:

May 8, 2022                            Happy Mother's Day Woman of My Dreams

Is it any wonder that our miraculous Dogwood trees are blossoming on Mother's Day?.... and that our magical Cherry blossom trees blossomed on your birthday?!  ..... The blossoming spirits of this card come directly from the life spirit and joy of our beginning Eden of creation -- an Eden for the beautiful, courageous animals of our world, and an Eden for our beautify, courageous family.  Enjoy your Mother's Day Beautiful Woman of My Dreams -- I feel it a miracle we found each other, and our children are so lucky to have such a courageous, loving, adoring Mother.  You are cherished, adored and loved.
Xxxxooooxxx  - K

May 8, 2021
Happy Mother's Day Wonderful Woman of my Dreams!
Yes, "Always believe something wonderful is about to happen!" .... or, alternatively, "...several wonderful things are about to happen!" ... magical trees with the magical birds they attract, the magical fruit that they will create ... and the magical creative thoughts and writings that they inspire.  The beginnings of an Eden -- of life, of healing spirit, and of creation.

Enjoy your day, Jarling Person -- I feel so lucky that we found each other, and our children are so lucky to have the most loving, adoring Mother.  I love you, adore you, and cherish you madly.
Xxxxooooxxxx - K

May 2020
Jarling! -- Happy Mother's Day
Note the much nicer tricycle, complete with handle-bar streamers, that the girl has ... as opposed to the boy's hand-me-down vehicle.
The phrase "so nice we ran into each other" does not begin to capture how lucky I feel to have found you, that we found each other.  You are the Most Amazing Woman -- woman of My Dreams(!) -- that I could ever have hoped for -- riding that tricycle so many years ago.
Our magical children have the most wondrous, loving, fiercely protective Mother anyone could wish for.  Enjoy your day, Jarling Person -- you are loved and adored and lusted after and cherished more than you know.
*xoxxxx*xxoxox - K

Updated: "Do You Take Medication?" and Other Questions

1.  Do you take medication?

Answer:  I sometimes refer to the over-the-counter Excedrin I take for occasional migraines as "medication" when I'm speaking to my family members.  I don't take any prescription medication, except for Retin A cream as a facial skincare routine.  That's it.  I used to take estrogen as a medication, but no longer.

2.  Do you drink alcohol?

Answer:  On Thanksgiving, I had 2 or 3 one-third-full glasses of Proseco over the course of several hours. Prior to that, I probably enjoyed half a glass of champagne on New Year's Eve of 2022.  I don't generally drink because I grew up with an alcoholic family member.  So, I enjoy only a very minimal amount of alcohol on special occasions.  Most people consider me to be a teetotaler.

3.  Do you take recreational drugs?

Answer:  Not now.  Not ever.

4.  Why do you have a few drug testing kits in your pantry?

Answer:  When Duncan was a teenager, my husband and I thought we might need them to keep him on the straight and narrow path.  Friends of ours had nearly lost their teenage son to addiction, so we thought we wanted to be prepared for any unexpected challenges. I don't think we ever asked either of our sons to take a drug test.  Perhaps having the tests in a visible location in the pantry helped them to know we were maintaining an eagle eye.  We haven't thrown them away, simply because they're unopened.  But we should remove these, so that false accusations about us cannot be extended by anyone who comes to our home.

5.  Have you ever been diagnosed with a mental illness?

Answer:  No, I have not.

6.  How did you know your son Duncan was falsely accusing you of the personality disorder known as "narcissism"?

Answer:  I suspect this to be the case, for the sole reason that my Pinterest feed is filled with Pins relating to defamation by close family members and growing up with a narcissistic parent.

7.  Can you give us some examples?

Answer:  Yes.  There are many Pins which suggest that a narcissistic mother is engaging in parental alienation by constantly criticizing the father.

8.  Do you take this to possibly mean that Duncan has falsely alleged that you have spoken ill of your husband to him over the years?

Answer:  Yes, I think my Pinterest feed is often utilized by my stalker as a kind of confession with regard to the specific nature of the FBI's lies through coerced informants.

9.  Can you give us other examples?

Answer:  Yes, some Pins focus on narcissists using their children as pawns, as reflections of themselves.  Others focus on narcissists having addiction issues or constant rages toward their closest family members. Others address narcissists' traits becoming more pronounced with age.  Others identify narcissists as notorious liars.

10.  For the record, what do you think of your husband's parenting?  And what do you think of him as your spouse?

Answer:  My husband has been an extraordinary father to our children, and a fantastic partner to me over the course of our 32-and-a-half-year marriage.  I will write more about him separately.  But he is a remarkable person of character and integrity, loyalty, bravery, kindness, compassion, optimism, humor and steadfast commitment.  I love him very dearly, and I hold him in deep admiration.

11.  Why would Duncan be motivated to tell lies about your family?

Answer:  The short answer is that the FBI has tortured his girlfriend and him, both.  The agency has caused grievous harms to the two of them and threatened much worse.  Please see my post entitled, "When a Son Is Compelled by the FBI to Lie About a Whistleblower Parent."

I'm sure that, to Duncan, who has been directed by his handler to lie in alleging "espionage activity" against his father and myself -- and any number of other crimes -- his lies about narcissism may not seem particularly damaging.

12.  But you believe they may be extremely damaging.

Answer:  Any attempts to discredit my character on the part of those who know me well can have extremely deleterious effects on an investigation of falsified law enforcement reporting for anti-democratic objectives, as currently being perpetrated by the FBI against the law-abiding American public.

13.  How would you assess your own psychology?

Answer:  I view myself as a remarkably strong and resilient person psychologically.  I am not swayed by misstatements made by false testifiers.  I am always receptive to learning about topics on which I am uneducated.  But I know myself well.  I hold to the truth with great commitment.  I have more courage than anyone I know.  I demonstrate compassion whenever it is possible to do so.  And I love others quite deeply, as I love our country.  

While it may be true that certain personnel within the FBI have put me through a great deal of gratuitous harm, I believe the experience has strengthened my resolve to defend the civil liberties and human rights of my fellow Americans.

I feel proud of myself, frankly.

14.  Your stalker has appeared to repeatedly extend the false allegation that you have had many sexual partners.

Answer:  My Pinterest feed has indicated that he has had the FBI direct those false allegations, yes.

15.  What is the truth?

Answer:  I have had one intimate partner in my lifetime, my beloved husband of 32-and-a-half years.  I am an extremely loyal and private person by nature. That's just who I am.

16.  Have you ever produced pornography?

Answer:  Not knowingly!  Dear Lord!  No!  I have never even watched pornography.  Not once.

17.  Why not?

Answer:  Because I think true intimacy is built through a conscious focus on my partner.  

18.  Your stalker has indicated that he has falsely accused you of prostitution.

Answer:  He has indicated that he has made those false allegations through my Pinterest feed, and through my iPhone.  And, if he has in actuality directed this defamation, I just need to express that this represents an extremely severe form of character assassination.

19.  Perhaps this is "normal treatment" that the FBI extends to "targets of interest."

Answer:  Character assassination should never. be viewed as "normal treatment."  One of the Pins my stalker has often included in my Pinterest feed states, "Sometimes we are just the collateral damage in someone else's war against themselves."  And I find that unspeakably offensive.  

20.  Why?

Answer:  No one is collateral damage.  We are all human beings invested with the full civil rights and human dignity of that humanity.  When institutions such as the FBI engage in systematized character assassination, as I believe is occurring within the agency's unconstitutional "target of interest" program, slander and defamation become a prelude, accompaniment and postlude to physical harms.

I suspect there's a very real argument to be made that some of the perpetrators of the slander and defamation in question are engaging in the psychological phenomenon known as "projection" regarding their innocent "targets."

21.  What is the remedy to the character assassination and falsified law enforcement reporting in which the FBI is broadly engaged through its "target of interest" program?

Answer:  The truth, the truth, the truth.  Hearsay needs to be discounted, given the FBI's ability to coerce false testimony from paid informants. The hard facts need to be rigorously and exhaustively pursued by investigators in illuminating a single case of extensive FBI wrongdoing toward a law-abiding American citizen.  

After that, an examination of FBI malfeasance can broaden in scope.  

But in the beginning, it is simply necessary to find one case of FBI character assassination and harm toward a virtuous American.

Just one.

22.  Are you that one case?

Answer:  I hope I am.

23.  Your stalker has alleged that the FBI and its affiliates have sometimes recorded you in your private home or car losing your temper during some of the FBI's extraordinary predations toward you and your family.

Answer:  Yes, he has alleged that quite often.  In my own defense, I will say that it is highly uncharacteristic of me to lose my temper.  

But I do think, as I have said elsewhere, that my anger, privately expressed within my own home and my own car, has helped me to survive the FBI's rather overwhelming predatory pursuit of my family and myself.  Without a sense of righteous indignation about these violations of the Constitution, I don't believe that "targets of interest" can survive very long.

24.  Why not?

Answer:  Because part of human hope and dignity are founded on the promise of a just and truthful society.  When truth and justice are so egregiously assailed by segments of the law enforcement establishment, it's healthy for us to respond with moral outrage.

I'm put in mind of a documentary I saw recently about Martin Luther King, Jr., in which a close colleague states, with great equanimity, "It's difficult to remain calm when, over long periods of time, groups of individuals who disagree with your hope for equality appear to be trying to harm you."

And that's the heart of righteous indignation.

In a democracy, we all depend upon the commitment to civil discourse.

When one political faction begins to attempt to cause gratuitous harm to members of another, the entire foundations of our peaceable democratic society are threatened.

That's worth getting upset about.  And if I do become emphatic in my private home or my private vehicle in expressing my thoughts out loud, my right to privacy should be preserved and upheld in that setting.

If the FBI is recording "targets of interest" in the moments of their greatest distress in order to call them "crazy," "unstable," "dangerous," or worse, I don't think any of us should be accepting the agency's attempts at character assassination of those virtuous and admirable Americans.

25.  "Targets of interest" are human beings, in other words.

Answer:  Yes!  And they have the right to their humanity.  They have a right to their distress when that humanity is assailed.  They have a right to be outraged when their privacy is gratuitously violated with their beloved spouse.  They have a right to their tears when the FBI threatens to dispossess them of their family home.  They have a right to their indignation when they experience character assassination that is in all ways unfounded.

Let us not rob "targets of interest" of their right to be distressed.

Part of their healing will require our acknowledgment that the wrongs committed against them by the FBI have been in every regard undeserved.

When the truth is publicly acknowledged, "targets of interest" will speak to us calmly about all that they have survived.

I for one will be listening with compassion, honor and respect.

26.  Do you hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct?

Answer:  I do.

Lane MacWilliams

When an FBI Whistleblower Is Silenced

 1.  Your Friday fax to ODNI and your FedEx mailings to the Honorable Avril Haines and the OIG Hotline Investigations Division may have been recently obstructed and/or altered.

Answer:  It appears so.  There is specific content within my material that the FBI does not want investigators to access.  I posted it for a brief time yesterday, with the caveat that the contents were restricted.  But I received a threat of arrest fairly rapidly after that, so I was forced to remove it.

2.  What other means of communication are open to you?

Answer:  There's not much, frankly.  It seems that my faxes have been intercepted and altered in the past.  FedEx mailings and certified mailing through U.S.P.S. have been intercepted.  My email has demonstrated extensive tampering.  Voicemail communications do not seem to be available to me at this time.

3.  That sounds like a fairly complete silencing.

Answer:  It certainly feels that way.  And I would just like to state that, of all the civil liberties the FBI has taken away from the American public, I find the loss of free speech to be among the most devastating.  This is a situation in which the FBI is obstructing an investigation of its own malfeasance, so the crimes are particularly acute.  

But for the FBI to be paying contractors to record the everyday conversations of "targets of interest" and others, specifically so that this information can be aggregated, and in some cases, re-edited to discredit law-abiding American citizens -- this is a devastating abuse of the public trust.

4.  Have you seen a public example of this recently?

Answer:  Yes.  I was watching CNN a couple of weeks ago, when Jake Tapper played a voicemail of President Biden addressing a private family issue of drug addiction in expressing concern for his son.  I think it's important to state that President Biden was extremely supportive, insightful, and loving during the message that was played.  Families that are in the throes of addiction are not always so calm -- and that is perfectly understandable.  But to play this message publicly was a horrific violation of the privacy of the Biden family.  There is no earthly justification for this kind of breach.  And no news editor worth his or her salt would deign to violate the private family life of a sitting President of the United States in this manner.

5.  You were offended by CNN's foray into this realm.

Answer:  Deeply offended on President Biden's behalf, yes.  And further, I wondered how many Americans would pause to ask themselves how such a voicemail ever ended up in the hands of the news media to begin with.  Are we to believe that Hunter Biden sold it?  That's not credible.  That a housekeeper recorded it at the time?  I don't find that believable either.

6.  Then how did this private voicemail end up on CNN?

Answer:  The NSA records and aggregates every phone conversation engaged in by every American in the United States.  Without a warrant.  Without justification.  The greatest likelihood is that the NSA and FBI released this information to the news media as a political ploy intended to damage the public perception of President Biden and his family in advance of the Midterm Elections.

7.  If that is true, then we would have an example of the national security apparatus of the United States, which is meant to be apolitical, utilizing illegally obtained information in an attempt to affect the outcome of an ostensibly democratic election.

Answer:  That is correct.  

8.  What if an American citizen is recorded in the middle of a marital disagreement, or losing his or her temper, or shedding some tears over a disappointment?

Answer:  That's the question, isn't it?  What if the FBI is eager to discredit anyone who objects to its totalitarian gambit?  Isn't it possible that anyone at all could be defamed?  If the FBI doesn't have recordings that can be misused in this manner, it can simply re-edit separate conversations to create a conversation that never transpired.  

9.  In the world of disinformation as wielded by the FBI, it becomes possible to discredit anyone.

Answer:  Yes, it does.  And it's necessary to understand the reasons why the FBI would engage in such crimes.  It's necessary to comprehend the agency's objectives.

10.  What are those objectives?

Answer:  Complete social, economic and physical control over the American public, and, by extension, other populations as well.

11.  Totalitarian rule, despite the fact that we have an ostensible democracy.

Answer:  A democracy involves freedom.  Freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of assembly, a free press, freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, on and on.  We cannot be satisfied with the presence of a pageant of democracy, a performance of its traditions, without insisting that the fundamental civil liberties and human rights it represents are vigorously upheld.

12.  Do you feel that you are being silenced as an FBI whistleblower at the same time that the FBI is undertaking a concerted effort to discredit your truthful testament to its law-breaking?

Answer:  Without question.  The FBI is apparently endeavoring to discredit me through the means it uses to disparage all whistleblowers, which involves allegations of psychological instability centrally.  Has the agency coerced the false testaments of Mr. Doug Bodin (to whom I have never spoken), Dr. Jacob Ballon and Dr. Kristen Stent, none of whom are my physicians, to attempt to discredit me, as has been alleged?  In one case, I have evidence that it has happened.

13.  What evidence do you have?

Answer:  I have notes in my husband's handwriting from a conversation he had with Dr. Jacob Ballon in which my husband documents Dr. Ballon's assertion, based on no evidence whatsoever, that I possess a "delusional disorder."

14.  You believe that Dr. Jacob Ballon was coerced into extending this false assertion.

Answer:  I do.  Dr. Ballon doesn't know me at all.  Any assertion he is rendering about my psychological health is categorically false.  The same holds true for Mr. Doug Bodin, whom I have never met, and Dr. Kristen Stent, whom I chatted with via Zoom for ten minutes together with my husband as she was commencing treatment of my son.  These people are not my physicians, and the false assertions they are extending at the behest of the FBI violate their professional ethical standards in every conceivable way.

15.  But the FBI is attempting to assert you are unbalanced in some manner, even as they silence hard facts you are trying to convey to investigators within the OIG Hotline.

Answer:  Yes.

16.  Has your son Duncan been pressured to make these assertions as well?

Answer:  I have reason to believe so.  Recently, my stalker has made myriad allegations that Duncan, at the direction of his FBI handler,  has falsely alleged that I possess a personality disorder known as "narcissism."  Prior to that, on Christmas Day of 2021, Duncan suggested that it was "unbalanced" to think that he had been approached by FBI personnel to report on his law-abiding parents.

17.  Yet, you felt confident that he had, in fact, been approached.

Answer:  Yes, I felt certain of it.

18.  Why, may I ask?

Answer:  In October of 2021, Duncan called me on the phone, out of the blue.  This was unusual, because Duncan almost always sends text messages as opposed to phoning.  The entire purpose of the call, as far as I was able to ascertain, was his message to me that I should stop pursuing the contents of San Mateo County Case Reports #19-11840 and #20-02355, both of which had been unlawfully withheld from me.

19.  You were pursuing that information through a Writ of Mandamus petition at the Santa Clara County Superior Court, is that correct?

Answer:  Yes, I was.  But what was most remarkable about Duncan's call was that I had not informed him that I was pursuing the court case.  My husband had not mentioned it to him either.  Someone had informed him all about the court case, and further, that someone had advised him to tell me to abandon my legal quest.

20.  And you think that someone was the FBI, which did not want its engagement in falsified law enforcement reporting against the law-abiding American public to be discovered.

Answer:  I do.  Shortly after that phone call, Duncan called my husband to tell him that, if I did not abandon my court case, Duncan was receiving threats that his whole life might be "ruined."  The FBI is the only agency I know of that trains its agents to threaten to "ruin the lives" of witness informants if they do not agree to comply with FBI demands.

21.  And in this way, the agency's threats and incentives have become indistinguishable from those of organized crime.

Answer: True.  Through extensive threats and lavish bribes, the FBI believes it can enforce the cooperation of anyone.  Anyone at all.

22.  And yet, that cooperation is not complete.

Answer:  No, it's not.  President Biden is pushing back against the FBI's attempt to wrest power away from the American electorate.  Parts of ODNI are holding strong.  Parts of the DOJ.

23.  And you yourself.

Answer:  Yes, I myself remain strong, despite the FBI's crimes of slander, defamation, obstruction, and more.

24.  Do you hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct?

Answer:  I do.

Lane MacWilliams


At the end of my posts regarding the unlawful actions of far-right personnel within the FBI, I will be adding the following statement.  The FBI is a deeply divided agency.  There are many FBI employees who view their vows to the Constitution with the utmost seriousness and honor, and who strive to defend the fundamentals of our democracy with courage, fortitude and commitment.  The fact that some segments of the FBI appear to have embraced a lawless course is not a justification to assail the FBI in general.  The safety of FBI agents should be protected, just as the safety of the American citizenry should be protected.  As President Joseph R. Biden has so rightly expressed, violence is never justified in any circumstance.  The rule of law must always be honored and upheld.  It is our shared determination to preserve the civil liberties and human rights of ALL AMERICANS that renders the United States a democracy.  We must never abandon this promise.  All of our most cherished freedoms depend upon it.

Monday, November 28, 2022

Threats Extended to the MacWilliams Family and Mary Grinnell as of November 27, 2022 at 3:05 PM

 1.  What do threats to Mary Grinnell's life usually look like when they appear on your cell phone?

Answer:  They're very direct.  They usually state "Mary Is Dead," as does this threat, which arrived five minutes ago.

This particular threat was accompanied by a reference to "setting the trap," though I don't have the context for that information.

2.  Your son is being threatened as well?

Answer:  Yes.  Threats directed toward my younger son often include posts that reference "MacBeth," with Duncan as the murdered King within this play.

Then, they will reference a contract killing, such as through the following:

After that, there are often posts referring to mothers grieving over deceased sons.  Here's an example:

3.  Your husband is also being threatened?

Answer:  Yes.  The death threats toward him often refer to him as the "family man," as follows here:

Then there are often references to shootings, car accidents, or street violence:

Following that, there are usually references to widows, like this:

4. Most threats are directed toward you yourself?

Answer:  Yes, they are.  And the specifics are endless:  knife attacks, sniper attacks, staged car accidents, violent home invasion, kidnapping, arson, bludgeoning, on and on.  Lately, the threats have begun to state that there are fates worse than death, according to my stalker.

5.  Fates worse than death?  

Answer:  Yes.  The dismemberment of multiple limbs has been threatened.  Quadriplegia caused by being shot in the spine has been mentioned.  And dementia caused by certain intentional environmental exposures has been outlined as well.

6.  How has your daily life been affected by this constant stream of threats?

Answer:  In every realm.  In every aspect.  My communications, my friendships, my family relationships, my travel, my ability to access medical care -- everything.

7.  How do you assess the seriousness of these threats?

Answer:  I have had numerous indications from FBI informants among my friends and acquaintances that the FBI has directly threatened them unless they do exactly what they are told.  Lately, it appears that the FBI may have engaged in a violent crime toward four college students as an intimidation tactic.  I believe it's likely that the FBI is routinely engaging in surveillance, harassment, and harm toward law-abiding members of the American public at this time.

8.  Can your family be protected, given your whistleblower status concerning the FBI's engagement in knowingly falsified law enforcement reporting for anti-democratic objectives?

Answer:  I don't know.  I am certainly doing everything possible to ensure that we remain safe.  But clearly, my son Duncan MacWilliams and Mary Grinnell have been recently threatened -- both directly and to me.  They have been powerfully intimidated by FBI personnel manifesting criminal intent, and that needs to be openly acknowledged.

9.  Will things become safer for you and your family once the FBI's crimes become public?

Answer:  I believe they will.  The FBI despises exposure.  When FBI personnel are caught in a crime, as was the case with Agents Langeman and Abbott in their knowingly false reporting of the victim statements of the USA gymnasts regarding their abuse by Larry Nassar, the agency attempts to cast the blame on the specific agents involved -- no one else.  There has never been a suggestion that the agency has a pervasive problem with corruption within its ranks, nor that falsified law enforcement reporting has become systematized within the agency.

So, public exposure of these wrongs can only help protect us from those within the FBI who believe they can continue to act with impunity.

10.  Are you requesting help from the Honorable Avril Haines and the OIG Hotline Investigations Division?

Answer:  These good people, with President Joseph R. Biden's full support, have helped my family many times.  I know they continue to make every effort to protect us.

11.  Yet, you are understandably concerned.

Answer:  I am.  My stalker is a violent person -- a sadist, by his own description.  He is a ranking member of Russian-affiliated organized crime in this country and he appears to exert at least as much control over the FBI as does Christopher Wray.  So, yes, it's fair to say that I am concerned.  All who love democracy should be concerned.

12.  Do you hereby certify that the details you have shared herewith are true and correct?

Answer:  I do.

Lane MacWilliams

Confirmation from San Mateo County that Lane MacWilliams' Vote Was Counted

 Despite the missing word "vote" in the email that follows herewith from the San Mateo County Registrar, I believe this constitutes confirmation that my vote in the Midterm Elections was counted.

The following emails have been transcribed for ease of reading:

From: To: Date: November 27, 2022 at 8:39 AM

Good Morning Mr. and Mrs. MacWilliams,

Thank you for emailing us your concern.  I was to pull up Mrs. MacWilliams records.  According to our records, we received her ballot on November 6th and her (sic) was counted on November 8th.  Thank you for voting!


Ziqi Li

Registration & Elections Division, 40 Tower Road, San Mateo, CA. 94402 Phone: 650-312-5222, Fax: 650-312-5348


Email from:  To: Date: November 27, 2022 at 10:01 AM

Dear Ziqi Li

Thank you very much for this information.

Are you able to forward to me the confirmation email that ought to have been sent to my email address?

That would be a great help.

With appreciation,
Lane MacWilliams

When a Son is Compelled by the FBI to Lie About His Whistleblower Parent

 1.  You have been informed by your stalker that your son Duncan MacWilliams is currently acceding to FBI demands to discredit you in substantive ways.

Answer:  That's true.  My stalker has made assertions that Duncan has been coerced into falsely attesting that I suffer from a personality disorder.

2.  Narcissism?

Answer:  According to my stalker.

3.  What is at stake as a result of these lies?

Answer:  A very great deal.  Millions of law-abiding "targets of interest" have experienced the effects of the FBI's engagement in knowingly falsified law enforcement reporting about them.  If my son's lies are believed by investigators at this time, all of those good people could be abandoned.

4.  You worked hard to ensure that your son and his girlfriend would have the opportunity to sever their relationships with their FBI handlers.

Answer:  That's true.  I endeavored quite assiduously to ensure that they would have the opportunity to walk away from the agency.  I believe investigators gave them that chance.  But it is necessary to participate in one's own rescue, whatever doors might be opened by others.

5.  You believe Duncan MacWilliam and Mary Grinnell declined to leave their relationships with the FBI, despite the harms they had suffered at the hands of its personnel.

Answer: Yes.

6.  And you believe that Duncan is once again lying at the directives of his FBI handler.

Answer:  Most certainly.

7.  Why would Duncan do this?

Answer:  I know my son well.  When he was present with my family on Thanksgiving Day, he was exhibiting some symptoms of anxiety and fearfulness.

8.  You felt he was being intimidated by the FBI into engaging in the staged conversations that were designed to contribute to disinformation.

Answer:  I felt strongly that this intimidation was occurring.  Yes.

9.  Can you give us an example of one such "staged conversation"?

Answer:  I have spoken about several instances in other blog posts.  But I will mention that, once during the evening of Thanksgiving Day, Duncan announced, apropos of nothing, "People who engage in clean living are not going to have any problem with the authorities."

10.  What was unusual to you about this statement?

Answer:  Duncan would never use the phrase "clean living."  It's not in his vernacular.  It was clear to me that this statement had been provided to him by his handler.

11.  How did you answer him?

Answer:  I told him that, with the current corruption levels among far right personnel within the FBI, it was possible to be an entirely virtuous person and still be slandered and defamed to egregious degree.

12.  How did he respond?

Answer:  With guilty silence.  The truth overtook the moment.  As a contributor to that slander and defamation, he had nothing to say to me.

13.  Do you feel your son is in fear for his life?

Answer:  Yes.  My stalker has stated, with regard to informant relationships with the FBI, that "there are 10,000 roads into Hell and no roads out."  I believe that agency personnel make it clear that informants who leave will be targeted.  Duncan stands in fear for his own life and for his girlfriend's life as well.

14.  Is he exhibiting a character failing by lying in his witness statements?

Answer:  Is it a character failing that the FBI is holding a gun to his head?

Very few people are capable of standing up to the sort of intimidation, coercion and threats the FBI is currently extending to key paid informants.  In North Korea, guards prevailed upon children to kill their parents outright, so it's possible to gain some perspective on the atrocities that are possible.

When my son's FBI handler tells him to spend Thanksgiving night at his parents' house at the same time that I am receiving death threats pertaining to all four of us staying overnight in one location, does my son perceive the set-up?  Probably not.

15.  Do you feel that your son possesses anger toward you regarding the suffering that he and his girlfriend have experienced at the hands of the FBI?

Answer:  I would be shocked if it were otherwise.  They have experienced great losses at the hands of criminal actors within the FBI.  Those FBI personnel are no doubt eager to cast blame for their actions elsewhere.  My son and his girlfriend, not wishing to experience further harm, are no doubt eager to absolve them.

16. At your expense.

Answer:  Yes.  But the problem is that lies told at my expense are also lies told at the expense of millions of law-abiding American citizens who have been wrongfully designated "targets of interest" for political purposes.

17.  The lies of your son could unmake the opportunity for millions of Americans to be exonerated of the FBI's knowingly false accusations toward them.

Answer:  This is the risk.  Yes

18.  What should have happened when it was revealed that your son and his girlfriend had been repeatedly harmed by the FBI?

Answer:  All ongoing communication between the FBI and my son should have been forcibly halted at that time.  The same disconnection should have been required of his girlfriend.

19.  Why do you feel that way?

Answer:  Because the threats of harm will inevitably re-emerge with FBI personnel who are accustomed to compelling compliance through unlawful means.

20.  And those threats have reappeared.

Answer:  Clearly, they have.  And with disastrous potential for the cause of illuminating FBI malfeasance.

21.  How can you defend yourself against false accusations of being a narcissistic parent?

Answer:  My husband observed my parenting style closely.  Let's see what he has to say.

22.  Will you publish some comments directly from him?

Answer:  I certainly will.

23.  Do you hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct?

Answer:  I do.

Lane MacWilliams

Inquiries About the Disposition of Lane MacWilliams' Ballot in the 2022 Midterm Elections

 Email sent to: From: Date: November 28, 2022 at 6:39 AM

Regarding:  Information Concerning My Ballot in the 2022 Midterm Elections

Dear Registrar:

I am concerned that I did not receive the usual confirmation email and text regarding the receipt of my ballot in the 2022 Midterm Elections this month.

Will you please confirm for me whether my ballot was received and counted?

If there was any interference with this process, will you please inform me about the nature of that problem?

Thank you very much for your prompt attention to this matter.


Lane MacWilliams



Email sent to:  From: Date: November 25, 2022 at 10:26 AM

Re:  Fwd: November 8, 2022, General Election, Ballot Counted

Dear Registrar - thank you very much for my below ballot confirmation.

When I dropped off my ballot at the Portola Valley polling station on November 8th, I also dropped off my wife's ballot (Lane MacWilliams, CC'd in this email).

However, she did not receive a similar confirmation that her ballot was received and counted.

Can you please communicate to us whether her ballot was counted?

Thank you for your great work :)

Kenneth MacWilliams



This statement is to formally attest that I, Kenneth Paul MacWilliams, dropped off my wife's ballot in the Midterm Elections at the Portola Valley, CA Town Hall Polling Station on Sunday, November 6, 2022.

My wife, Lane MacWilliams, prepared her ballot together with me for several hours that day at our home, after which I dropped off three ballots at Portola Valley Town Hall: that of my wife, that of my son Graham MacWilliams, and that of my own.

While I received email and text notifications on November 8th and 9th that my ballot had been received, my wife did not.

My wife's concern over possible FBI obstruction of her ballot arose yesterday, Thanksgiving Day, when our son Duncan MacWilliams, asked her repeatedly and without apparent justification whether she had voted in the Midterm Elections.  Our son Duncan knows that my wife and I always vote, so his questioning seemed out of place.  My wife believes it is likely that Duncan's queries were prompted by his FBI handler, who may have had inside knowledge of the agency's interference with her voting process.

I did find Duncan's repeated questioning to be extremely odd, but Duncan has not disclosed to us the nature of his relationship to the FBI.

I have written to San Mateo County personnel to inquire about what happened to my wife's ballot, but I have not yet received a response.

I hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct.

Kenneth P. MacWilliams                                                                    November 25, 2022


Sunday, November 27, 2022

The Moral Imperative in the Face of Loss

One of the greatest tragedies of covert war, as it appears to have been waged by the far right throughout history, and perhaps in our own time as I write these words, is that countless victims never understand the objectives of their assailants.  

They simply wish to live, and to live in peace.

Yet, that privilege is denied to them, and often denied violently, and without warning.

During World War II, Adolf Eichmann negotiated in excruciating detail with the Jews concerning the details of their longed-for emigrations to safer countries.  Yet, all of these mediations were a cruel ruse to enlist their cooperation in their own demise.  Their hopes for a safe destination ensured their willingness to board trains in an orderly fashion.  By the time they reached the concentration camps, perhaps the bitterness of Eichmann's deceit had caught up to them.  We cannot know the pain of their disillusion.  These voices were lost to us, through no fault of their own.

But I am here to articulate the moral imperative: that the murder of innocents can never be a political stratagem, a prerogative of those who wield the public trust, or an expediency on the path to power.

To quote from Argentine prosecutor Julio Strassera, "Sadism is not a political ideology, nor a war strategy, but instead a moral perversion."

When violence has been wielded against law-abiding American citizens with no capacity to defend themselves -- with no awareness that such defense might be required of them -- with no protection in their most vulnerable hour -- it is incumbent upon good people to re-establish the rule of law.

Calm insistence is required of us, despite the horrors such unconscionable acts may incite within our hearts and minds. Calm insistence on the facts.  Calm insistence on the truth.  Calm insistence on the Constitution.  Calm insistence on justice. 

If certain factions of the U.S. security agencies have perpetrated human rights violations against law-abiding American citizens for anti-democratic objectives, let us have the courage to acknowledge those crimes even as we grieve the loss of lives that cannot be replaced.

The "casualties" of the far right are not faceless, nameless, numbered "targets."

They are human beings.  Irreplaceable.  Invaluable. And vital to our future.

Would that we could have assured them of the dignity, the privacy, and the safety they so thoroughly deserved.

Perhaps the force of our grief can impel us to assure others that these rights, so recklessly imperiled, will now be reclaimed.

Lane MacWilliams

UPDATE: FedEx Mailings to the Honorable Avril Haines and the OIG Hotline Investigations Division

UPDATE for The Honorable Avril Haines, Director of ODNI, and the OIG Hotline Investigations Division:

Please be aware of a substantive possibility of FBI tampering with my fax to the ODNI on Friday evening as well as the FedEx communications described within this post.

For your information, my communications to your Offices contain reasoned, logical information regarding crimes related to the FBI's engagement in falsified law enforcement reporting for anti-democratic objectives.

There are no profanities, threats, or false assertions within this material.

I will attempt to determine alternate means of conveying this information to your Offices in order to ensure your receipt, including posting further information on this blog.

I hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct.

Lane MacWilliams


This is to confirm the mailing of 25 pages each to the Honorable Avril Haines, Director of ODNI, (tracking number 391178421149) and the Office of the Inspector General Hotline of the U.S. DOJ (tracking number 391178345820), both scheduled to arrive on Monday, November 28, 2022.

The mailing to the Honorable Avril Haines has been sent in a manila envelope, with security seals bearing the numbers NO1859904 and NO1859905 at the top of the enclosure, and NO1859902 and NO1859903 at the base of the enclosure.  Those security seals appear as follows:

The mailing to the Office of the Inspector General Hotline Investigations Division has been sent in a manila envelope with security seals bearing the numbers NO1859900 and NO1859901 at the top of the enclosure and NO1859898 and NO1859899 at the base of the enclosure.  Those security seals appear as follows:

Original wax seals on each page accompany the mailing to the Honorable Avril Haines, and copies of those seals accompany the mailing to the OIG Hotline Investigations Division.

Those wax seals appear as follows:

The contents of this mailing consists of the following:
  • a 17-page fax sent to The Honorable Avril Haines, Director of ODNI, on Friday, November 25, 2022
  • a single paragraph addition to the blog post entitled "A Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving:  Betrayed by the FBI," which reads as follows:
                "Over dinner, Duncan spent an inordinate amount of time discussing Daniel Craig, Pierce             Brosnan, Roger Moore and Sean Connery as alternate 'James Bonds.'  Why did this conversation feel so forced, so rehearsed?  Was it because his FBI handler had instructed him to prolong a conversation the subject of which could be later reported in a witness statement to be 'spying'?  The entire ruse seemed transparent and ridiculous."
  • a letter pertaining to a threatened FBI directive to Dr. Colin Eakin 
  • 2 pages pertaining to an inquiry regarding the disposition of Lane MacWilliams' ballot in the 2022 Midterm Elections
Because it appears that the contents of previous faxes and FedEx mailings from Lane MacWilliams may have been tampered with in the past, this material will be forwarded via alternate means.

I hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct.

Lane MacWilliams

Friday, November 25, 2022

Updated: A Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving: Betrayed by the FBI

When is the promise of the American family most heartbreakingly betrayed?

When the FBI frightens a young man so thoroughly that he feels coerced into misreporting to his handler about his law-abiding parents.

This astonishing abuse of power on the part of my son's FBI handler made itself felt at my family's Thanksgiving Day feast when my son Duncan brought up one misleading conversation after another at his handler's specific directive.

First, Duncan spoke in a rather aggressive manner about his older brother, who is suffering from health concerns which I will not name here due to his privacy rights.  Duncan suggested loudly that his brother was "spending sixteen hours a day in bed," and seemed to pointedly challenge my response and that of his father.  Whether he has been pushed to describe us as neglectful or disengaged parents is difficult to say.  But it was clear to me that Duncan's normal compassionate concern toward his brother was lacking.

Is it true that the FBI has coerced Mr. Doug Bodin into falsifying statements about our family as a backup testament to Duncan's planned witness statements?  I don't know.  I can only report that my stalker has repeatedly alleged this has occurred.

What is the truth of this matter?  That unwarranted surveillance by the FBI and its affiliates often prevents appropriate health care access, because individuals are fearful that their private health information will be treated disrespectfully, as the FBI has shown a decided predilection to do.

The FBI is functioning as the arsonist/firefighter in this scenario.  The agency creates a problem by violating doctor/patient confidentiality, then criticizes its "targets" for struggling to improve in the midst of a loss of privacy and safety.

Later in the afternoon yesterday, when Duncan appeared to discover a small leak of moisture from our refrigerator door due to a faulty door seal, he rather loudly proclaimed, "The house is falling apart!"  He appeared to be advancing an agenda that the house was in disrepair as a means of establishing some unknown assertions regarding our well-being as a family.

Over dinner, Duncan spent an inordinate amount of time discussing Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore and Sean Connery as alternate "James Bonds."  Why did this conversation feel so forced, so rehearsed?  Was it because his FBI handler had instructed him to prolong a conversation the subject of which could be later reported in a witness statement to be "spying"?  The entire ruse seemed transparent and ridiculous.

At one point, Duncan entered his bedroom closet in an apparent search for his childhood "paintball gun."  When he persisted in his search, I assured him that I had not moved any of his belongings.  When he continued searching, I asked him whether he needed this item for self-protection.  He responded by suggesting that I myself might need it.  When I told him I did not, he asked "Why?  Have you made an upgrade?"  I answered him by stating "No comment."

My son Duncan and I disagreed fairly strenuously about politics.  I explained to Duncan that I am an ardent supporter of  President Joseph R. Biden.

It seemed to me that Duncan had been instructed by a third party to make the suggestion that some Democrats desired a "thirty-year-old" in the next election.

I happen to know that Duncan strongly supports President Biden, so I found his comment entirely uncharacteristic.

I explained to Duncan that President Biden is not replaceable as an extraordinary leader of character and integrity who is able to guide us through the FBI's unconstitutional challenge to our democracy through its violations of law-abiding American citizens' civil liberties and human rights.

I further explained that President Biden understands, more than any president in the last sixty years or more has understood, that the challenges to our democracy are unique and unprecedented in nature and breadth.

Duncan made some damaging comments about former President Obama with which I did not agree.  I voted for President Obama twice and I was honored to do so.  These comments, too, seemed to originate from an FBI viewpoint.

While I wish the NSA had not doubled in size in its rapid expansion just prior to 2016, it is now clear that the leadership of the NSA and affiliated agencies at that time was lying to Congress and the Executive Branch about its programs of mass surveillance directed toward the law-abiding American public.  James Clapper told Congress that such information was being collected "only unwittingly."  The American people and their duly elected representatives believed him.

At this point, former President Obama, so I understand, has turned his full support to President Biden in countering the FBI's unconstitutional bid for autocracy.  I stand proudly in agreement and solidarity with former President Obama's principled stance.

What other strange and misleading conversations did Duncan initiate on Thanksgiving Day?

He asked me whether I favored President Biden so much that I would vote for him for a THIRD TERM.

I told him that I would never favor violating the Constitution, and neither would President Biden.

An audio recording of this commentary could easily be edited to leave out the mention of the "third term" and the Constitution, creating a dialogue which never happened.  The FBI would no doubt like to suggest that I would not vote for President Biden again.



Duncan asked me in a very assertive manner whether I had voted in the midterm elections.  I assured him that I had.  My husband Ken MacWilliams returned my ballot together with his own and that of my older son to the polling station at the Portola Valley Town Hall on Sunday, November 6, 2022.

However, the manner in which Duncan pressed me on the question of whether I had voted made me wonder whether the FBI could have pulled my ballot from the voting station or otherwise voided any record of it.

I remain extremely concerned about this possibility.

I view voting as both a privilege and a responsibility, and I would never miss the opportunity to research candidates and propositions and cast my ballot.

To be clear on this point:  I VOTED IN THE MIDTERM ELECTIONS OF 2022.

I feel deeply concerned about the manner in which Duncan's FBI handler may attempt to mischaracterize our conversations on Thanksgiving.  As much as I love my son, I do not feel safe and secure when considering the manner in which the FBI may attempt to twist my words or my husband's words in order to assert falsehoods about our beliefs or our viewpoints.

I do not believe that it will be possible for me to spend further time with my son as long as he is filing "witness reports" regarding his conversations with us as his law-abiding parents.

The potential for harm due to his handler's false assertions regarding our dialogue is far too great.

No FBI handler should be dictating my conversational topics with my family members on Thanksgiving.  No FBI handler should be lying about those conversations.  No FBI affiliates should be re-editing audiotapes of those conversations to create dialogue that never occurred.  And no FBI handler should be pressuring my son to equivocate or outright lie about what was said during our conversations.

Out of an abundance of caution, I recorded the whole of my conversation on the afternoon and evening of Thanksgiving Day, along with Duncan's conversations with other family members.

I can make this recording available to the OIG Hotline upon request.

How do I feel in the wake of this experience?  Well, as I have explained to my son over text messages today, there will never be a safe way for him to engage with FBI personnel who wish to harm his virtuous parents, and who wish to harm many, many other law-abiding American citizens alongside them.  There is no payoff that is worth such a betrayal, and there is no "safety" that is worth such a deceit as his FBI handler demands of him.

For Duncan, complete disconnection from unscrupulous men within the FBI remains the only path forward.

Once he makes that wise choice, the reclaiming of his family life will become possible.

Recently, I received the following messages from my stalker, who is a paid FBI affiliate:

The FBI's ethos, here described as "deceive, distract, divide" is sometimes alternately outlined as "disrupt, discredit, divide."  

Either way, it's a long distance from Norman Rockwell's Thanksgiving, isn't it?  In Norman Rockwell's Thanksgiving, painted in November 1942, the enemy was not within.  Rather it was represented by Hitler's annihilating species of Fascism, which was determined to murder millions upon millions of innocents for reasons of hatred and nothing more.

The Wannsee Conference had occurred eleven months earlier, in January of 1942, establishing a monstrous plan of genocide toward European Jews.  But most of the world was unaware of Hitler's conspiracy to commit mass murder-- despite the overt horrors of World War II.

Around Norman Rockwell's table, there was love and trust and a shared sense of joy.

"Freedom from Want," was Rockwell's chosen title for this work, and I think the description is perfectly insightful.

The American promise is not made up of material plenty, of course, although the American dream might have us believe so.

But no.

The American promise is comprised of freedom from deprivation.

In the FBI's form of Fascism, the greatest deprivations our country will face will be those of trust, safety, privacy, honesty, faith, dedication to the civil liberties of our fellow Americans, the functioning rule of law, and the loving bonds that render our families whole.

Compared to those most meaningful gifts, the turkey and trimmings are rendered a delight in miniature.

The real question for our country remains this:  can we rescue our families, our communities, and our nation from an FBI that would turn us against one another in order to accrue undeserved, unelected, and unchecked power within the agency's ranks?

President Biden and his administration, along with valued members of former Democratic administrations, may soon help us answer that question.

In the meantime, we must hold hope that more honest and worthy days will find the American electorate.  And soon.

Lane MacWilliams