My Third Novel's Conclusion, My Heartbreak

My heart begins to break when I think about completing this particular book -- because this narrative has sustained me like no other story I've known. It's both more personal and more universal than my other works. But beyond memory and archetype, it's a cri-de-coeur about needing to become the person one is destined to be. And in the writing, I have met my own life's work, my own fated journey -- having the sense all the while that the pages are suffused with a resonance, an energy, an electrified field that defies explanation. Writers hope and pray to be overtaken by a work in this way -- to be conscripted into passionate service of a profound story. To experience it even once in a lifetime seems a great privilege. I still have several months before this novel is complete, and this constitutes my reprieve. Because I'm not ready for the beauty to end.

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Current Threats to MacWilliams Family

This post was faxed to the OIG Hotline at OIG Hotline at 7:48 p.m. on the evening of August 31, 2022 from the FedEx Office at 3161 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara, CA.

In addition, the content of this post was sent via FedEx delivery to the Investigations Division of the OIG Hotline for arrival on 9/2/2022 with tracking number 277460909050.

OIG Hotline, it is saddening to have to continue to document these threats from the FBI and its affiliates.

I do realize that those within the FBI and local law enforcement who have corrupted the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative and the FBI's affiliated "target of interest" program did not count on being found out at this juncture.

Still, these individuals have chosen to commit grievous crimes against the law-abiding American public, and, for the survival of our democracy, it is necessary that the public be fully apprised of what has transpired.

Over the last several days, my stalker, who continues to be paid by the FBI, has extended to me myriad threats of mail bombing, car bombing, kidnapping, sniper assault, and severe DEW assault.

An example of the sequence of threats pertaining to a mail bomb follows herewith.  "Execution,"  "Opening the Mail (If You're Ready)/Feels Like Heaven, Surprise/Detonate, and "Wake of Death."

Further recent threats toward my family members -- those which I am being prevented from uploading at this time -- include the DEW threats "Why Does She Have to Die?," "The Secret in the Wall,"  "Clear Power," "The Energy Adventure," "I, Robot," "Spectacular Destruction," "Radiofrequency," "Chernobyl/Bridge of Death," and myriad other references to radiation and the funerals of sons and mothers.

Sadly, as I mentioned, car bombing threats continue to arrive from FBI affiliates, as do myriad other forms of attack.

I can only hope that posting these horrifying threats here can help to protect my family members and myself from further harms.

What's the great irony in all this?

It used to be that one would turn to the FBI for protection against the criminals extending such threats.  

We did not anticipate that segments of the FBI and its affiliates would become so corrupt as to be the perpetrators of those threats.

To quote the Roman poet, Juvenal, "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?"

"Who will guard the guardians themselves?"

This is the question we need now, in the interests of the preservation of our democracy, to ask with courage and urgency.


UPDATE: Threats of a "Sting": Rethinking the Presumption of Trust Accorded to Law Enforcement:


I needed to extend to my son and husband yet another communication regarding this Quora advice on avoiding a "sting" operation.

The writer, at one point quite late in his article, states "only buy drugs from people you know."  Then he goes on to talk about purchasing marijuana in states in which that process is legal.

Those who know me understand that I have never used recreational drugs, nor will I in the future.

But because my stalker has claimed that he and his FBI cohort have made false claims about my husband and me in this regard, I wrote a post entitled "Why I Don't Use Recreational Drugs," dated September 4, 2022.

Our sons are as opposed to recreational drug use as my husband and I are.

But that doesn't mean the FBI will refrain from lying about us, given my status as an FBI whistleblower of corrupted reporting within the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative and the FBI's affiliated "target of interest" program.

Therefore, I reprint my clarifications to my loved ones, all of whom already know this about me, herewith: 

 I hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct.

Lane MacWilliams


One of the many threats I've received of late relates to false arrest of my younger son.  I happened to find the following Quora post in my inbox this morning, so I sent it to him, with an addendum.

My family members and I are straight arrows compared to the author of this piece.  

We don't use drugs, and we don't engage in any other unlawful activities.  Period.

No one has EVER asked me about unlawful substances or unlawful activities, for example.  But for my son, who is in his mid-twenties, this type of "sting" could be engineered, on the basis of the age of his friends and acquaintances alone.

It's saddening to me to view any members of the police as prevaricators and potential predators. I didn't grow up that way.  I spent most of my life with the comforting presumption, even if false, that the police would protect me if I needed them.

So, there is actually a substantive amount of grief in encountering a corrupt sheriff's deputy like San Mateo County Sheriff's Deputy Rick Chaput, who is alleged to have falsified Case Report #19-11840.

I likely was never as safe as I thought.

But this whole experience has given me a great deal of empathy for those Americans of color who feel utterly unsafe in the presence of law enforcement personnel.  I understand their plight in a new way, given that I will not ever feel safe in the company of law enforcement officers again.

I can no longer extend that presumption of trust, regrettably.

The corrupt men who have engaged in falsified law enforcement reporting at the local and federal level have made me fear for my family, as they have made me fear for my democracy.

But character is not defined by what happens to us.  Character is defined by how we respond to what happens to us.

I am endeavoring to respond in a way that defends our Constitution, our communities, our civil liberties, and our human rights, and I am attempting to do so with rather limitless courage.

Fortunately, I have the great gift of a heroic leader in President Joseph R. Biden.  He and his administration remind me that America is made up of Americans.  Our generosity, integrity and fortitude in standing up for one another are an integral and necessary part of the character of this nation.

So good people cannot give in to despair when they encounter villains sporting badges.

It's simply necessary to be stronger, smarter, more determined, more virtuous, more communicative, and more faithful to the promise of all the beneficence our nation stands for.

If I can help other Americans who have been falsely maligned and harassed through the corruption of the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative and the FBI's affiliated "target of interest" program, this journey will all have been worthwhile.  More than worthwhile.

Lane MacWilliams

Confirmation of Successful Transmission of 7 Page Fax to Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities

I include herewith confirmation of successful transmission of a 7-page fax to the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities today, August 31, 2022, beginning at 12:30 p.m. Pacific time to (617) 305-3742.  

This fax consisted of a Complaint to the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities.  I hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct.

Lane MacWilliams

Confirmation of Successful Transmission of 11 Page Fax to OIG Hotline, August 31, 2022

 I include herewith confirmation of successful transmission of a 11-page fax to the OIG Hotline today, August 31, 2022, beginning at 12:24 p.m. Pacific time to (202) 616-9881.  Note that the OIG Hotline is specifically designated as the recipient.

This fax included a communication regarding Eversource Public Utility; Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities Complaint; Emails to Gansett Trustees; RF Radiations Measures; UPS Tracking for 8/29/2022 Shipment.  I hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct.

Lane MacWilliams

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Power Companies Signatory to Infragard

I am concerned by the notice I received this morning from Eversource, posted below, stating that my home at 40 Gansett Rd. in Woods Hole, MA was one of three customers that experienced a power outage this morning.

In general, I have found that unlawful actions by electricity companies to establish means of altering electricity access for customers in ways that cause physical harm involve small service disruptions such as this one.

This indicates that there are crews on site, making changes that shouldn't be made.

It is further unusual that Gansett Rd. resident Mr. Peter Jeffries reports an outage at his property at 98 Gansett Rd., although our properties are not contiguous, and there is more than one property separating our land.  Please see communications below.

Given that PG&E has, surprisingly, an "EMF Department," one must ask whether Eversource does also.  If so, what is the intent of the EMF Department?  Is Eversource, in fact, signatory to Infragard?  If so, do the communications between the FBI and Eversource relate to "targets of interest" as designated by the FBI?

OIG Hotline, please investigate the activities of Eversource with regard to its service to 40 Gansett Rd., Woods Hole, MA.

This fits a distinct pattern of FBI attacks toward "targets of interest," and it must be said that this type of harm is stunningly unconstitutional.

I hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct.

Lane MacWilliams


The text of this morning's email thread with my neighbors on Gansett Rd. in Woods Hole is reprinted here, with photos of the original emails included below.

Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2022. From: Cc:, Bcc:

Today, WHGC (Woods Hole Golf Club) will have a crane coming in to move the second paddle court pieces into the respective areas.  This will be off of Gansett Rd., but this should be the only disruption on the road for this day.

Peter James Jeffrey,, Mobile: 703-501-4876


Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2022.  From: To: Cc:

Is there an Eversource power outage for several Gansett Rd. addresses connected to this crane work, Peter?  Please see attached.

Thank you,

Lane MacWilliams


Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2022.  From: To: Cc:

I believe that the power outage and crane work are independent of each other.  Construction may not start in Falmouth prior to 7:00 AM.  It appears from the Eversource notices we received that the power outage occurred well before the crane would have arrived on the road.  Nevertheless, Eversource has restored power to Gansett Road.

Peter James Jeffrey,, Mobile: 703-501-4876


Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2022.  From: To: Cc:,

Peter, do you know whose properties were affected by this outage?  Beyond this, are you aware of the cause?

Thank you,

Lane MacWilliams


Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2022.  From: To: Cc:,

I know that my property (98 Gansett) was affected by the outage.  I do not know the cause.  The text I received from Eversource indicated that only 3 properties were affected, but beyond 98 Gansett, I am not aware of the other two.

Peter James Jeffrey,, Mobile: 703-501-4876


Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2022 From: To: Cc:

You are aware of the outage at my home at 40 Gansett, so I believe you mean to state that you are evidently uncertain of the single remaining home affected.

Is that correct?

Peg, Jim, are you aware of the third home affected on Gansett Rd.?

I formally request from the Gansett Trustees all known information about this outage at this time.  What is the cause?  What is the intent?  And were you made aware of this outage in advance?

Thank you for full disclosure in this matter.

It is important, given that electricity companies are typically signatory to Infragard and have been involved in malfeasance directed by the FBI.


Lane MacWilliams


Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2022  From:, To:, Cc:,

Lane -

Eversource's telephone number for Eastern MA is 800-592-2000.  As the power outage affected private homes on the road and not any Trust property, the matter is outside of the Trustees' purview.

Peter James Jeffrey,, Mobile: 703-501-4876


Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2022. From:, To:, Cc:,

Peter, I believe the Trustees are elected to help serve and protect the interests of Gansett beneficiaries.

As a result, I find your answer to be very concerning.

In the most fundamental way, we are ALL RESPONSIBLE for assisting in the protection and defense of one another's civil liberties and human rights.  And if we cannot manage to do that, we have failed a fundamental test of our humanity.

It takes courage to stand up for one another's safety in the face of a totalitarian reach for power, such as the FBI is currently attempting to manifest within the United States.  I realize that, because I am demonstrating that courage in communicating about this issue on behalf of many, many other Americans.

And I think it's necessary for the Gansett Trustees to ask whether an America such as the FBI is attempting to create is one which you will be pleased to leave to your children and grandchildren one day. Is this the best legacy you will have to offer them?  This is an important question for all of us at this juncture in our nation's history.

Perhaps you're aware that the FBI's engagement with utility companies is designed to alter EMF levels to create unstable electromagnetic fields that are known to cause cancer and many other illnesses.  In other words, the FBI wants to be targeting people in such a way as to kill them, but the agency wants to do this without being openly known for the crime. PG&E, which has also engaged in this criminal activity, has an entire EMF Department dedicated to this type of "service" to FBI personnel.  No public judge or public jury needed.  These crimes are all committed on the basis of concealed judicial processes.  The FBI threatens "witnesses" into falsely alleging that a "target" has committed crimes relating to the "national security interest," and following that knowingly falsified reporting, the utilities companies are suddenly drawing pay from the national treasury to assault law-abiding American citizens.

This is the reality.

And I risk stating the obvious when I point out to Gansett Trustees that this is a problem.  It's a problem for our nation, and it's a problem for our neighborhood.

I will be reporting this issue to the Office of the Inspector General Hotline of the U.S. DOJ.

But in the meantime, I want to challenge you all to consider your personal and professional ethics with regard to this matter.

This is important.  The FBI is committing capital crimes against the law-abiding American public for anti-democratic objectives.

Don't help them by remaining neutral, compliant, or silent.  Our democracy requires more.


Lane MacWilliams

Update: Jury Duty for Ken MacWilliams

August 31, 2022

Update:  Prior to my husband's reporting for jury duty yesterday, I posted here, in addition to delineating the specific threats to his safety I had recently received.

Subsequent to that documentation, I find it interesting that my husband was never called from the jury pool.  Instead, he waited in a large room with several hundred people all afternoon, while hundreds of potential jurors were called from among those surrounding him.  The room was emptied and filled multiple times.  Yet, my husband simply waited.

At the end of the day, he was told that his jury service was complete for the year.

Does it matter that I had received a specific threat that he would be assailed by a "Chinese woman" with "a cane" that had been equipped in some manner by the FBI, and that he waited all afternoon in a large room with a Chinese woman with a cane?  Does it matter that she, too, was never called as a potential juror?

There is no way for me to assess this threat.

My husband is currently safe, and I count myself grateful.

I hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct.

Lane MacWilliams


August 30, 2022

My husband Ken MacWilliams is reporting for jury duty today in San Mateo County.

Given that I stand as a whistleblower for falsified law enforcement reporting within the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office, I am concerned for his safety.

Do the myriad threats I have received pertaining to court tampering and jury tampering relate to my husband's impending jury service?

Is his safety at risk merely by being in the vicinity of so many San Mateo County law enforcement personnel?

I will post updates on this circumstance here.

I hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct.

Lane MacWilliams

Monday, August 29, 2022

Today's Most Repeated Threat to the MacWilliams Family

Of concern, the most repeated threat I have received today focuses on a shooting or knife assault of Duncan MacWilliams perpetrated by FBI affiliates.

Whether such an assault is intended to appear as "street crime," I do not know.

However, my son lives in an exceptionally safe area of San Francisco.

The most alarming revelation I have had in my long quest for materials responsive to my FOIA request is that there are certain corrupt divisions within the FBI which appear to be focused on harming law-abiding American citizens who are viewed as standing in opposition to the totalitarian take-over of our democracy by the three-letter agencies.

That's a terrifying truth most Americans have not yet grasped.

But that truth is the reason why the Freedom of Information Act is so critically important to the life of our democracy.  When upheld, it ensures that the three-letter agencies are not keeping secrets from the American people -- autocratic secrets, despotic secrets, falsified-law-enforcement-reporting-against-law-abiding-Americans type of secrets.

But let's turn back to my son for the moment.  Should his health, his career, his relationships, his family, his very life be threatened by the FBI because I have filed a FOIA request the response to which will prove FBI crimes of falsified law enforcement reporting against law-abiding American citizens?

Friends, I don't think so.

I think FBI Director Christopher Wray is capable of standing by while the ODNI fulfills my FOIA request without ordering that violence be perpetrated against my son, who is without blame, or any other of my family members, who are all without blame.

This is not the time for my son to be experiencing any harms whatsoever.  

If he should encounter any predations of any kind, I will be publicizing Christopher Wray's likely culpability until the end of time.  If any of my family members experiences harms, I will be speaking about the threats I received in advance concerning Christopher Wray's involvement.  I give him my solemn promise in this regard.

So, I hope he's prepared for that.

Because I take my promises seriously.

Rather than cause harm to my family members, Christopher Wray should publicly account for his agency's actions toward the law-abiding American citizenry.

That's what leaders do.

They accept responsibility.

They refuse to engage in coverups.

And they protect witnesses, rather than attempting to intimidate and harm them.

If Mr. Wray needs a reminder of what leadership looks like, he should turn toward the White House and contemplate the exemplary leadership of President Joseph R. Biden, who stands as a beacon for those who love democracy the world over.

There are others in President Biden's administration who are capable of reminding him, I'm sure.

Mr. Wray probably doesn't wish to be known by the American public as the man who failed to protect my family.

There are better ways to be acknowledged by history.  

Let's hope he can be persuaded of the abiding virtues of the rule of law in this matter.

Lane MacWilliams

Communication With Weatherly Dorris and Paula Cushman

Because I have received extensive threats pertaining to the FBI's intent to unlawfully deprive me of my boat and/or mooring on Cape Cod, I have attempted to maintain open communications with Quissett Harbor Boatyard's Weatherly Dorris, who is responsible for maintaining my mooring, as well as the Harbor Master's Office's Paula Cushman, who is responsible for communicating with me about the mooring.

My recent communications to these two individuals follow herewith:

Sent Friday, August 26, 2022                                                                                                                    From:                                                                                                             To:                                                                                                                             Cc:

Re: "bill of health" for our Gansett Harbor mooring

Weatherly, are you able to provide me with an official certification of some kind that legally attests that my mooring is in good repair within Gansett Harbor?

I have received so many threats of sabotage of our mooring, with threatened cancellation due to the Harbor Master's communications with Infragard, because I am currently standing as a whistleblower of FBI malfeasance.

So, I am concerned.

Given the repetitive nature of the threats, it seems the FBI is in the mood to retaliate over the exposure of the agency's malfeasance.  Consequently, I feel that I do need some formal "bill of health" for the mooring -- perhaps from two independent sources.

Can you assist, please?

I hope you've been having a lovely summer on the Cape.

With all best,


I have not received a response from Weatherly Dorris, which is highly unusual.

I know Weatherly well.  We rode the school bus together in elementary school.

She is extremely reliable.  Unfailingly so.

As a result, I sent a duplicate email to the above from to both Weatherly Dorris at and Paula Cushman at this afternoon at 2:40 p.m. Pacific time.

OIG Hotline, I believe Weatherly Dorris and the Harbor Master's Office are having difficulty due to FBI malfeasance in disrupting their normal professional obligations to their customers and to the public.

I will update these communications here.

I hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct.

Lane MacWilliams

RF Radiation Within MacWilliams' Residence

August 29, 2022

To the Office of the Inspector General Hotline, Investigations Division:

The measures of pulsed RF radiation within my home at this time are peaking at 1000 times the base measures, according to consistent readings taken with my TriField TMF 2 meter with our WiFi disconnected.

Pulsed RF radiation of this power indicates a near source, so it would appear that my stalker xxxxxxx xxxx's assertions about robotic DEW devices having been placed unlawfully within our home are quite possibly based in fact.  These variations are powerfully carcinogenic, as studies have shown.

Given that I stand as an FBI whistleblower, it does not seem reasonable to expect that FBI Director Christopher Wray and his far-right cohort within the FBI will be capable of exercising restraint regarding the unlawful utilization of these devices to cause harm to me and to my family.

We need all surveillance and DEW devices removed from our home on an urgent basis.  My son's San Francisco residence should be similarly cleared, as should our family home on Cape Cod.

This is an urgent matter pertaining to our health and safety.

Please assist us.

Most sincerely,

Lane MacWilliams

The Coast Guard Contacts Lane MacWilliams Regarding FOIA

I have great affection for the Coast Guard.  I think it's a branch of service filled with heroes and truth-tellers.  One doesn't survive long at sea with prevarication.  Rather, as a sailor, my father taught me that one must always respect the power of the ocean and recognize the truth -- especially the difficult truth -- of one's vessel traveling through the wider world.

That said, my stalker has made clear to me that the Privacy Office within the USCG is within his control.

As a result, I am uncomfortable with the email communication I received from the Coast Guard Privacy Office this morning.  I include the text of this email below, an original copy of which has been faxed to the OIG Hotline. JPEGs of the emails are included herewith as well.

Sent: Monday, August 29, 2022 at 9:05 a.m.                                                                                               From:                                                                                                              To:

Re: Your Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request 2021-CGFO-01495

Dear Lane MacWilliams:

This letter pertains to your May 16, 2021 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) for a copy of records that were prepared, received, transmitted, collected, and/or maintained by the Coast Guard pertaining to San Mateo County, California Sheriff's Office Case Reports #19-11840 & #20-02355.  Your request was received in this office on November 03, 2021.

Due to the increasing number of FOIA requests received by this office, we encountered some delay in processing your request.  We sincerely apologize for the delay and any inconveniences it may have caused.  However, we want to let you know that we have been making earnest and diligent efforts to reduce the backlog of cases, and that your file is scheduled to be reviewed in the near future.

Before we begin the time-consuming review process, we want to ensure that you are still interested in continuing the process of this request.  Please indicate your continued interest in pursuing these records within 30 days from the date of this email, or we will assume you are no longer interested in this FOIA request, and the case will be administratively closed.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please refer to 2021-CGFO-01495.  We can be reached at 202-475-3522 or by email at


Office of Privacy Management



My response to the Privacy Office of the USCG follows herewith:

Sent: Monday, August 29, 2022 at 12:16 p.m.                                                                                          From:                                                                                                             To:

Re: FOIA Request 2021-CGFO-01495

Dear Office of Privacy Management:

My May 16, 2021 FOIA request included San Mateo County, CA Sheriff's Office Case Reports #19-11840 and #20-02355, however the request specified that I was requesting a copy of ALL records that were prepared, received, transmitted, collected, and/or maintained by the Coast Guard.

Your Office's delay in providing these records has been extraordinary, and there can be no question about the concerns this raises.

Specifically, there is an allegation that the FBI has been engaging in knowingly falsified law enforcement reporting as part of the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative and the FBI's affiliated "target of interest" program.  Furthermore, there is an allegation that materials responsive to my FOIA request prove this malfeasance.

At this time, my FOIA request has been sent to the Honorable Avril Haines, Director of ODNI.  I trust the fulfillment of my request to her leadership.

As a result, you may consider my FOIA request to the Privacy Office of the USCG to be withdrawn at this time.

Thank you for your followup,

Lane MacWilliams

Documentation of Family Phone Call

Yesterday afternoon, at approximately 5:00 p.m. Pacific time, my husband Ken MacWilliams and my son, Graham MacWilliams enjoyed a twenty minute conversation with my younger son, Duncan MacWilliams, in recognizing Graham's recent birthday.

This was a loving family conversation, with nothing unlawful or inappropriate either referenced or discussed, obviously.  My family is entirely law-abiding, and any claims to the contrary are false.  That said, because Duncan has been coerced into serving as an FBI informant, I believe it is wise to inform the OIG Hotline that this phone conversation occurred.

While this conversation was not recorded (it took place without my foreknowledge), both my husband and Graham MacWilliams will provide formal documentation to the OIG Hotline regarding its contents if requested.

I hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct.

Lane MacWilliams

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Attorney Peter Schlueter Refuses Documentation

OIG Hotline, I wanted you to be aware that Attorney Peter Schlueter refused to accept the certified letter I sent to him including the documents pictured below.  

This evening, I re-sent this documentation to him via email from to at 7:03 p.m, with copies sent to and

Because my stalker continues to threaten broad-scale defamation, I feel it is important to be aware of all attempts on the part of FBI informants to claim that documentation was not received.

Thank you for allowing me to document this concern.

Most sincerely,

Lane MacWilliams

Why the Number ONE Is Important to Me

Why is it important to me that I have had ONE lifetime intimate partner?

Because it's the TRUTH.

And, despite the prevarications of the FBI, FBI contractors, and FBI affiliates for the purposes of discrediting me as an FBI whistleblower, it remains the TRUTH.

Those with misogynist proclivities may find it amusing to dishonor honorable women.  I will merely observe that I look forward to facing them in a court of law, as the Constitution guarantees that I have the right to do.

It is unfortunate when dishonorable men choose to lie about virtuous women.  

It is doubly unfortunate when those dishonorable men represent members of the far right who have infiltrated the FBI.

Americans expect that federal law enforcement personnel will stand above the rank and file of murderers, slanderers, thieves and scoundrels.

I think that expectation is justified.

And I will say this to the far-right personnel within the FBI and the affiliates they have coerced into slandering my good name: face me and speak your lies to me directly.

Have the courage to acknowledge your crimes against me in an open forum.

And if you lack that common sense, have the fortitude to stand in the public square while I prove you slanderers and defamers of the first degree.

Why is the number ONE important to me?


There are no criminals, whether in possession of FBI badges or otherwise, who can separate me from that honor and faithfulness, though they are accountable for the attempt.

So the number ONE is important to me, because it is MINE.  Given that that ownership belongs in the territory of my soul itself, I will not be parted from it.

I hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct, 

Lane MacWilliams

A Letter to a Family Member

August 28, 2022

Dear xxxxxx,

There is a narrative I need to convey to you, because, like many narratives borne of hardship and trial, it is one that matters.

I once knew a young couple -- a man and a woman, mid-twenties, brilliant and hopeful and commencing their professional lives in auspicious ways.  They happened to live together, although they were not married.

This couple lived in a country that suffered from the actions of the secret police, sadly enough.  Certain corrupt groups of these men wielded badges and the public trust without being worthy of the privilege.  Despite an ostensible democracy, these rogue groups of officers believed they were answerable only to themselves and Russian-affiliated organized crime.

While still in college, the young woman was targeted by the secret police without being aware.  An executive at the place of employment for her college internship rather cunningly seduced her, and he did so for pay from the national treasury in his status as an "informant" regarding purported "national security matters."

What was the truth?  The young woman was attractive and she knew someone, also innocent, who was a target of the secret police.  So, these predatory men sought to compromise her for the leverage they could bring to bear on others.

Unbeknownst to her at the time, her seduction by the executive was filmed by the secret police.

Afterwards, these men threatened to ruin her family with that very tape.  They threatened to ruin her career, her father's career, her sibling's careers.  They threatened to distribute the tape online in order to shame and humiliate her without limit -- unless she did everything they told her to do.

What did the secret police then require of this young woman? 

First, they required that she tell lies about others.  Consequential lies.  Lies that mattered.  Lies that could have ruined the lives of many innocents.

Second, they required that she sabotage her boyfriend's barrier contraception, resulting in multiple pregnancies.

Her boyfriend was dismayed by the situation.  To him, her pregnancies were unexplained and disastrously timed.  He felt uneasy about their circumstances, but he was ignorant of the source of their suffering.  In any case, the young woman held her silence regarding the truth.

She and her boyfriend decided to terminate their pregnancies, as agonizing as those choices were.  Yet, those medical procedures were unlawfully filmed and this footage, combined with the unlawful access of her medical records by the secret police, was also used as leverage to condemn and control her.

Beyond this, when she underwent medical procedures, the secret police threatened to infect her with HIV or another serious pathogen if she did not cooperate fully with their demands.

She was trapped, she felt -- coerced and manipulated by malevolent and predatory men who took pleasure in her suffering and that of her partner.

He, too, was trapped, although, not knowing about the films, he could not perceive the full extent of the reasons why.

At times, the secret police tortured the young man and the young woman.  At times, the secret police threatened to have them killed outright.

The young woman was so profoundly terrorized and victimized that she felt she could not tell the truth to anyone about what had happened to her.  

In her distress, she had spoken to her family of having thoughts of suicide.  The young couple, in their despair and isolation, began to argue.  And the secret cause of their suffering remained unspoken between them.

It must be acknowledged the the secret police paid the couple -- both of them -- as "informants"!  In fact, the young woman was rendered quite rich for her escalating prevarications about others.

Yet, this was blood money, earned by implicating innocents of crimes they never committed, and no peace could derive from such gains.

xxxxxx, in the absence of the spoken truth, this couple was doomed to suffering.

How would you have advised them if you could?

What would you have told them about the totalitarianism they had been forced to confront at such a young age?

What would you have recommended regarding their truthful disclosures to one another?

What would you have conveyed to them about the necessity of their truthful disclosures to others?

How would you have recommended that they reclaim a sense of independence, freedom and justice in what was a profoundly unjust situation?

You are an astonishingly wise and centered young xxx, xxxxxx.  I'm certain that your wisdom and fortitude would have served this young couple well.

Tell me what you would have told them, xxxxxxx xxxxx xxx.  Help me to know the words of encouragement they would have wished to hear.

God did not abandon them, xxxxxx.  Nor has he abandoned us.  And we must hold to His benediction, as perhaps they did, despite our grief.

I love you always.


Saturday, August 27, 2022

A Message From My Stalker

My stalker, xxxxxxx xxxx, has conveyed a message to me this evening, one which presumably reflects the sentiments of his good friend, FBI Director Christopher Wray.

It is as follows:

If I agree to accept a redacted FOIA report (leaving out all of the proofs of falsified law enforcement reporting on the part of the criminal members of the FBI), then....

1.  I won't be shot in my bed tonight on false pretenses of a "law enforcement emergency," based on the very falsified law enforcement reporting for which I stand as a whistleblower.

2.  I won't suffer the horrific effects of the powerful DEW which was unlawfully placed within my home on the night of August 10, 2022 by FBI contractors, and which has now been deployed to cause extremely high levels of pulsed RF radiation within my residence.

3.  My son, Duncan MacWilliams, and his girlfriend, Mary Grinnell, won't suffer an identical assault at their own residence in the FBI's perpetration of "torture by proxy."

4.  I will be "allowed" to see my younger son, Duncan MacWilliams, who has been forcibly coerced into serving as a paid FBI informant.

5.  I will be granted access to necessary medical care which has been denied to me.

6.  My pets won't be killed.

7.  My husband and son won't lose their jobs through layoffs forced by the FBI.

8.  I will be made a "gazillionaire."

I believe I have captured both the spirit and the letter of his communication in documenting this list.

And I would just like to remind everyone that my stalker is a leading member of Russian-affiliated organized crime, a human trafficker, a paid FBI informant, and the head of an alt right militia.  He seems, though unelected and unappointed, to exert more control over the FBI than Christopher Wray himself does.  

He is an admirer of Adolf Hitler and a friend of Vladimir Putin, and he is aiming for the downfall of your democracy and mine.

If there is a cavalry, I respectfully suggest that now is the time to call it.

Lane MacWilliams

Friday, August 26, 2022

Disinformation as Disseminated by the FBI

The other day, I had a disagreement with my husband -- a rare event.  

I had fallen asleep on the couch, after which he had turned on a device in the living room which is not working properly -- and in this state is known to have harmful health effects.

On discovering this, I became upset and asked my husband why he would harm an unconscious person.

He replied that he had never intended to cause harm of any kind.

On and on we went until we reached a loving resolution.

What happens to such a conversation in the hands of the FBI?

The most incriminating sentences possible are extracted from the dialogue, and then re-arranged with other segments of dialogue from other conversations to create an interaction that never happened.

In the midst of our argument, I asked my husband why he would choose to harm a sleeping person.

One can only imagine the ways in which this segment of dialogue could be misused in the hands of a malevolent person drawing pay from the FBI for the express purpose of creating disinformation about "targets of interest" and their families.

The FBI and its affiliates are actively creating and disseminating defamatory disinformation on the basis of exactly this kind of private dialogue occurring in private settings between law-abiding American citizens across the United States -- and Americans are unaware that it is happening.

Through the broad and unconsitutional dissemination of Pegasus software by the FBI to its contractors, Americans are being actively surveilled through their cell phones even when their homes have not been invaded by the types of surveillance equipment that has been unlawfully placed in my own home as a "target of interest."

The FBI and its contractors are harvesting those private conversations, in a very real sense, in order to create a backlog of seemingly incriminating information about everyone.

In other words, knowingly falsified law enforcement reporting created and aggregated with the express intent of wielding unconstitutional control over individual citizens is being actively perpetrated by the FBI with the support of the national treasury to fund that process.

What is the first casualty of this reality?

Free speech.

Once you comprehend that you have been, as a law-abiding American citizen, deprived of your right to privacy, nothing is the same.  It is not possible to joke with one's family in the same way.  It is not possible to disagree in the same way.  It is not possible to be silly and creative and spontaneous and unselfconscious in the same way.

When criminal members of the FBI are violating the very core tenants of the Constitution in order to lie about law-abiding members of the American public for anti-democratic objectives, the losses for our families, our communities, and, indeed, our nation, become incalculable.

That's why the FBI's engagement in the creation, storage and distribution of those lies must stop.

That's why the nature of the FBI's betrayal of the public trust must be revealed.

That's why the truth of the FBI's crimes must be fully characterized before this agency succeeds in destroying the Constitutional freedoms that have heretofore rendered us free.

Lane MacWilliams

When the FBI Pays Informants to Call Targets of Interest "Crazy"

Maligning the psychological stability of "targets of interest" has served as an enormously successful stratagem for corrupt members of the FBI, so much so that it is safe to surmise that the agency has been making false claims about the psychological stability of "targets" since the beginning of the program's inception.

In particular, it appears that the FBI bribes and threatens informants to allege that "targets" possess delusional disorders, paranoia, mania and psychosis as mental illnesses that might correspond to an individual "target's" ideation about FBI surveillance.

I am told that, if a "target of interest" ever seeks counseling, she or he is typically falsely diagnosed with a delusional disorder at the direct instruction of the FBI.  After that, it becomes difficult for a "target" to reclaim credibility when referencing FBI harassment.

Online, it seems that the FBI pays affiliates to comment on "target of interest" and "gangstalking" message boards in a manner that is nonsensical and irrational, so that casual observers can readily discount the membership of such groups as disconnected from a rational perspective.

The effectiveness of the FBI's effort to discredit the veracity and stability of "targets of interest" in this manner is, indeed, impressive.

Yet, it is also based on a deception that is both highly sophisticated and stunningly malicious, and it deserves to be exposed to the public view.

To demonstrate the determination of the FBI to discredit "targets of interest" in this manner, I hold possession of a bill in my name, dated January of 2021,  for a psychiatric visit that never took place.  Clearly, the FBI is intent to make a tangible claim to bolster its falsehoods in this realm.

Beyond this, I am told that the FBI paid Dr. Jacob Ballon and Dr. Kristen Stent to falsify statements concerning me, even though these doctors do not know me, and I am not their patient.

Now, apparently, FBI informants are being bribed and threatened by the FBI to falsely allege psychological instability on my part in their discussions with federal investigators.

If this is in fact occurring, those informants are lying, and those lies are being scripted by their FBI handlers in every nuance and detail.

I will say this:  "targets of interest" have been terribly abused, harassed, slandered and maligned by FBI personnel and affiliates -- and they have every right to be upset about those unlawful predations being perpetrated by the very men who ought to be protecting them from harm.

What is the appropriate response when paid FBI informants line up to call "targets of interest" crazy?

Perhaps the appropriate response is to ask how much they are being paid to advance this false narrative with federal investigators?  Beyond this, what threats did their FBI handlers extend to them to persuade them to lie in this manner?

Such informant claims represent a shameful betrayal of the truth, certainly, and one that must be revealed to the public as the corrosive and damaging defamation the FBI has designed it to be.

The mutual bonds of trust and truthfulness required by our democracy necessitate that we reveal the FBI's scheme of coercing informants to call "targets" psychologically unstable.

The agency leadership has placed a higher value on the congressional budget appropriations for the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative than it has on the central requirement that it uphold the Constitution in all circumstances.

The rest of us need to be exceptionally rational and clear-eyed about the FBI's ethical failures within this choice.

Not only that, it is up to us to prove that the corruption of the far-right is not capable of silencing whistleblowers who speak the truth about the FBI's engagement in falsified law enforcement reporting.

It is a crime to knowingly engage in the defamation of falsely alleging that "targets of interest" are psychologically unbalanced.  FBI informants are routinely coerced by their handlers into committing this crime, and this malfeasance should be fully illuminated.

I hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct,

Lane MacWilliams

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Documentation of Meeting Ms. Lynn Gentry, OES

At approximately 6:10 p.m. this evening, Ms. Lynn Gentry of the Order of the Eastern Star came to my residence to pick up a gold pin to convey to Ms. Karen Grabau of the Massachusetts OES.

Why is this important?

I have been threatened with false arrest over false allegations relating to this gold pin.  Of concern, some of my email communications to Ms. Karen S. Grabau over this issue have been deleted from my gmail account, which seems to be reflective of the extensive tampering with my emails demonstrated by the FBI.

Further, Ms. Grabau's communications to me regarding my attempts to convey the pin to her have pleaded strange obstacles to the transfer.  She alleged, for example, that she knew no one in California Eastern Star who could pick up the pin.  When I informed her that Eastern Star was a big family, and that the California membership would be delighted to help us, she went inexplicably silent.

Ms. Gentry, on picking up the pin today, chatted with me, along with my son and husband, for approximately 25 minutes in my driveway.  I recorded this conversation in its entirety on the chance the content is required for legal reasons.

Curiously, Ms. Gentry mentioned of her own accord that she believed OES membership has suffered over time due to public distrust in the Masons.

She also mentioned that she eschews gossip and that if someone calls her on the phone to speak ill of others, she is uninterested in spreading negative commentary.

It seemed to me that Ms. Gentry was speaking from recent experience.

Of note, one particular neighbor neighbor appeared to be craning his neck over his property line the entire time I was speaking to Ms. Gentry.  I find it entirely dystopian that this individual appears at his fence each and every time I leave my front door.  This is not a casual greeting from a neighbor.  No.  This gentleman appears to be under pressure to report on our activities as his neighbors.  

Is the FBI so focused on avoiding accountability for its crimes of falsified law enforcement reporting that it pays neighbors to lie about one another's activities?

Perhaps I risk stating the obvious when I say that this is not the way to build a sense of community in a neighborhood.  

All in all, I must observe that Ms. Gentry appeared to be kind and responsive.  Let's hope the FBI doesn't threaten her into misreporting what was a lovely dialogue.  If the OIG Hotline has a desire to follow up with Ms. Gentry regarding her communications regarding this matter, her phone number is (650) 922-3043.

If the OIG Hotline has a desire to follow up with my nextdoor neighbor concerning his reporting on my entirely pleasant conversation with Ms. Gentry, Mr. xxxxxx's phone numbers are (650) xxx-xxxx and (650) xxx-xxxx.

I hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct,

Lane MacWilliams

Eichmann's Descendant

I recently read a book entitled Eichmann Before Jerusalem, by Bettina Stangneth.  It examines Adolf Eichmann as one of the primary architects of the Holocaust, a man who, during his trial in Jerusalem in 1961, would come to be viewed as he wanted to be viewed, which was as a bureaucratic functionary following the orders of others from behind a desk.  Hannah Arendt famously wrote about Eichmann's seemingly meek identity as a tragically focused bureaucrat in "The Banality of Evil."

Interestingly, Stanley Milgram, in his book Obedience to Authority, references Arendt's concept of "the banality of evil" as "close to the truth" of motivators for average citizens to engage in wrongful acts under the order of those in authority.  Most people are not trained to distinguish between just and unjust authority, and they can easily become confused when individual ethics conflict with unethical commands from the hierarchy -- any hierarchy.

In Eichmann's case, however, Stangneth proves something much more sinister.  Eichmann's views were recorded on approximately 70 hours of audiotape by a Dutch Nazi named Willem Sassen.  The intent of the tapes seems to have been a preservation of Nazi ideology through an official Holocaust denial.  But that's not what happened.  What happened was that Eichmann revealed that he felt inferior to the Jews, who were, in his view, more intellectually advanced.  His response?  Genocide as a justification for the survival of what he viewed as his own race.

What have I taken away from this?

Partly, I have grasped a new understanding of what the far right means by the term "elites."  Their accusations toward "elites" are fairly endless, blaming them of cultural degradation and personal immorality that, in their view, cannot be borne.  What they are actually saying is what Eichmann said.  These people sound intelligent, educated and evolved.  So where does that leave the "tribe" of far-right Republicans?  It is our task to ensure that the far right answers that question without violence, without criminal overthrow of our duly elected government, and without abandonment of the Constitution and the rule of law.  We mustn't wait for far right Republicans to feel better about themselves by physically, professionally, socially and psychologically assailing articulate and thoughtful Americans because someone has deemed them "elites."  

Further, I have learned that sometimes, a few malign individuals can have an enormous impact on society.

Eichmann deported more than 450,000 Hungarian Jews to their deaths in a span of eight weeks in the spring of 1944.  450,000 people.  Eight weeks.  For these crimes against humanity, he was praised by the Third Reich as a "fixer," an "innovator," a man to whom the Fuhrer could turn with difficult "problems."

Friends, Eichmann was almost certainly psychopathic, a man of many masks who was exceptionally adept at telling people what they wanted to hear.  How did he persuade 450,000 people to willingly get onto trains deporting them to their deaths?  He negotiated in excruciating detail the conditions of their paperwork allowing them to emigrate to other countries.  The negotiations were fake, the dialogue a mere distraction from the Nazis' murderous intent, and the paperwork never arrived.  But hope is a dangerous palliative in such extreme circumstances --and it can lead -- as it did lead -- people to cooperate with those planning their demise.

Some people have outsized impacts on the unfolding of history -- those of great virtue and those of great evil.  

Eichmann was the latter.

So is my stalker.

I don't think I overstate the seriousness of our circumstance in this country when far right elements within the FBI are, unbeknownst to the vast majority of the American public, engaging in falsified law enforcement reporting for anti-democratic objectives.  My stalker alleges that the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative and the FBI's affiliated "target of interest" program unconstitutionally surveil and falsely report on millions of law-abiding American citizens, with a disproportionate number of Democrats and journalists among them.

The FBI's apparent attempt to dismantle the Freedom of Information Act has prevented the public from ascertaining how extensive and widespread this criminal scheme actually is.

But our democracy requires that we learn the answer, and quickly.

Does it alarm anyone else that my stalker, as a leading member of Russian-affiliated organized crime, appears to be running the FBI in a more meaningful way than Christopher Wray is running it?  How about the fact that my stalker is the head of an alt right militia, according to those who know him well?  How about the detail that my stalker is reported to be one of the most powerful figures organizing human trafficking within the United States?  How about the fact that my stalker alleges the FBI and affiliated agencies are perpetrating what he calls a "hidden Holocaust" against law-abiding Democrats and journalists in the interests of furthering an agenda of totalitarian control?

My stalker is one man, as Eichmann was one man.

Yet what do they have in common?

The view that they stand above the law.

The view that gratuitous killing is enjoyable.

The view that all "sacrifices" are justified in the quest for totalitarianism.

The view that every lie is "excusable" in a world in which one wants one's own "tribe" to "win."

The view that "victims" should be given just enough hope to get them to cooperate with plans of their own egregious harm.

The view that everyone should be told what he or she "wants to hear," in order to best further a perpetrator's personal quest for power.

The view that everyone can be made to cooperate with a totalitarian system if they are appropriately "incentivized" by threats and rewards.

The view that the atrocities they commit will forever remain concealed from the public view.

Friends, I don't think Eichmann should have had free reign to wreak havoc in the lives of innocents in Europe in the 1940's.

And I don't think my stalker should have free reign to wreak havoc in the lives of innocents in the United States in the 2020's.

Eichmann served Hitler's agenda.

My stalker serves Putin's agenda.

I don't think he should be allowed to continue.

My stalker seems to feel delighted that the FBI has been intimidating witnesses to lie to federal authorities concerning their participation in the "target of interest" program, their compensation through Infragard, their false witness statements coerced through horrifying threats extended to their family members and to themselves.

I don't think this is an accomplishment of which the FBI should be proud.

In truth, this "accomplishment" must lead us to ask whether there is any daylight between far right segments of the FBI and Russian-affiliated organized crime.  Is there any distance between these groups?  Is there any distinction?

Whatever the case, my stalker should be stopped from furthering his totalitarian agenda, just as Eichmann should have been stopped.

Certain individuals have the capacity to manifest historic impacts on society, whether for good or evil.

Those on the far right who deliberately mislead and harm the American public have chosen their side.

Let us not allow them to persist to the detriment of us all.

Lane MacWilliams