My Third Novel's Conclusion, My Heartbreak

My heart begins to break when I think about completing this particular book -- because this narrative has sustained me like no other story I've known. It's both more personal and more universal than my other works. But beyond memory and archetype, it's a cri-de-coeur about needing to become the person one is destined to be. And in the writing, I have met my own life's work, my own fated journey -- having the sense all the while that the pages are suffused with a resonance, an energy, an electrified field that defies explanation. Writers hope and pray to be overtaken by a work in this way -- to be conscripted into passionate service of a profound story. To experience it even once in a lifetime seems a great privilege. I still have several months before this novel is complete, and this constitutes my reprieve. Because I'm not ready for the beauty to end.

Sunday, April 30, 2023

Update: Planned Retrieval of Mail, April 30, 2023

OIG Hotline, my husband successfully retrieved all acceptable mail from our residential mailbox in Portola Valley by removing the security seal, evaluating each piece of mail for acceptance, replacing the interior alarm,  re-locking and re-sealing the box, all the while filming the process with a body cam the ownership of which has already been transferred to your Office.

The unopened Jim Mellano/AFE letter remains secure within the locked and sealed mailbox underneath two heavy books and an interior alarm.

I hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct.

Lane MacWilliams


Please note:  should my Wifi access be blocked when I attempt to post an update regarding successful mail retrieval, please know the following:

1.  In the event of obstructed Wifi with a normal and secure retrieval of mail, including unaltered security for Jim Mellano's/AFE's unopened letter within our locked mailbox, I will update this blog as soon as I regain Wifi access tomorrow.

2.  In the event of obstructed Wifi with any concern whatsoever over the security of the Jim Mellano/AFE letter, my husband will travel to an area in which he has Wifi this evening in order to post an update on this blog.

Lane MacWilliams


OIG Hotline investigators, this is to document that my husband will soon retrieve acceptable mail from our locked mailbox at Vista Verde Way, Portola Valley, CA.

He will use a body cam, as he did two weeks ago, to film the entire process of his handling each piece of mail that we accept.  The ownership of this camera and its micro SD card have already been conveyed to the OIG Hotline Investigations Division.

He will not retrieve or open the letter from Jim Mellano of AFE, but rather, will leave it in place.  To confirm, ownership of the Jim Mellano/AFE letter has been transferred to the OIG Hotline Investigations Division and will be provided to them directly as soon as they request it.

My husband will affix a new security seal to the lock on the box when he has completed his retrieval of accepted mail.

I will check back here shortly to provide an update.

For clarity, neither Ken nor I have opened the mailbox since Ken's retrieval of acceptable mail approximately two weeks ago.

We hope that the security measures we have taken -- that of the security seal, and the presence of lights and an alarm, will have been sufficient to prevent tampering with our mailbox in the interim.

Again, we hope that Jim Mellano has been honest in his characterization of the contents of the AFE letter as a simple, unaltered 1099 form.  

However, because Jim Mellano has lied in writing in the past, we are taking all precautions to ensure our family's security, as well as to preserve any material that could possibly assist OIG Hotline investigators in their inquiry into falsified law enforcement reporting for anti-democratic objectives.

Whether Jim Mellano's actions in sending a letter against my express directives were intended to alarm me -- and discredit me in that process -- or whether they were intended to further a plan of falsified law enforcement reporting against my family or myself -- it seems wise to me to exercise great caution and care in this circumstance.

I hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct.

Lane MacWilliams

Newly Signed and Notarized Affidavit to Be Faxed to OIG Hotline This Afternoon, April 30, 2023

OIG Hotline, please be apprised that my husband is faxing to you an expanded seven-page affidavit, newly signed and notarized as of this afternoon.

I will post the confirmation of successful transmission as soon as it is available to me.

Most sincerely,

Lane MacWilliams

Even the Smallest Person

1.  What are your thoughts about the alleged assault against your older son with a powerful DEW on Friday night, April 28, 2023?

Answer:  My thoughts are that someone should be interrogating Ruben Tamayo.

2.  What does it signify that the far right within the FBI and its affiliates appears to be wielding DEWs against the law-abiding American public?

Answer:  It signifies that the far right feels justified in perpetrating actions consistent with covert war in order to achieve dominance and control over the law-abiding American public.

3.  It appears possible that far right FBI personnel have established a line of communication with your older son through his electronic devices.

Answer:  It appears possible, yes, although I do not believe that line of communication is overt.  Having said that, my older son has never expressed that he wants me to stop pursuing my FOIA request because I have "angered a lot of powerful people within the FBI" before now.  His accusations yesterday were unprecedented and unfounded, and his language did not represent his own vernacular.  

Anytime a friend or relative expresses to me out of the blue that I should abandon my FOIA request, I become concerned.

4. Why are you unwilling to abandon your quest for these materials?

Answer:  For the same reason that a good person is unwilling to abandon the truth.

I believe that, if falsified law enforcement reporting is allowed to continue, American democracy will ultimately be forfeit.

Many other democracies rely on the health of our own, so the stakes are astonishingly high.  The balance between democracy and autocracy is teetering.  We want to do everything we can to ensure that democracy can prevail.

5.  Your stalker recently suggested, once again, that you should accept materials responsive to your FOIA request that omit an AI-geneerated film bearing your likeness, and that you should do so in return for immense financial rewards.

Answer:  Specifically, he suggested that Q-Anon, with which the alleged AI film is consistent, might be exposed if all materials due to me under the Freedom of Information Act are provided to me.

6.  And what is your response to that suggestion?

Answer:  My response is that 41 million otherwise rational Americans believe in QAnon.  If far right segments of the FBI have participated in a scheme to falsely accuse law-abiding American citizens of crimes they never committed in a manner consistent with QAnon conspiracy theory, we need to gain access to truth of this matter.

7.  There are no circumstances under which you would accept a redacted report.

Answer:  There are none.

8.  You have said previously that the far right is thoroughly involved in human trafficking within the United States through Russian-affiliated organized crime.  

Answer:  That appears to be the case.

9.  And you have also surmised that a portion of "funds" derived from human trafficking may be extended as payoffs to high-ranking FBI officials on the far right.

Answer:  My stalker appears to have claimed these payoffs exist.

10.  Is it possible that far right factions within the FBI are essentially projecting their own crimes onto innocent Americans?

Answer:  Projection is a complex phenomenon.  But, to the extent that these individuals feel guilty about their crimes, and to the extent that wish to rid themselves of that sense of shame, yes, they may be attempting to acquit themselves through casting blame on the innocent.

11.  You referenced a film you saw recently, "Judgment at Nuremberg," as addressing this.

Answer:  Yes, I did.  There's a memorable speech by one of the defendants in this narrative, a German judge who condemned many innocents to death under Nazi rule.  And the relevance of his words to our historical moment is inescapable:

There was a fever over the land, a fever of disgrace, of indignity, of hunger.  We had a democracy, yes, but it was torn by elements within.  Above all there was fear, fear of today, fear of tomorrow, fear of our neighbors, and fear of ourselves.  Only when you understand that can you understand what Hitler means to us, because he said to us:

"Lift your heads.  Be proud to be German.  There are devils among us, communists, liberals, Jews, gypsies.  Once these devils will be destroyed, your misery will be destroyed."

It was the old, old story of the sacrificial lamb.

What about those of us who knew better, we who knew the words were lies and worse than lies?  Why did we sit silent?  Why did we take part?  Because we loved our county.  What difference does it make if a few political extremists lose their rights?  What difference does it make if a few racial minorities lose their rights?  It is only a passing phase.  It is only a stage we are going through.  It will be discarded sooner or later.  Hitler himself will be discarded -- sooner or later.

12.  There is self-delusion within this monologue.

Answer:  Yes, in the same way that some of those among the American public are responding to the hatred and invective of the far right at this time.

We need to help people to see beyond the scapegoating to its true motives and its true ends.

13.  Why is that so important?

Answer:  Slander and defamation always accompany human atrocities.

We need to rigorously evaluate political movements that depend upon discrediting law-abiding citizens of the United States.

Their motives are not benevolent.  Their means are not peaceful.

14.  Do we as a society possess the courage to expose the crimes of the far right within the FBI?

Answer:  The far right is currently recording Americans' conversations without their knowledge or consent.  If someone comes close to revealing these and other crimes, they and their family members are assailed in myriad other ways.  If someone in a whistleblower's family is ill, God help them.  The FBI's exploitation and predation toward these individuals is unconscionable.  Any outburst on the part of someone who is ill or confused or tired, as my son has been ill and confused and tired, will be used against them in perpetuity.

We need to ask, out of common decency, does a young man who has a pituitary tumor caused by FBI predations deserve privacy and safety from further FBI predations?

The far right has no limits, so how do we plan to limit their crimes?

In the absence of our determination to confront these criminals now, the perils for our democracy will rise.  Our civil liberties and human rights will become a memory.  

Those of us who love our country are striving to ensure that won't happen.

Do we have the courage?  

I do.

And I know I'm not alone in this.

15.  Your son asked you yesterday why you would never consider abandoning your FOIA request.  What was your answer?

Answer:  If I were to abandon my FOIA request, I would be abandoning the four innocent people within my family, the dozens of innocent people within my neighborhood, the thousands of innocent people within my community and the millions of innocent people within my nation.

And I will not abandon them.

16.  Is this a question of character for you?

Answer:  This is a question of soul.  

There's a resonant quote from Lord of the Rings, "Even the smallest person can change the course of the future."

Any one of us might be the person who has that opportunity to change the world for good.

I always assume that person might be me -- in which case,  I'm going to invest everything I have in that effort.

Lane MacWilliams


The FBI is a deeply divided agency.  There are many FBI employees who view their vows to the Constitution with the utmost seriousness and honor, and who strive to defend the fundamentals of our democracy with courage, fortitude and commitment.  The fact that some segments of the FBI appear to have embraced a lawless course is not a justification to assail the FBI in general.  As President Joseph R. Biden has so rightly expressed, violence is never justified in any circumstance.  The rule of law must always be honored and upheld.  It is our shared determination to preserve the civil liberties and human rights of all Americans that renders the United States a democracy.  We must never abandon this promise. All of our most cherished freedoms depend upon it.

Saturday, April 29, 2023

SECOND UPDATE: Restricted Access: For OIG Hotline Investigators Only

This content is intended for the OIG Hotline only.

All others are asked to exit this post at this time.

Lane MacWilliams


SECOND UPDATE: April 30, 2023

OIG Hotline, my son still appears to be experiencing anger and distrust today in a manner that is not characteristic for him.

While dramatically elevated HGH, such as he is experiencing, can cause episodes of anger, these are not ordinarily long-lasting.

It appears likely that my son experienced a harmful event on the night of Friday, April 28th, 2023.  My stalker has claimed that the DEW he refers to as "the thrower" was deployed against him overnight on that date.

His specific threats concerning this deployment appear to reference a "target " being rendered "an empty shell" of his former self.  Here are a few of the communications sent to my cell phone in advance of this event:

Clearly, the perpetration of these crimes by far right FBI personnel and affiliates represent human atrocities.

There is only one alternative when a wayward segment of federal law enforcement has elected to prey upon innocents among the law-abiding public, in my opinion.  And that is public exposure and accountability.

FBI Director Christopher Wray's development and deployment of DEWs against the law-abiding American public, even through contractors, represents a profound betrayal of the public trust.

Any claims of the need for secrecy are obviated by the far right's misuse of power toward the defenseless.

I happened to meet Ruben Tamayo parked outside my house in a white van on Wednesday, April 26, 2023.  Did he return on Friday night, April 28, 2023 to cause grievous harm to my son?

I would like to know the answer to this question, and alongside the American public as a whole, I believe I have that right.

Most sincerely,

Lane MacWilliams


UPDATE:  OIG Hotline, my stalker, suggests that my son's notable anger today was due to the FBI's deployment last night of "the thrower," which is allegedly capable of reaching my son's bedroom on thee second floor of our home.

He further suggests that my son is being physically assailed due to the liability concerns of Dr. Jxxxx Bxxxxx and Dr. Lxxxxxxx Kxxxxxxxx at Stanford Medicine, in addition to Dxxx Bxxxx and Dr. Kxxxxxx Sxxxx.  Far right FBI personnel allegedly believe that the unethical conduct of medical care providers responsible for my son's care over time will be "erased" if my son is more seriously injured.

I can assure them, it will not.  Rather, my determination to hole them publicly accountable for their crimes against my family will compound.

I will update your Office regarding my son's condition tomorrow.

Thank you for allowing me to document these concerns,

Lane MacWilliams


OIG Hotline, please be aware that my older son experienced a major bout of temper this afternoon.  

Given that he has a pituitary tumor, the diagnosis of which was almost certainly obstructed by the FBI, his ill health should certainly not be wielded against him by the FBI.

The extent to which his tumor is attributable to the FBI's apparent manipulation of radiation levels, magnetic ELF,  and background EMF within our home remains to be evaluated.

While we seek appropriate medical treatment for him -- and into the future as well -- we appreciate your disallowing the dissemination of my son's spoken words in any capacity.

The extent to which FBI personnel have effected a conduit of "propaganda" to my ill son through his phone and laptop computer remains undefined.

Today, my son extended a number of accusations and disturbing language I have never heard from him before.  This leads me to question whether he is being exposed to such suggestions elsewhere, perhaps through his personal electronic devices.

His verbalization this afternoon utilizing the words "cancer," "traitor," "lover" and "gay"were highly unusual and do not represent any assertions I have heard from him before.  His foul language was shocking and distressing, in my view, and utterly unlike him.  He specifically mentioned the physical therapist who has caused so much trouble within our family lives -- as within our nation -- and stated that, in 2017,  I "requested" a male physical therapist.  This represents a patent falsehood he has never asserted before.  Beyond this, he has not mentioned this physical therapist in years.

And I noted that, for the first time, he extended repeated demands that I stop pursuing materials responsive to my FOIA request.  

I highly doubt this suggestion originated with his own ideation.

He asserted several times, "Your life has been undone by this FOIA request," which does not represent language I have ever heard him use.

Strangely, the word "undone" corresponds to an assertion I received on my personal cell phone yesterday, consisting of the following:

The language overlap in these two seemingly unrelated circumstances remains unexplained.

In addition, my son spoke a phrase I found highly surprising "The OIG Hotline is not coming to save you."

My son knows nothing about the OIG Hotline except that I think its staff represent the finest Americans there are.  Otherwise, I have not spoken of this Office and neither has my husband.

So, his reference to it in this context seemed to strain credulity without his having had other inputs.

I question the origins of his unusual assertions today.

My son spends long hours in his room with his electronic devices.

Has the FBI has found certain means of "suggesting" ideas to my son that are not his own, but that he later, as this afternoon, repeats?

Given this afternoon's events, I must say that I believe this to be occurring.

The specific means of this pass-through have yet to be illuminated.

I hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct.

Lane MacWilliams

Correspondence with Wells Fargo

OIG Hotline, Wells Fargo Bank has recently informed me that the Bank has prepared a response to my Data Deletion Request.  In this email, the Bank has instructed me to go the Wells Fargo Privacy Center and sign on in order to view that response.

If I sign on within the Wells Fargo Privacy Center, however, I must agree in advance to Wells Fargo's statement that it may elect to retain my personal data even in the event of my data deletion request.

"By clicking Continue blow, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree with how the Privacy Center words as described in the Important Information PDF."

But here is the Important Information:
The second clause within Wells Fargo's Important Information is remarkable:  We may decline to honor a deletion request and instead retain personal data as required or permitted by law.

The operative question here is whose law?  The FBI's laws?  Christopher Wray's laws?

I have never before encountered a Privacy Center site that states the company involved may elect to decline to honor a deletion request and instead retain personal data.

I do not believe that Wells Fargo's practices in this regard comport with the California Privacy Act, and I doubt they meet the standards of federal privacy regulations, either.

As a result, I have chosen not to sign on to any Wells Fargo site that stands as a gateway to Wells Fargo communications.  Rather, I have requested in the email below that Wells Fargo provide me with hard copies of its communications via USPS mail on an immediate basis.

In addition to the violations of the California Privacy Act, above, Wells Fargo has announced that all customers who continue to use online banking after May 24, 2023 must accept the Bank's new Online Access Privacy Policy, in which customers must relinquish further privacy rights.

I suspect this company of acting in bad faith in this instance.  Due to Wells Fargo's signatory status with Infragard, the Bank's failure to safeguard customers' privacy should be evaluated.

It may be appropriate to ask whether a consumer bank should ever agree to serve as a repository of defamatory information supplied by corrupt far right factions of the FBI concerning a law-abiding customer.

I think that very idea offends a reasonable person's sense of justice.

It should offend Wells Fargo's executive management team's sense of ethics as well.

In the absence of that, I will be taking my banking elsewhere.

Most sincerely,

Lane MacWilliams


Email to : From: Date: April 28, 2023 at 11:48 PM

Dear Brittany:

This is to request that Wells Fargo immediately mail to my home address its response to my concerns regarding Case Number 06202304181179080 as well as its response to my Date Deletion Request as described below:

Reference Number:  2000121436635


Request to:  Delete Data

Request made on: 04/17/2023

The correct mailing address is 45 Vista Verde Way, Portola Valley, CA. 94028.

Thank you for your immediate follow up.

If Wells Fargo is unable to meet my privacy and security requirements as a law-abiding customer, I need to have access to that information right away,

Thank you for your engagement with this matter,

Lane MacWilliams


Friday, April 28, 2023

The Three Objectives

1. You are a person of deep principles and abiding integrity.

Answer:  Yes, I am.

2.  Yet, there have been times when you have supplied your stalker and his affiliates with false information.  Will you comment on this?

Answer:  I will.  Far right factions of the FBI are not playing with "targets of interest."  They are not befriending them, assisting them, or protecting them.  They are preying upon them.  Financially, socially, psychologically, and physically.

As such, "targets of interest" are tasked with three objectives.

The first objective is to understand what is happening to them.  How does this corrupt system work?  What is it called?  Who originated it?  Who is perpetrating it?  And to what end?

The second objective, once the system of predation is grasped, is to survive the ordeal.  This is no small matter, as far right personnel affiliated with the "target of interest" program are conducting themselves without conscience, empathy, ethics or remorse.  Further, they are working in groups, coordinating their endeavors, and continuously supplying "targets of interest" with disinformation and disrupting their attempts to communicate meaningfully with those who might assist them.

The third objective, if a "target of interest" is fortunate enough to have met the first two goals, is to bring attention to the FBI's unconstitutional "target of interest" program in an attempt to serve our democracy.

If any "target of interest" is going to succeed in all three objectives, she is going to have to supply the far right with false information at some critical junctures.

3.  What kind of false information are you referring to?

Answer:  Here is a tangible example.  Once, I needed to see a physician, and I needed to do so promptly and without interference.  Yet, the FBI pays physicians and medical organizations to prey upon "targets of interest" at their direction, compensating this malfeasance through Infragard.  So, I couldn't establish an appointment with anyone in advance.

4.  What did you do?

Answer:  I loudly announced that I was going to be raking leaves for several hours, and then I slipped into my husband's car as he was leaving our driveway.

He brought me to an urgent care facility, where I was able to find the objective, ethical assistance of a physician.

5.  Afterwards, the FBI appeared to be furious that you had duped them by seeing a doctor without their involvement.

Answer:  My husband's car was vandalized in our driveway that night in an expression of that fury.  But I happen to feel that the Hippocratic oath and patient privacy regulations should be honored and upheld within the United States.

6.  You believe privacy and safety in seeing a physician should be a patient's right.

Answer:  These safeguards already are a patient's right.  The FBI is simply violating those rights with impunity.

7.  Can you give me another example of false information you extended to FBI personnel or affiliates?

Answer:  Sure.  I conveyed to Ruben Tamayo that I believed he was an Amazon delivery man in order to gain his name and address.

8.  You did not believe that Mr. Tamayo had a cargo hold full of Amazon packages on Wednesday, April 26th.

Answer:  No, I did not.

9.  Can you give me another example of false information you extended to FBI affiliates?

Answer:  Yes.  I sometimes assumed a rather naive, sentimental, easily manipulated personality in online dialogue with some FBI affiliates in 2018 and 2019 in order to keep the conversation going long enough to ascertain the predatory scheme toward "targets of interest."

10.  You assumed an online persona that does not represent you in actuality.

Answer:  Yes, for a specific objective.

11.  This sounds complex.

Answer:  It's not that difficult.  FBI personnel and affiliates are trained to mirror their targets in a manner that builds psychological trust.  I have found it most effective to mirror them back.  Without this capacity, I would never have been able to learn the nature of predatory engagement within the FBI's unconstitutional programs.

12.  You convinced the FBI's spies to divulge information to you about their unlawful acts toward law-abiding American citizens.

Answer:  Effectively, yes.

13.  Have you ever engaged in this kind of project before -- one in which you were gathering pieces of an immensely complex puzzle over time?

Answer:  Never.  I will observe that writing a book can entail fitting many complex puzzle pieces together, but that represents an artistic puzzle, not a dystopian one.

14.  So, in order to solve this dystopian mystery, you mirrored those who were preying upon you.

Answer:  At times, yes.

15.  You supplied them with false information.

Answer:  For specific objectives, yes.

16. You trained yourself to outmaneuver professional spies.  

Answer:  I could not have survived this long without developing this skill.  But it is also necessary to state that many others began to help me in my quest for the truth of this matter -- including FBI employees and affiliates.  That's why I wish to clarify that the FBI is a deeply divided agency.  Some people within its ranks have risked their lives to assist me by disclosing critical information at a crucial time.  And my family and I are alive today because of repeated interventions on the part of the OIG Hotline and others within President Biden's administration.  I remain keenly and urgently aware of the help I have received.

17.  Why?

Answer:  Because there are millions of "targets of interest" who, through no fault of their own, have not been so fortunate.  If my life has been saved, then it is my desire to use that gift to save others.  Beyond my desire, it is my obligation.

18.  Can you articulate their plight with enough conviction, empathy, concern, and engagement to hope to alter it?

Answer:  No one will care about "targets of interest"  more than I care about them.  No one will know their suffering more than I know it.  No one will defend them with more courage or conscience or ethics or vigor than I will.

So, I do hope I have that chance.

19.  Your opinion has always been that the fates of "targets of interest" and the fates of other Americans are one and the same.

Answer:  They are one and the same.  The autocracy the FBI is attempting to manifest represents a usurpation of the people's sovereignty, in which Americans will no longer have a voice regarding their words, their travels, their careers, their associates, their opinions, their gatherings, their reputations, their health or their freedom.

That's not what the founders had in mind when they wrote our Constitution two hundred and forty-seven years ago.  

They wanted more for us.

So do I.

20.  What about the future for democracy in other nations?

Answer:  If falsified law enforcement reporting can be illuminated within the U.S., it can be illuminated in other democracies as well.  The far right has advanced this anti-democratic stratagem in secret.  With President Biden's leadership, democratic nations are capable of exposing the ruse publicly.  The preservation of the people's sovereignty and human rights within free nations is a worthy prize.

21.  Do you hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct?

Answer:  I do.

Lane MacWilliams

PG&E Power Outage Notification

 OIG Hotline, I received an email today from USPS Informed Delivery which includes a photograph of a letter notifying me of a PG&E power outage, with an admonition to open this communication immediately.  This is a screenshot of the letter:

As you can see, the envelope states "Temporary Power Outage in Your Area.  OPEN IMMEDIATELY."  It appears to be postmarked April 26, 2023.

Because of the care with which I am preserving the Jim Mellano/AFE letter for your Office, I do not believe I should alter my husband's and my security procedures or schedule in retrieving acceptable mail. My husband, who is planning to return from Hawaii tomorrow, will likely open our locked mailbox on Sunday.

Having said that, I have grown extremely leery of PG&E's malfeasance toward our account.  Our safe access to power under PG&E's auspices is fraught, at best.

The company appears to have knowingly violated the law by preying upon law-abiding American citizens through the actions of its EMF Department.  

As such, it appears that PG&E is loathe to illuminate its malfeasance, and aggressive in attempting to ensure that no one else do so.

I continue to receive extensive threats pertaining to dramatically elevated magnetic ELF levels within our home, as well as threats of extremely hazardous EMF exposures.

The chemical exposures that were threatened as part of PG&E's planned helicopter deployment to our area appear to have been canceled, at least temporarily, given that the helicopters of this utility never arrived.

I will be calling "Maria" in Customer Relations to learn more about this PG&E communication with little notice in advance of the weekend.  Despite the fact that "Maria" will be pressured to misreport our conversation, I will document it in its entirety.

My Wifi has been extensively disrupted, but I will attempt to post updates here.

Any and all protective intervention your Office may undertake on behalf of our family is greatly appreciated.

Most sincerely,

Lane MacWilliams

Coal Creek Open Space Preserve: A Deployment to the Forest

1.  You have received renewed threats of Navy Seal deployment, with specifics that claim this Special Forces group is camping in the woods in the Coal Creek Open Space Preserve.with sorties to your residence at night.

Answer:  I have.

2.  How much credibility do you extend to these threats?

Answer:  The odds that this threat reflects reality are above 30%, in my opinion, which is much higher than they should be.  Some of the specifics relating to this set of threats probably push the potential risks a bit higher.  The camping location, the threats of arson affiliated with Navy Seals' coordination with the Hot Shots -- these details are quite particular, so the index of concern begins to rise.

3.  Is it true that a Special Forces deployment to the "woods" can be better disguised as a training exercise should there be inquiries about the location of Navy Seal teams or Hot Shots teams?

Answer:  I'm sure that's true.

4.  The Coal Creek Open Space Preserve is fairly close to your home, is that right?

Answer:  It is, yes.

5.  Is the distance walkable within wooded areas?

Answer:  Easily, yes.  The terrain is sloped, but the distance is only 1/4 mile.

6.  Have you had evidence of trespass at night?

Answer:  Yes.  There are small signs of physical evidence.  But more than this, my two Abyssinian cats wake me at night when they think there are trespassers.  They don't bark, but they're protective and territorial in the way that dogs are.

7.  And have they been waking you in order to alert you to trespassers?

Answer:  They have.  Nightly.

8.  You believe that your cats are attuned to movements humans cannot hear.

Answer:  I know they are.

9.  If this alleged deployment is true, who is responsible for it?  Who ordered it?

Answer:  I will simply say that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs appears to have an interest in the continuation of the Signature Reduction Program.

10.  Are those responsible capable of being reined in?

Answer:  If anyone is capable of it of reining in this group, it's President Biden.

11.  You have faith in our Commander-in-Chief.

Answer:  Abundant faith.  President Biden possesses the wisdom, the judgment, the force of will and the insistence to bring them to heel.  I have every confidence in him.

12.  Some Republicans have recently publicly withdrawn their support for the Constitution.  What are your thoughts about this development?

Answer:  The Constitution of the United States stipulates civilian control of the military in the form of our duly elected Commander-in-Chief.  We need the guidance within this document as much as we ever have in the history of our nation.  The Constitution is still the Rosetta Stone of our democracy.

13.  There are a few individuals within the U.S. military who may benefit from re-familiarizing themselves with its contents.

Answer:  Well said.

14.  Do you hereby certify the the foregoing is true and correct?

Answer:  I do.

Lane MacWilliams

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Restricted Access: For OIG Hotline Investigators Only

OIG Hotline investigators, although I directed Jay Gans not to return to 40 Gansett Rd., it appears that he was on the property today at 10:50 AM Pacific time, 1:50 PM Eastern time, at the direction of his FBI handler and at the same time as locksmith Mark DeLorme of Dave's Locksmith (508-457-1414) who was changing the locks at the property precisely due to Jay Gans' unauthorized entry on April 22, 2023.

Please see communications below.

It appears that Jay Gans and Tim Duffany are somewhat desperate not to be held liable for the damages to the property they perpetrated at the directives of the FBI.

I feel strongly that private property should be private.

The FBI does not have the right to commandeer my family home, to possess the keys to the front door, or to occupy it while my family is elsewhere.

Mr. Gans and Mr. Duffany are responsible for their actions, in my opinion, just as their criminal handlers are responsible for their actions.

I believe the law will support me in this perspective.

Part of the reason our democracy is at an inflection point is that far right FBI personnel have been given the distinct impression that neither our laws nor our Constitution apply to them.

If our democracy is to be rescued, they must be proven wrong.

Please assist mee in this by verifying Mr. Jay Gans' additional unauthorized trespass on my property at the direction of his FBI handler today.

Most sincerely,

Lane MacWilliams



The FBI is a deeply divided agency.  There are many FBI employees who view their vows to the Constitution with the utmost seriousness and honor, and who strive to defend the fundamentals of our democracy with courage, fortitude and commitment.  The fact that some segments of the FBI appear to have embraced a lawless course is not a justification to assail the FBI in general.  As President Joseph R. Biden has so rightly expressed, violence is never justified in any circumstance.  The rule of law must always be honored and upheld.  It is our shared determination to preserve the civil liberties and human rights of all Americans that renders the United States a democracy.  We must never abandon this promise. All of our most cherished freedoms depend upon it.

Newly Updated and Notarized Affidavit to Be Faxed to OIG Hotline Today, April 26, 2023

OIG Hotline, please be apprised that a newly updated and notarized affidavit will be faxed to your Office today from Hawaii.

Due to the time difference, this transmission will not occur during your Office's business day.

If I receive confirmation of this transmission, I will post it here.

This affidavit is six pages in length and addresses several new categories of alleged false claims within FBI witness statements.

Most sincerely,

Lane MacWilliams

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

The FBI's Ongoing Deployment of Ionizing Radiation in an Effort to Silence a Whisteblower

OIG Hotline, this is to document that, according to my Geiger counter, I was exposed to dangerously high levels of ionizing radiation last night during sleeping hours.

This morning, those high levels persisted in multiple areas of my Portola Valley residence.

I am uncertain of the modality of delivery, but there was a pressurized, mechanical that I have not heard before emanating from the crawl space underneath my home.  This unusual sound appeared to be synchronized with high radioactivity measurements.

Unlike the radioactive exposures through Cal Water, this incident was not associated with a highly radioactive public water supply.

So, there is an independent source of radioactivity which the FBI appears to be deploying within my home.

I need to reflect for a moment on the U.N.'s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which, in Article 5, states that "No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment."

Surely, intentional exposures to hazardous ionizing radiation with the objective of causing demise qualify as torture.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights also states, in Article 19, that "Everyone has the right to freedom of expression and opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media regardless of frontiers."

Freedom of speech.

One must ask whether Christopher Wray has read the Constitution or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights during his tenure as Director of the FBI.  One must wonder whether he is aware of the contents of these documents.

It is my understanding that he took a vow to uphold the Constitution, which prohibits cruel and unusual punishment, and which enshrines freedom of speech in its First Amendment, not as an afterthought, but as an inviolable and essential right for all Americans.

If my own experience serves as a guide, Christopher Wray has knowingly violated his fundamental oath to protect Americans from assaults upon their civil liberties and human rights.

The question is why.

As uncomfortable as this matter is to broach, Christopher Wray appears to be acting in concert with Russian-affiliated organized crime interests within the United States.  That is to say, he appears to be failing in his defense of the Constitution by assailing law-abiding American citizens at the behest of a foreign enemy.

Is there any compensation that could render such an ignominious betrayal of the American public justified?

Is there any material reward that could explain such a character failure on the part of the man charged with leading America's vaunted federal law enforcement agency?

Is there any threat that could cause the abandonment of this man's patriotism, his loyalty to America's most cherished principles, his commitment to the set of professional ethics that must guide his agency in its task?

I can only answer by way of attesting that there is no bribe or threat, no inducement or coercion that could compel me to wield totalitarian harms against the American public in the manner that FBI Director Christopher Wray appears to be currently wielding them.

I saw a wonderful film recently called "Judgment at Nuremberg," in which those civil court judges who condemned German citizens according to persecutory Nazi laws during World War II were themselves required to explain their failures of character, judgment, and humanity through a public trial after the War.

At the end of the film, one of the most enlightened Nazi judges among the defendants references the Holocaust when he states, "I never knew that millions would die."

The head of the tribunal evaluating his crimes answers, "You guaranteed that it would happen the first time you condemned an innocent man."

Can Christopher Wray explain to the Ameerican public how many Americans the "target of interest" program has knowingly, willfully, unconstitutionally harmed?  How about the Phoenix program?

Were these Americans merely "non-investigative subjects" or were they people?

Were they objects of defamation and torture, or were they human beings?

Did they exist as slaves to the whims of the FBI's "disposition matrix" or were they dignified and whole possessors of their own souls, whose human rights were never his to violate?

As difficult as these questions may be to ask, their answers hold the key to all future freedoms for Americans.  If we hope to protect those freedoms, we must find the courage to hold duplicitous officials within the three-letter agencies to a full and public accounting of their crimes against the American public.  And soon.

Lane MacWilliams

Monday, April 24, 2023

Email to Weatherly Dorris

 Email to:  From: Date: April 24, 2023 at 12:45 PM

Re: Addressing the FBI's Threat of Mooring Sabotage

Weatherly, you are an honorable person.  That's part of your character, and I have always appreciated that about you.

The difficulty I am facing right now relates to my attempt to stand up to corrupt factions of the FBI.  Far right FBI personnel are functioning in ways that are indistinguishable from organized crime in this circumstance, sadly, which is to say they are threatening everyone I know.

Under these unusual circumstances, and given the specific threats I have received pertaining to your servicing of the mooring at the direction of FBI personnel, I would ask that you and your staff hold off from servicing or commissioning my mooring until I give you my express written permission.

In the meantime, please sign and notarize (through a same-page Jurat stamp most notaries have) the simple statement below.  You will be asked by the notary to "solemnly swear" that you are attesting truthfully in this statement, and you should ensure that all notary documentation regarding your name and address are precise and correct -- no misspellings or omissions.  I'm happy to pay you $100 for your time in having this done.

Thank you very much,

Lane MacWilliams


I, Weatherly Dorris, hereby certify under pain and penalty of perjury that I have had no contact from any FBI personnel or affiliates regarding Lane MacWilliams, her family members, and/or the servicing of Lane MacWilliams' mooring in Gansett Harbor, Woods Hole, MA.

Weatherly Dorris

_________________________________        ___________________________

Signature                                                           Date

Notary Jurat Stamp Required


Restricted Access: OIG Hotline Investigators Only

 This content is intended for OIG Hotline investigators only.

All others are asked to exit this post at this time.

Lane MacWilliams


OIG Hotline investigators, please be informed that my husband was just notified in Hawaii that an unknown third party utilized our Xfinity ID and password to access our residential cable account.

Our sign-in information has not been shared with anyone with our knowledge or consent, and an illicit sign-in would be due to compromise of our sign-in information perpetrated through computer and cell phone hacks of our personal electronic devices.

This is the notification he received:

My husband has changed the password on our Xfinity account, and, perhaps more significantly, has added two-factor authentication to sign-in procedures.

Thank you for allowing us to document this concern regarding online identity impersonation.

I hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct.

Most sincerely,

Lane MacWilliams

Restricted Access: OIG Hotline Investigations Division Only

This content is intended for OIG Hotline investigators only.

All others are asked to exit this post at this time.

Lane MacWilliams


OIG Hotline Investigators, Jay Gans is a perceptive enough individual to know when his services have been discontinued.  

He entered the property without my consent on April 22, 2023, according to his email below, despite my severing my use of his services for 40 Gansett on April 19, 2023:  "Jay, in the absence of full disclosure from you, I cannot have you continue in your longtime capacity as independent contractor for 40 Gansett Rd."

I have called several locksmiths at this point in an effort to alter all exterior locks at the residence.

Given that FBI affiliates continue to threaten "flooding," arson, and vandalism at the property, I am concerned over any unauthorized entry.

Woods Hole is a small town, and people generally conduct themselves honestly in this part of the world.  I consider Jay Gans' behavior to be highly unusual.  Despite Mr. Gans' denials, I assess this unlawful entry as almost certainly having taken place at the instruction of his handler.

Most sincerely,

Lane MacWilliams


Email to: From: Date: April 24, 2023 at 6:26 AM

Re:  Your Full Disclosure Regarding FBI Harms Perpetrated at 40 Gansett

Morning Lane ..... I hope all's well...

So I went down to the house on Saturday 4/22.....everything is looking good....This week I was planning to go back to do the usual Spring clean up and the lawn is ready for the first mow...grass is growing fast.

Please Call (sic) me if you have any issues to discuss .... I dont (sic) have any contact with the FBI...I have no handler of any kind.....never have.



Email to: From: Date: April 24, 2023 at 10:19 AM

Jay, your independent contractor services were discontinued on April 19, 2023, as per my email below.  You did not have permission to enter the property, and you will be directly liable for any and all damages related to the harms that have been repeatedly threatened to me by FBI affiliates, including flooding and arson.

Please send me all Gansett keys in your personal possession at this time, and leave the remaining keys hidden on the xxxxx (redacted content.)

Lane MacWilliams

"Jay, in the absence of full disclosure from you, I cannot have you continue in your longtime capacity as independent contractor for 40 Gansett Rd."


Update: Reflecting on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

 Update:  The answers to questions 17 and 21 have been expanded. Questions and answers 23-26 have been added.  A typographical error in the text has been removed.


1.  You read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights recently.  This text emerged with the help of Eleanor Roosevelt and U.N. delegates from all over the world in response to the worst atrocities of World War II.  It was approved in its entirety by the U.N. General Assembly on December 10, 1948.

Answer:  It's a seventy-five-year old document that still stands as important bulwark against autocracy.

2.  What surprised you within its pages?

Answer:  The Declaration takes care to point out the manner in which virtuous people are deprived by autocrats of their good names before they are deprived of their property, their freedoms, and often, in a tragic but predictable sequence, their lives.

Article 12 states that "No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honor and reputation.  Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such attacks."

I found these words quite poignant.

3.  Why?

Answer:  Because far right segments of the FBI appear to be wrongfully assailing the honor and reputation of many law-abiding American citizens, and in the process violating their human rights with abandon.

4.  What are the most common false accusations within the FBI's unconstitutional "target of interest" program?

Answer:  Far right FBI personnel knowingly mischaracterize "targets" as deluded or unstable.  They tend to falsely portray women and girls as both promiscuous and unreliable testifiers to events.  Victims of predatory crimes are thoroughly discredited.  "Targets" are repeatedly and falsely portrayed as "dangerous" people who require surveillance and who merit extrajudicial harms.

5.  Totalitarianism requires an "enemy" for some reason.

Answer:  The autocratic regimes that emerge surrounding predatory systems often target domestic citizens.  Under Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot -- we can see a pattern of intellectuals, artists, scientists, professors and those engaging in peaceable civil discourse being penalized alongside larger "targeted" populations.

6.  The far right appears to enjoy penalizing "elites" within their societies.  Why is that?  

Answer:  Those who are thinking independently and critically about unjust authority represent a threat to autocratic regimes.  So, as human rights erode, the educated, the journalists, the writers, moderate politicians, scientists, whistleblowers -- everyone who could serve as a defense against human rights abuses -- find themselves targeted.

7.  And alongside this targeting, there can often be a rise in racist expressions of nationalism.

Answer:  Yes, the diversity on which democracy relies is rejected by autocracy.  Healthier societies recognize diversity as a strength, not a limitation.

8.  Yet, one of the challenges for society is that autocracy hides the worst of its human rights abuses from public view.

Answer: True.  The Nazis' "resettlement camps" were in actuality concentration camps that were not built to resettle anyone.

9.  What are the danger signs that a society is slipping toward autocratic governance?

Answer:  It's a bad sign when someone with dictatorial proclivities attempts to collect the voting rolls, as Trump did when he demanded voting rolls from state attorneys general in 2016.  And to undermine the public's confidence in free and fair elections  -- this represents a devastating affront to everyone's civil liberties.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states,  "The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government; this will shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which shall be by universal and equal suffrage and shall be held by secret vote or by equivalent free voting procedures."

10.  You find it appalling that certain far right FBI personnel have suggested that your friends vote for Republican candidates in upcoming elections.

Answer:  All who love democracy would find that conduct appalling.

11.  The far right has demonstrated ties to Vladimir Putin and certain Russian oligarchs.

Answer:  Yes, it has.

12.  Does falsified law enforcement reporting strike you as a pattern of predation that could have its origins with a foreign adversary?

Answer:  The origins of the FBI's engagement in widespread falsified law enforcement reporting against the law-abiding American public need to be fully assessed.  It seems that the FBI has engaged in a degree of falsified law enforcement reporting for the entire life of the agency, if we look at J. Edgar Hoover's practices within counterintelligence divisions on a historical basis.  Yet, certain personnel from the Third Reich were brought into the U.S. intelligence agencies following World War II, a fact which is deeply troubling given the far right's echo of historical human rights abuses.  Further, there are concerning links between the far right and Russian-affiliated organized crime within the United States today.  

No matter the origins of falsified law enforcement reporting within the FBI and its affiliated agencies, the practice needs to be fully illuminated for the American public in order to be halted as an "insider threat" toward our democracy as a whole.

13.  Propaganda and disinformation represent central components of autocratic regimes.

Answer:  They do.  And if I could have added anything to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, I would have added that the public has the right to be free from propaganda portrayed as news.

14.  Fox News just extended a historic settlement to Dominion Voting Systems regarding the lies disseminated by Fox's personnel following the 2020 election.

Answer:  It did.  And I am delighted to see the civil penalties occur.  I just have to wonder whether the FCC now has cause to address the manner in which Fox News could have toppled our democracy through extending knowing lies about the 2020 Presidential election.  The wrongs committed by Fox transcend financial harms to Dominion Voting and reach into the very heart of our political processes.  There is an opportunity for regulatory bodies such as the FCC to utilize Dominion's discovery process to address much more widespread harms to our country perpetrated by Fox as a propaganda network.

15.  The far right appears to have made a sustained and ongoing effort to purchase and extinguish local newspapers within the United States.

Answer:  Democracy depends partly on local news sources, regional banks, community colleges, and the small stores on Main Street.  Our towns are vested in the potential for our cousin to get her college degree at night, for our uncle to open a restaurant, for our niece to take out a loan in purchasing her first home, for our brother to research a story on the local climate for the town newspaper.

Our democracy is reliant upon our concern for our neighbors, in other words.  Their healthy development and growth enriches the wellbeing of the entire community.

We need not only to bring food and water to our neighbors who are standing in line to vote.  We need to hope that they are thriving in every aspect of their lives.

If they struggling, we need to try to help.

16.  Your point is that democracy is dependent on a certain generosity of spirit that we extend to our fellow Americans.

Answer:  It truly is.  We need to defend the human rights of our neighbor as vigorously as we would defend our own.  This unyielding commitment to one another is what makes democracy possible.

Those who are interested in thriving to the exclusion of others have abandoned democracy's core principles.

17.  Does the Universal Declaration of Human Rights reflect on this point?

Answer:  It does in that Article 29 reveals that every individual has duties to the community which sustains him or her.  And this hearkens back to John F. Kennedy's words, "Ask not what your country can do for you.  Ask what you can do for your country."  We carry obligations to protect and preserve one another's personal dignity, fundamental honor, physical and social well-being, and human rights.

And all of us carry those responsibilities.  Not just the personnel of the three-letter agencies.  Not just the journalists of the most-watched news hour.  Not just the bank officers of most powerful financial institutions.  

In a democracy, we all are asked to engage in ethical, benevolent, and generous conduct toward our families, our neighbors, our communities, our nation, and the world as a whole.

Democracy asks that commitment of us and hopefully, we're excited about extending it.

18.  On what conditions are universal human rights dependent, in your opinion?

Answer:  Transparency and accountability.  All of our institutions have a responsibility to disclose programs and initiatives that have been developed with the public's funding and the public's trust.

19.  What about the need for secrecy?

Answer:  NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake speaks quite knowledgeably about secrecy's role within the three-letter agencies.  He argues that programs which could harm the public cannot be hidden by claims of classification or secrecy, and I believe he's entirely correct.

20.  What are the risks if predatory programs are maintained as "secrets" from the American people?

Answer:  The risks are that our human rights and civil liberties vanish.  And it's important to remember that a challenge to human rights begins from the margins.  Perhaps the rights of the poor are abrogated first.  Perhaps the rights of domestic violence victims.  Perhaps the rights of immigrants.  Perhaps the rights of those who identify as LGTBQ.  Perhaps the rights of the elderly.  Perhaps the rights of people of color.  Perhaps the rights of women.  

The erosions of our access to the rule of law can be gradual --  to the extent that we are not expecting large-scale initiatives that violate our civil liberties in total.

21.  But you have stated previously that autocratic initiatives depend upon corrupt, far right elements within law enforcement agencies.

Answer:  These officials stand as the enforcers of new policies within a societal context.  

But I think it's equally important to recognize that autocracy might be correctly viewed as originating from within corrupt law enforcement, as opposed to originating with autocrats themselves.

There can be no usurpation of the people's sovereignty without the presence of predatory law enforcement personnel -- and, to some degree, military personnel as well.

Again, it's extremely important to emphasize that the vast majority of law enforcement personnel and military personnel are committed to honorably upholding the Constitution and the rule of law in every way, shape and form.  We need these people of integrity and courage to protect our democracy -- even and especially when that threat emerges from within their ranks.

22.  How can such an "insider threat" to our democracy best be addressed?  How can such an "insider threat" to Americans' human rights be addressed?

Answer:  With courage.  With truthfulness.  With rigor.  With concern.  With journalistic integrity.  With the rule of law.  With insistence.  With selflessness.  And with commitment.

23.  Is there an international component to the three-letter agencies' engagement in falsified law enforcement reporting?

Answer:  There is, I believe.  Certain of our agencies appear to have guided and directed falsified reporting in other nations.

24.  What can be done about this?

Answer:  We need first to characterize the reach of this scheme of falsified reporting, both domestically and internationally.  After that, we need to redouble our commitment to working hand in hand with other nations to unravel the entire maze of disinformation that has corrupted law enforcement and security agencies through clandestine far right initiatives.  If we join together with purpose, integrity, effort, goodwill and determination, the system of falsified law enforcement reporting can be undone.

25.  You believe that President Biden is the ideal leader to defend democracy within the United States and also internationally.

Answer:  I do.  President Biden has had his finger on the pulse of our democracy from his first day in Office.  He has articulated over and over again to the American people, as well as to the citizens of other nations, that we stand at an inflection point between autocracy and democracy.  It is his rare combination of gifts  -- insight, wisdom, integrity, honesty, courage and steadfast determination -- that render him heroic in his defense of democracy, in my opinion.

He is not replaceable.

His leadership is needed within the United States and it is needed the world over.

26.  What did you feel when you learned that President Biden plans to announce his re-election campaign on Tuesday of this week.

Answer:  Gratitude.  Elation.  Hope.  Anticipation.  Joy.

Lane MacWilliams


The FBI is a deeply divided agency.  There are many FBI employees who view their vows to the Constitution with the utmost seriousness and honor, and who strive to defend the fundamentals of our democracy with courage, fortitude and commitment.  The fact that some segments of the FBI appear to have embraced a lawless course is not a justification to assail the FBI in general.  As President Joseph R. Biden has so rightly expressed, violence is never justified in any circumstance.  The rule of law must always be honored and upheld.  It is our shared determination to preserve the civil liberties and human rights of all Americans that renders the United States a democracy.  We must never abandon this promise. All of our most cherished freedoms depend upon it.

Update: Documentation of Four Concerns

Update:  For your records, I believe the neighbor walking the military dog may be named Ariel Hiller.  He appears to be residing at 66 Vista Verde Way, together with Tom and Sheila Bleier.  Tom Bleier's contact: 650-270-6389.


OIG Hotline, this is to document that my gmails to recording logs of my Wifi access demonstrate both deletion and tampering.  tt appears that I will need to begin to type this material with my typewriter and copy that documentation online.

Please be further aware that, while I was sweeping leaves outside this afternoon, a neighbor whose name I do not know appeared at the top of my driveway with his dog.  This particular neighbor is a man in his thirties, slouched, somewhat slovenly, though his clothes are expensive.  He has released two dogs (English hounds) onto our property on multiple occasions as an apparent excuse to trespass in re-collecting them.  I find him disingenuous and clearly lacking integrity.

Today, he was walking a beautiful German Shepherd, an extremely well-trained animal, which wore a harness and muzzle.  This was a $50,000+ animal -- a military dog.

To see a man who can't convey a straight story or walk a straight line with an animal of this caliber was notable.

A third concern relates to messages I received today concerning allegedly falsified affidavits being filed by Duncan MacWilliams, Mary Grinnell and Tim Michalka from Hawaii.  Sample content includes the following "My dad's a liar" message, appearing to suggest that Duncan is casting aspersions on his honorable father's credibility.

I have asked my husband to notarize an updated general affidavit from Hawaii in a desire to protect us from false claims coerced by corrupt FBI personnel.

Fourth, please know that no one in my family has opened our locked mailbox since my husband retrieved mail on April 16, 2023.  We will not do so until he returns next weekend, so that we can maintain all of our usual security procedures.

Thank you for allowing me to document these issues herewith.

Most sincerely,

Lane MacWilliams