My Third Novel's Conclusion, My Heartbreak

My heart begins to break when I think about completing this particular book -- because this narrative has sustained me like no other story I've known. It's both more personal and more universal than my other works. But beyond memory and archetype, it's a cri-de-coeur about needing to become the person one is destined to be. And in the writing, I have met my own life's work, my own fated journey -- having the sense all the while that the pages are suffused with a resonance, an energy, an electrified field that defies explanation. Writers hope and pray to be overtaken by a work in this way -- to be conscripted into passionate service of a profound story. To experience it even once in a lifetime seems a great privilege. I still have several months before this novel is complete, and this constitutes my reprieve. Because I'm not ready for the beauty to end.

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

An Transcribed Conversation with Stanford Hospital's Lead Radiology Librarian

OIG Hotline investigators, following herewith are two excerpts from a conversation I had today, February 28, 2023, beginning at 10:45 AM, with Stanford Hospital's Lead Radiology Librarian, "Andrea."

Lane MacWilliams:  It is my understanding that when one is reading a radiology report under General Information -- this is from Stanford Medicine -- under General Information, there is "Ordered by" and then the physician.  And the next line says "Collected on" and gives a date and time that corresponds to the date and time of the test itself.  Is that your understanding?

Andrea:  That is my understanding.

(Later in the same conversation)

Lane MacWilliams:  The truth of this matter is that "Collected on" gives the date and time that corresponds to the actual date and time of the test.  

Andrea:  That is my understanding.

Lane MacWilliams:  That is my understanding, too.

Is Online Identity Impersonation Still Being Perpetrated From 21 and 35 Vista Verde Way?

1.  What information have you received regarding the question of whether your stalker and his cohort have vacated their possible residence at 21 and 35 Vista Verde Way?

Answer:  The information I received is as follows:  "Boys Decide to Stay."

2.  Do you have any other indication that he and his cohort are still nearby?

Answer:  A sophisticated drone still appears to be launched from 21 Vista Verde Way each evening, after which it appears to survey my property and home for several hours prior to returning to the same location. In addition, there are other observable signs that these homes are still occupied.

3.  As a result, do you believe that online identity impersonation through "Wifi piggybacking" is still being perpetrated from these properties?

Answer:  It appears to be entirely possible. 

4.  What can you do to protect yourself from false accusations?

Answer:  I am logging all of my online activities on my gmail account,  And my husband has ordered the necessary router to allow us to connect to the internet through a Cat 5 connection, avoiding Wifi altogether.

5.  When will your Cat 5 system be up and running?

Answer:  My hope is that we will succeed in making this change within one week.  But I will update this blog with regard to the details of this timing.

6.  What are the other risks of having Special Forces personnel residing nearby when you may have been defined as a "high value target"?

Answer:  Plentiful, I would say, especially when that proximity is combined with surveillance capability.  I have received messages threatening home invasion planned for the period of time when I am in the shower.  I have received messages that my cellar door is unlocked, only to discover that it is.  I have received messages that a window has been left open somewhere in the house -- only to find that the claim is true.  

7.  The implication seems to be that you and your home are being constantly assessed for vulnerabilities to home invasion.

Answer:  Yes, it does.  And the effect of this level of predation is constant vigilance.

8.  What would it take for you to begin to feel comfortable and safe within your own home again?

Answer:  All surveillance devices and DEWs would need to be removed -- something we had hoped TSCM would accomplish.  

9.  TSCM not only did not remove devices.  The potential exists that "Ivan Vikin" added surveillance devices during his visit, in addition to the possibility that he removed at least one item of clothing from your master bedroom closet.

Answer:  That is possible, yes.

10.  Beyond the removal of all surveillance devices and DEWs, what is required to feel safe within your neighborhood?

Answer:  It would help to have an assurance that Special Forces personnel have vacated this area.  But when the secrecy of these groups has been systematized, it appears that their movements are difficult to verify.  They seem to be answering to themselves or to Russian-affiliated organized crime in the form of my stalker.  When the "boys decide to stay," it doesn't sound as though they are consulting a superior officer.

11.  You wonder about the extent to which some of these Special Forces deployments within the Pentagon's Signature Reduction Program are deconstructing chain-of-command.

Answer:  I do.  I think we need to ask about the extent to which some of these groups are answerable only to themselves.  Are they functioning as rogue groups, independent of any meaningful oversight?  Perhaps, other than being assigned an objective, they are left entirely to their own devices?  

12.  What would be the perils for American society if that were true?

Answer:  Extensive.  The implication would be that the military could deploy Special Forces personnel against the law-abiding American public and further, that it could do so secretly, without supervision, records of communications, or chain-of-command responsibility.  That's close to a recipe for totalitarian control over a society.

13.  If that has occurred through the Signature Reduction Program and/or the Phoenix Program, how can we reclaim the civil liberties and human rights of the law-abiding American public?

Answer:  President Biden is capable of returning civil liberties and human rights to the American people.  The endeavor is complex, but I have absolute faith that, as our gifted Commander in Chief, he can succeed in this.

14.  Do you hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct?

Answer:  I do.

Lane MacWilliams


The FBI is a deeply divided agency.  There are many FBI employees who view their vows to the Constitution with the utmost seriousness and honor, and who strive to defend the fundamentals of our democracy with courage, fortitude and commitment.  The fact that some segments of the FBI appear to have embraced a lawless course is not a justification to assail the FBI in general.  The safety of FBI agents should be protected, just as the safety of the American citizenry should be protected.  As President Joseph R. Biden has so rightly expressed, violence is never justified in any circumstance.  The rule of law must always be honored and upheld.  It is our shared determination to preserve the civil liberties and human rights of ALL AMERICANS that renders the United States a democracy.  We must never abandon this promise.  All of our most cherished freedoms depend upon it.  

Monday, February 27, 2023

Is Bryan Apple a Real Person?

1.  Is Bryan Apple of MROSD a real person?

Answer:  I don't think so.  No.

2.  Why do you say that?

Answer:  "Bryan" appeared on the internet quite suddenly, and his digital footprint lacks breadth.  I think he represents a fake identity intended to shield MROSD from the malfeasance concerns its Board no doubt raised with the FBI personnel who approached them.  These are likely honest and genuine people who are loathe to play games with the public trust that has been extended to them.

3.  Will Camille Leung approve PLN2022-00333 tomorrow?

Answer:  I don't have that information, but I hope that she and MROSD and the Planning Commission will join together in their concern for San Mateo County residents in withholding approval for this project.

4.  Might they be concerned about the suggestion of corruption through Infragard compensation if they forge ahead?

Answer:  I cannot speculate, except to say that I think those concerns would be well-founded.

5.  What does it signify when far right FBI personnel are attempting to gain access to the property of an FBI whistleblower through a project such as this?

Answer:  To me, it signifies that there are likely systems of predation toward FBI whistleblowers that allow for significant funding and flexibility of approach.

6.  Does all of that strike you as unconstitutional?

Answer:  It does.

7.  Does it seem to you to be anti-democratic?

Answer:  It does.

8.  Does it appear to cast far right FBI personnel in the role of organized crime?

Answer:  It does.

9.  What questions does it lead you to ask?

Answer:  How can we protect our municipalities from bribes extended by corrupt FBI personnel?  How can individual citizens protect themselves from aggressive far right segments of the FBI who are repeatedly attempting to cause them harm?  How can the friends and family members of FBI whistleblowers be protected from unlawful coercion by their FBI handlers?

10.  You are receiving many threats at this time.  What are the most prevalent among them?

Answer:  Home invasion.  Unjustified law enforcement raid.  Kidnapping.  DEW assault.  HAARP.   Sniping.  Car bomb.  Letter or package bomb.  Carbon monoxide poisoning.  Physical harm of my family members and friends.  The list is fairly extensive.

11.  What does this tell you?

Answer:  That I may have stumbled across a system of federal law enforcement predation toward the law-abiding American public which has been previously hidden from view.

12.  A system that is profitable for many.

Answer:  By definition.  Yes.  Falsified law enforcement reporting as perpetrated by far right members of the FBI justifies billion-dollar programs of surveillance toward the law-abiding American public.  But our whole society needs to pause when harm toward innocents becomes profitable.

13.  And why is that?

Answer:  Because certain things are more important than profit.  Strength of character, integrity, courage, honesty and benevolence chief among them.

14.  Do you hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct?

Answer:  I do.  

Lane MacWilliams

Sunday, February 26, 2023

My Husband Retrieved Acceptable Mail from Our Locked Mailbox This Evening

February 26, 2023

OIG Hotline investigators, just prior to 7:00 PM this evening, my husband retrieved acceptable mail from our locked mailbox, ensured that the Jim Mellano/AFE letter remains in place and unopened beneath two heavy books within the enclosure, replaced the interior alarm, and replaced the exterior seal over the lock, while filming his progress the entire time with the body cam I have conveyed to your ownership.

This process was successful, and the Jim Mellano/AFE letter remains undisturbed.

I hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct.

Lane MacWilliams


OIG Hotline investigators, my husband will soon retrieve acceptable mail from our mailbox, leaving the Jim Mellano letter in place, unopened, as previously described.

I will update this post as soon as that process is complete.

Lane MacWilliams

Why I Can No Longer Use Quora

1.  You have become alarmed by some perceived changes to your access of Quora lately.

Answer:  Yes, I have.  

2.  How have you accessed this site in the past?

Answer:  If I receive email notifications on topics of interest, such as "bootlogger" hacks of the electronic devices of "targets of interest," or OSINT as a means of aggregating falsified information concerning "targets of interest," I might open the application to read further.

3.  Has the information been useful?

Answer:  It has, yes.  For example, it was a Quora poster who alerted me to the Cat 5 hardwiring solution to prevent Wifi piggybacking by near neighbors.  This will, I believe, ultimately confer some tangible protection against online identity theft for my family members.

4.  So what is the problem that has emerged recently?

Answer:  Over the last two weeks or so, when I have attempted to learn more about topics related to the concerns of "targets of interest," the Quora feed will -- as the 20th or 25th listed topic on a open page -- include inappropriate content.

5.  What do you mean by inappropriate?

Answer:  Off-topic, explicit content that I would never seek out in a million years.

6.  Do you exit the page the moment you see that an embedded topic, wrongfully included among myriad "target of interest" topics, has been placed on the page?

Answer:  Immediately, yes.  But I still feel that this information is intended to discredit me as a law-abiding whistleblower of FBI misconduct.  So, I simply cannot access the platform under these circumstances.

7.  Is it your understanding that Quora is signatory to Infragard?

Answer:  It is.

8.  Have you had concerns about Quora's conduct in the past?

Answer:  I have been concerned about Quora's apparent willingness to publish comments by "targets of interest" that appear to be advocating for capital punishment as a just response to the harassment and harms that seem to be part of the FBI's "target of interest" protocol.

9.  Why do you feel this commentary is inappropriate?

Answer:  Justice should be reserved for the judicial system.  

10.  Don't law-abiding "targets of interest" have a right to feel upset about being slandered, defamed, and otherwise harmed by far right FBI personnel through the manifestation of the unconstitutional "target of interest" program?

Answer:  They do have that right.  But it is necessary for "targets of interest" to always advocate for the rule of law when it comes to addressing those who have preyed upon them.

11.  Why do you feel so strongly about this?

Answer:  The far right wants to depict "targets of interest" as dangerous, irrational, impulsive, violent criminals who need to be surveilled, controlled, and punished in order for society to remain safe and secure.  But everything about this objective is wrong.  "Targets of interest" need to show the world how distorted this extremist ideology is by personifying ethics, conscience, fortitude, equanimity and grace under exceptionally difficult circumstances.

12.  Your point is that "targets of interest" need to demonstrate the character and integrity their harassers are lacking.

Answer:  Yes, they do.

And, to return to the subject of this post, they need to reject online platforms such as Quora, which appear to cooperate with an agenda of mischaracterization of "targets of interest."

13.  You reject explicit, exploitive online content, whether it appears on Quora or elsewhere.

Answer:  Emphatically.  Women and children do not need to be victimized and exploited in online spaces or in real life.  Yet, the falsified law enforcement reporting of far right FBI personnel unquestionably commits malfeasance in both of these spheres.

14.  Do you hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct?

Answer:  I do.

Lane MacWilliams

The Fate of a Mooring

Email sent to: From:  Date:  Monday, February 20, 2023 at 4:32 PM

Re:  Please let me know date for mooring commissioning this spring.

Hi Weatherly,

I hope you're enjoying President's Day.  I am delighted to have a little extra time with Ken here in Portola Valley.

Weatherly, I wanted to ask you to let me know when you plan to install my mooring tacking this spring.  If you can let me know the specific date in advance, I would certainly appreciate it.

I am going to ask that the mooring be evaluated by an independent party immediately following the spring commissioning, for the sole reason that I am informed that your FBI handler is instructing sabotage of the mooring in some manner.

Hopefully, having more eyes on the situation at a sooner point -- and regularly throughout the season -- will discourage your handler from extending further unlawful directives regarding my mooring.

Your official inspection should happen in September, as I mentioned -- although I would appreciate your scheduling it now so as not to encounter any problems with Town deadlines.

Of concern, it is alleged that Gregg Fraser has accepted pay from Infragard in order to advance the FBI's unlawful intention of cancelling my mooring.  If true, corruption of a public official in this capacity is actually quite a serious matter.  Whatever the situation, I hope Mr. Fraser is able to consult his conscience and hold to his public mandate rather than accede to criminal actors on the far right.  We will see how he conducts himself.

Thank you for keeping in touch with me with regard to specifics of the mooring commissioning.


Lane MacWilliams


Email sent to: From: Date: February 26, 2023 at 5:04 PM

Paula, I wanted to touch base with you, due to the fact that I am informed that Gregg Fraser's FBI handler is working on some scheme, the details of which are unknown to me, to decommission my mooring in the future.

I have been in communication with Weatherly Dorris about this predicament.

Because it is alleged that Gregg Fraser is accepting compensation from Infragard for his cooperation in this plan, I am uncomfortable in receiving communications from him directly.  He is a public official who has accepted responsibility for serving the town of Falmouth with fairness and equity, avoiding all conflicts of interest.  Due to my status as a whistleblower of FBI malfeasance in the form of knowingly falsified law enforcement reporting against law-abiding American citizens, this circumstance presents clear conflict of interest for all of the FBI handlers and "informants" involved.

I would ask that you reach out to me right away if Mr. Fraser's handler is conveying any directives to the Harbor Master's Office concerning my mooring.

I am sharing this communication with others, as it may pertain to a federal investigation of FBI malfeasance connected to whistleblower retaliation in this instance.

Thank you very much for your support in preventing any directed sabotage of my mooring or decommissioning of my mooring as the result of any predatory directives of FBI personnel.


Lane MacWilliams


Friday, February 24, 2023

Is Stanford Medicine Lying About My Son's MRI Exam at the Direction of FBI Personnel?

OIG Hotline investigators, this is to document that the radiologist's report concerning my older son's pituitary MRI, conducted last Saturday, February 18, 2023, has been withheld from us all week, despite repeated requests.

My stalker has indicated that my son has a pituitary tumor, which would implicate Dr. Jacob Ballon, his FBI handler, and Stanford Medicine of reprehensible malfeasance.

It appears that FBI personnel may be attempting to replace my son's current pituitary exam with a prior one, conducted several years ago.

Dr. Ballon is alleging, as of today, that the radiologist's report states nearly identical findings to that of the radiologist's findings several years ago.  Please see his emailed response, below, to one of my husband's multiple requests for the radiologist's report.

My son's HGH is 550% of the upper bound of normal.

I would be shocked if he did not have a pituitary tumor.

This prolonged delay leads me to question what is more important in this situation: the health of my son, whose care has been sorely neglected as a direct result of the FBI's longterm attempts to force his physician to misdiagnose him?  Or the ego of the FBI handler who prompted these wrongs?

In my opinion, there is no contest.

Dr. Jacob Ballon and Stanford Medicine need to provide us with a copy of the radiology report based on the pituitary MRI exam my son underwent last week, February 18, 2023.  We should be provided with a digital copy of that study as well, not a fraudulent replacement.

My son has suffered unacceptable delays in diagnosis and treatment due to the machinations of far right FBI personnel intent on depicting a whistleblower and her family as "unbalanced."

The FBI should have no authority, no purview, and no involvement in the private medical care of law-abiding American citizens.  None whatsoever.

The attempt of far right FBI staff to continue to obstruct my son's access to medical care which has already been withheld from him constitutes a grievous wrong.

Innocent people can and do perish when truthfulness and integrity in medical care are abandoned out of a desire to avoid accountability.

I will also note that my son's MRI cost our insurer $16,000 and the expertise of the technician, the radiologist, and Dr. Jacob Ballon.  Was that investment a charade or can genuine care be rendered to a young man who deserves prompt, compassionate, capable and ethical engagement from his medical care providers?

If my husband and I are provided with a falsified radiologist's report and/or an MRI exam that simply copies my son's exam from several years' past, we will promptly pay for an alternate study at a medical center that demonstrates a commitment to rendering ethical and honest care to its patients.  Those principles should not be a rarity.

If I am correct in my assessment of my son's medical condition, Dr. Jacob Ballon and all involved will then have some serious explaining to do.

I welcome the involvement of OIG Hotline investigators in assessing Stanford Medicine's unusual failure to provide us with our son's radiology report upon request.

I will be updating your Office with new developments in this matter.

Most sincerely,

Lane MacWilliams


Email sent to: From: Date: February 24, 2023

I'm not sure that I can figure out what I sent as the secure message at this point...I'll see if I can track it down in my sent folder.

Meanwhile, the MRI doesn't seem to have been much changed from previous -- with the caveat that the scan is limited by the lack of contrast.

Jacob Ballon, M.D., M.P.H., Clinical Professor, Stanford University, Phone 650-723-3305, Fax: 877-917-8652, Email:

A Transcribed Conversation with Fidelity Employee Johnny O'Meara

OIG Hotline, given that Fidelity is signatory to Infragard, and given that both Fidelity and Brighthouse/MetLife failed to send my 1099 tax documentation for 2022, I transcribed my conversation this morning with both organizations.

Because Johnny O'Meara reversed himself several times regarding his willingness to provide necessary tax documents to me, I include an excerpt our transcribed conversation below.  

In Mr. O'Meara's defense, I have never had difficulty with the willingness of any Fidelity employee to provide information before, and I do not believe Mr. O'Meara would have been likely to obstruct anyone's request for tax documentation without external influence.

The dialogue that follows here represents an excerpt close to the conclusion of our call.

I hereby certify that all of this information is true and correct.

Lane MacWilliams


February 24, 2023 at 11:24 AM

Lane MacWilliams:  Just to confirm, your name is Jonathan, correct?

Jonathan O'Meara:  Just call me Johnny.  Johnny O'Meara.

Lane MacWilliams:  I'm sorry, your last name is?

Jonathan O'Meara:  O'Meara. (spelling) O-M-E-A-R-A.

Lane MacWilliams: Ok, great.  So, Johnny, I appreciate your help today.  To confirm, we discussed obtaining tax forms for 2022, and you have assisted me in requesting duplicates of those forms to to be sent to my mailing address of 45 xxxxx xxxxx xxx, xxxxxxx xxxxxx, CA xxxxx.  To confirm, we had a productive conversation, and I'd like to ask you just a couple of questions before the conclusion of our call.

Everything I've said to you has made perfect logical sense.  Is that correct, Johnny?  You've understood what I've said and what I've requested, and it has made logical sense to you.

Jonathan O'Meara:  One hundred percent.  Yes.

Lane MacWilliams:  Ok.  Do you have any questions at all or any concerns with regard to my requests of you?

Jonathan O'Meara:  Not at all.

A Letter to Camille Leung of the San Mateo County Planning Office

OIG Hotline investigators, it seems that "Bryan Apple" is a creation of the FBI's imagination -- a fake identity intended to shield the MROSD from charges of corruption and malfeasance.

What is my first thought in considering the arson/wildfire that appear to constitute the central threat within the far right's attempt to perpetrate this harm under color of law?

My first thought is the defense of the innocent lives and the pristine wilderness surrounding me.  The beloved families, the cherished homes, the magnificent wildlife, the verdant hills -- all irreplaceable parts of our community, our California, our country.

Surely an FBI that would seek to turn these gifts to cinders and ash has lost its way.

What is my second thought in considering this intended crime?  My second thought is that $272,000 represents the price of a college education for some talented and deserving American who cannot afford the tuition, room and board.

Are we as a nation investing in one another in a manner that enriches Americans' contributions to our shared future?

Or are there some on the far right who would take delight in destroying the dreams of their fellow countrymen?

Members of the American public cannot make an informed decision at the ballot box without full knowledge of the implications of their choice.

I believe that choice should be illuminated for them with courage, fortitude, principle and grace in the face of adversity.

The soul of our nation demands that the truth of this matter be spoken out loud.

Our nation's character is worth our steadfast commitment, our heartfelt words, our declared faith in one another as Americans.

These are the offerings I extend.

Most sincerely,

Lane MacWilliams


Email sent to:, Date: February 24, 2023 at 2:53 PM

Dear Camille:

Please allow me to convey to you some important background concerning my stance as a whistleblower of FBI malfeasance concerning the MROSD project, County File #PLN2022-00333.  While on the one hand, you may not feel compelled by the details concerning the FBI's initiation of the Alpine Road Bypass Trail and retaining wall project, this is a circumstance which is likely to receive public attention in the future.  As such, your decision-making surrounding this matter will be scrutinized, and your FBI handler's actions will be evaluated as well.  So, your full knowledge is a necessary prerequisite to your informed decision-making process.

I have, quite by chance, found myself in the position of whistleblower concerning FBI corruption of the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative (NSARI) and the agency's affiliated "target of interest" program.  It appears that far right FBI personnel and their affiliates have been engaged in knowingly falsified law enforcement reporting against law-abiding American citizens for anti-democratic objectives.  Falsified witness statements, fake messaging, fake photos, AI-generated video co-opting the likeness of "targets," edited and misattributed audio recordings, planted DNA "evidence" and more have been utilized to mischaracterize law-abiding "targets of interest" as "spies," "terrorists" and/or "predators" within FBI documentation.

The NSARI and the affiliated "target of interest" program draw billions in congressional budget appropriations yearly, and the FBI seeks to grow the lists of "targets" surveilled under their auspices by at least 10% yearly.  Many law-abiding American citizens have been wrongfully surveilled as a result.  Democrats and journalists appear to be over-represented on "target of interest" lists, as do women and Americans of color.

This issue is currently being investigated by the Office of the Inspector General Hotline of the U.S. Department of Justice as an "insider threat" to our democracy.  I intend to serve as a witness for that investigation if asked to do so.

It is fair to say that the FBI is not particularly happy with me as a result.  My life has been under active and daily threat, as have the lives of my family members.

FBI affiliates appear to have engaged in trespass on my property with the intent of causing physical harm. Frankly, it has been nothing short of miraculous that we are all still here to tell the tale,

I am told that the $272,000 grant from Santa Clara County for the MROSD project actually originated with the FBI/Infragard.  The project is contiguous to the western edge of my property line, and I have, I'm sorry to report, received threats of arson intended to cause wildfire connected to PLN2022-00333, as well as trespass onto my property by FBI affiliates intended to cause my family grievous harm.

While the threats may sound unlikely to manifest to the casual observer, I have reason to believe they should be viewed seriously.

Any FBI involvement in this project should, in the interest of preventing whistleblower retaliation, lead to a postponement of approval.

As it seems that the role of Bryan Apple in this project has been carefully crafted and defined by FBI personnel, I believe the Planning Office should advocate for the welfare of lives and property within San Mateo County by withholding approval until such time as the details of this matter can be thoroughly investigated.

Thank you for allowing me to express the need for your principled advocacy in this matter.

Sincerely yours,

Lane MacWilliams


A Letter to the Staff of My Sister's House

Email sent to:,, From: Date:  February 24, 2023 at 1:34 PM

Re:  An Important Request of the Staff of My Sister's House:

To the wonderful staff of My Sister's House:

I visited My Sister's Cafe and My Sister's House in Sacramento a couple of years ago, at one point speaking to an intake person regarding my stalker's predators and, in a related matter, my local Sheriff's Department's refusal to provide me with an associated law enforcement report on my stalker.

It was through this visit that I first learned that many women in the State of California cannot obtain reports regarding their stalkers from local law enforcement agencies.

Since that time, I have become apprised of the fact that the FBI appears to be guiding local law enforcement agencies -- and in fact compensating them -- for knowingly falsified law enforcement reporting that appears designed to draw law-abiding victims into a federal surveillance system under the heading of the FBI's "target of interest" program.

Stalking victims are often willfully mischaracterized within local law enforcement reporting as "unstable," "mentally ill," or "making no logical sense," and are, without their knowledge, referred to "Adult Protective Services" as justification for placing them under surveillance.

This issue is currently being investigated by the Office of the Inspector General Hotline of the U.S. Department of Justice as an "insider threat" to our democracy, posed by far right elements within both federal and local law enforcement.

My stalker has suggested that My Sister's House was contacted by FBI personnel following my visit.  He has further suggested that "witness statements" from your staff were falsified by the FBI to claim that I suffer from both physical illness and psychological disability.

This communication constitutes my respectful request that My Sister's House review any and all witness statements its staff may have provided to the FBI to correct all falsifications that may be present within them.

I am fortunate in being both physically and psychologically healthy.  These gifts have allowed me to take on the challenging role of whistleblower of FBI malfeasance in the agency's corruption of the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative and the affiliated "target of interest" program.

No woman should be reduced to a "target" of predatory law enforcement when she has turned to these very agencies for protection from harm.

My advocacy for the civil liberties and human rights of stalking victims within the United States is actually an advocacy that seeks to defend the human rights of all Americans.

You will assist my efforts, and by extension, the cause of our democracy, by ensuring that all FBI statements attributed to your staff in this matter reflect the character, integrity and truthfulness that are required to render women safe -- within your auspices and within our society.

Please accept my gratitude for your efforts to set this record straight.  The words of your staff members matter in ensuring that I speak with appropriate credibility as I express my concerns about this issue in the public realm.

Sincerely yours,

Lane MacWilliams


Thursday, February 23, 2023

A Letter to My Minister

OIG Hotline investigators, I sent this email to the Reverend Matthew McDermott of St. Mark's in Palo Alto this morning in response to specific information I received indicating that falsified witness statements were being produced within the FBI, attributed to the Rev. McDermott.

I hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct.

Lane MacWilliams


Email sent to: From: Date: February 23, 2023 at 10:41 AM

Re:  An Important Request of You Re: Signed Statements

Matt, I hope this email finds you well.

I was delighted to hear the news about Nikky's new call.  What a wonderful track record you have of nurturing new ministers into their full strength -- leading them to serve congregations of their own.

I have been immersed in the process of furthering an investigation into falsified law enforcement reporting as it is currently being perpetrated by far right FBI personnel.  It appears that segments of the FBI have been co-opting local law enforcement, falsified witness statements, and many aspects of false "evidence" in a scheme to wrongfully implicate law-abiding "targets of interest" of crimes of which they have no knowledge.

I am sorry to say that the FBI appears to be extending funds to churches in order to co-opt the testaments of ministers against certain law-abiding members of their congregations, and this effort appears to be particularly concerted in the case of whistleblowers like myself.

Unfortunately, the FBI often further falsifies informant statements in a process that is entirely internal to the agency.  So, "witnesses" often have their signatures appended to statements of which they never approved.

Given this pattern of prevarication on the part of agency personnel, I would respectfully request that you review all previous witness statements you have provided to your FBI hander (aka St. Mark's FBI liaison).

Please insist that the statements in these reports correspond to your directly observed knowledge of the absolute truth, and do not speculate about "suspicious" behavior or uncertain observations.  Please omit all vague language and be alert to phrases that can be excised to misrepresent your recollections.

Because I am endeavoring to defend the civil liberties and human rights of all Americans in furthering an investigation of this matter within the Office of the Inspector General Hotline of the U.S. Department of Justice, your words matter -- and not just to me.  They matter to many, many other Americans who have been wrongfully designated by far right factions of the FBI as "targets of interest" for anti-democratic purposes.

In ensuring that your statements adhere to the absolute truth, you are contributing to the well-being and safety of many.

So, I thank you in advance for taking a conscientious and insistent approach to this request, even if your FBI handler objects.

Our courage defines us so beautifully in circumstances such as these.  I have been privileged to learn that my own courage, expressed in the defense of innocents, is quite limitless.  That knowledge has represented one of the greatest gifts of this journey to date.

You and St. Mark's remain in my prayers.

In Christ,

Lane MacWilliams


The Totalitarian Fingerprint as a Means to Silence Dissent

1.  You have been informed that far right factions of the FBI are attempting to frame your husband in wrongdoing of which he has no knowledge.  Is that true?

Answer:  Yes.  I am informed that the FBI is utilizing misappropriated DNA as "evidence," in addition to some type of "fingerprinting" technology with which I am not familiar.

2.  Is it actually possible to simulate fingerprints?

Answer:  I have no idea.  It may be that FBI informants are simply trying to obtain a "target's" fingerprints on something as simple as a pen that can subsequently be placed elsewhere.

3. What are the specific threats you have received pertaining to your husband?

Answer:  Threats of faked communications, threats of attempts to "reverse engineer" his accomplishments at work, threats of the possession of "state secrets" of some sort, threats of a "nuclear scam" of some kind.

4. You have also been told that the far right may have engaged in some efforts to implicate your younger son in a similar manner.

Answer:  Yes, I have received a number of "like-father-like-son" threats, appearing to imply that both my husband and my son could be falsely accused of similar crimes, the specifics of which we do not know.

5. Alongside these threats, you have received myriad threats lately of water-borne illness, or a "plague in the water."

Answer:  I have, and I don't know what illness these threats are referring to in particular.  But they seem to threaten hospitalization and/or death to one or more of my family members as the result of some type of water-borne disease.

6.  Your younger son's parked car was impacted by a bus a few days ago.

Answer:  Yes, it was.

7.  Did your stalker appear to take credit for this accident?

Answer:  He did, yes.

8.  Afterwards, your younger son spoke to your husband over the phone about this incident, and then was allegedly forced to file a report with his FBI handler about that conversation.

Answer:  That is my understanding.

9.  But you have been told that your younger son's FBI handler is also falsifying witness statements internally to the FBI, after they have been signed.

Answer:  That is what I have been told, yes.  It seems that handlers often persuade witnesses to sign statements that they may have seen or heard something suspicious, but they can't be certain.  Afterwards, it appears that the handlers remove the equivocal language without informants' consent.  

10.  In this way, FBI handlers obtain a falsified witness statement with the informant's signature appended.  And this process appears to be routine for certain segments of the agency.

Answer:  Yes, it does.

11.  Your stalker appears to have claimed recently that the minister of your church, Matthew McDermott, signed a knowingly falsified witness statement for the FBI.  He also seems to have claimed that Kimberly Kelly, your children's former nanny, has recently been coerced into signing knowingly falsified witness statements about your family.

Answer:  I have received those claims, but I have no direct knowledge of those events.  I will simply say that it appears that far right FBI personnel are adept at frightening people into signing almost anything.  

12.  But a minister?

Answer:  Anyone can be a victim of these tactics.  During World War II, control of churches and ministers was assigned to Adolf Eichmann.  Each congregation ultimately had an SS officer assigned to it.  But it was a process that was gradual.  A church's National Socialist "representative" in 1939 became a church's National Socialist "liaison" by 1941.  By 1943, the National Socialists were approving or disapproving ministers' sermons directly.  All words spoken from the pulpit had to be submitted to the SS in advance.

13.  It seems that the FBI is attempting to coerce false statements from your minister in wielding the public assumption that a minister will not lie.

Answer:  I cannot comment on the FBI's methods in this case.  The agency may be falsifying material internally after it is signed by informants.  I can encourage informants to review previously submitted reports and correct them.  And I believe that encouragement to be important.

14.  Why?

Answer:  Because most people do not want to lie about others, and most people would be horrified to know that coerced lies are being used to cause harm to innocents.

15.  Why do far right segments of the FBI seem to be so intent on implicating you and your family of wrongdoing?

Answer:  The agency as a whole has never been encouraged to accept responsibility for the wrongs it has committed.  There is a culture of impunity and aggression within its ranks.  FBI personnel are instructed to follow orders through a military-style chain of command, and not to evaluate whether those orders violate the Constitution or the rule of law.

16.  It seems that the far right within the FBI seeks not only to silence whistleblowers through intimidation, but to silence them through violence.

Answer:  It does seem that way.  The agency appears to be utilizing the "target of interest" list, the "Phoenix Program," the "disposition matrix," and the military's "signature reduction program" to extend acts of violence and harm toward whistleblowers and their families.

17.  You have sometimes said that a dystopia is defined by a society that locks up the truth tellers while the criminals go free.  

Answer:  I have, yes.

18.  How long has it been since you have had the freedom to leave your home in safety?

Answer:  Many, many months.  Too many to count.

19.  How do you feel about that?

Answer:  I feel deeply concerned for the future of our democracy.

20.  Yet, you have not chosen to be rendered silent.

Answer:  No.  Silence is acquiescence to totalitarianism.    And I will not relinquish my hopes for our country by acquiescing to those who wish to usurp power through unconstitutional means from the American electorate. Democracy requires that we speak out loud.

19.  Do you hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct?

Answer:  I do.

Lane MacWilliams

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Is My Stalker Currently Residing on Vista Verde Way?

OIG Hotline investigators, I left a voicemail message for you with the Office of Information Policy yesterday evening, expressing my concern that Wifi "piggybacking" appears to be occurring from a base of 21 Vista Verde Way, Portola Valley, CA.

My stalker may be in residence at this house, as may be his cadre of men who appear to be making nightly forays onto my property.

A highly sophisticated drone is launched from, and later returns to, this property each night, after conducting an ongoing criss-cross pattern over our property at 45 Vista Verde Way lasting several hours at least.

In addition, my stalker appears to be utilizing the exterior lights at 21 Vista Verde Way to signal "safety" or "danger" to my household.

Clearly, it would be a cause for substantive alarm to have my stalker in this kind of proximity to my home.

All indicators are that this man draws pay through the "Target of Interest" Program and the "Signature Reduction Program" for violent acts perpetrated against the American public.

Please assist me in ascertaining whether this threat to our lives is genuinely 200 feet from our back door.

With gratitude for your presence,

Lane MacWilliams

Contact information for the owners of 21 Vista Verde Way:

Jon and Esther DeChow


Phones:  (650) 851-2682; Jon's cell: (65) 465-7975; Esther's cell: (650) 465-1404

"Under Cover of the Forest": When the FBI's Unconstitutional "Target of Interest" Program Co-opts Municipal Governance

OIG Hotline investigators, I expressed my concerns to the Planning Commission of San Mateo County this morning during their public meeting by joining via phone.

The content of my remarks is represented exactly by my February 21, 2023 blog post entitled "Email to the Planning Commission of San Mateo County."

Following my statement, Mr. Steve Monowitz, Director of the Planning Commission, recommended that I email him directly.

That communication follows herewith.

I will observe that my stalker suggested that FBI personnel showed Mr. Morowitz defamatory material purporting to represent me at some point over the last several days.

One can only imagine how such false claims, presented by FBI personnel with the knowing intent to mischaracterize an honorable whistleblower, would be received by someone serving the County in this role.

Has the FBI proceeded to extend the false assertion that, by assisting the agency, Mr. Monowitz can help apprehend "dangerous criminals"?  

Has the FBI gone one step further to suggest that remuneration for Mr. Monowitz, given his anticipated service to society, would be only right?

Bribes are particularly pernicious when they are extended in the guise of contributing to "national security" or "community safety."

The truth, which is that far right segments of the FBI are actively preying upon law-abiding American citizens for anti-democratic objectives, represents an astonishing betrayal of the Constitution these individuals have sworn to uphold.

What is the true intention behind the MROSD project?  Is it arson?  Is it trespass intended to lead to violent home invasion?

My stalker has suggested that this project, in allowing access to my land under "cover of the forest," would permit Special Forces personnel working under the "Signature Reduction Act" to cause any number of gratuitous harms.

If true, what a horrific distortion of our power and our talents as a nation.

Who, of good character, is willing to stand up publicly and say that such attempts to harm law-abiding American Democrats and journalists are wrong?

The answer may determine whether our democracy can be wrested from the grip of those far right factions within the FBI who prefer autocratic governance over our nation.

Most sincerely,

Lane MacWilliams


Email sent to: From: Date:  Wednesday, February 22, 2023 at 9:40 AM

Re:  Follow Up Re:  APN #080-200-080, County File #PLN2022-00333

Dear Director Monowitz:

I appreciate your request that I follow up with you regarding my concerns pertaining to APN #080-200-080, County File #PLN2022-00333.

On the most basic level, I would like to know how much time ought to be granted to the public to comment on this proposal according to written San Mateo County guidelines.  Can you please direct me to that information, so that I can access it?

As you know, I am concerned about the origin of the $272,000 grant from Santa Clara County for this project, as I am told those funds did not originate from within Santa Clara County, but rather from the FBI/Infragard.

As a whistleblower of FBI malfeasance concerning initiatives that draw billions of dollars in congressional budget appropriations yearly, I have experienced ongoing threats intended to silence me as a witness in a federal investigation through the Office of the Inspector General Hotline of the U.S. DOJ.

The arson and trespass threats connected to this particular project have raised my concerns, certainly.

I have been informed that Project Planner Camille Leung is signatory to Infragard.  If true, this is problematic from the standpoint of ethics concerns.

Bryan Apple of MROSD has reportedly been "recruited" as signatory to Infragard in the same manner.

So, I would ask the Planning Commission not to approve this project for the time being, while these details are being investigated by the OIG Hotline Investigations Division.

I appreciate every effort on the part of the Planning Commission to take a protective stance toward lives and property within San Mateo County.

Thank you for allowing me to ask for your advocacy, and that of the Planning Commission as a whole, with regard to this matter.


Lane MacWilliams


Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Email to the Planning Commission of San Mateo County

Email sent to:  From: Date: February 21, 2023 at 3:07 PM

Re:  Important Comments for Meeting No. 1729, Regarding an Item Which Is Not on the Agenda

To the San Mateo County Planning Commission:

Due to the safety concerns involved, I respectfully ask that this communication be read in its entirely to the Commission for its consideration and included in full within the written documentation of the meeting.

I am commenting on the Notice of Grading Permit Application submitted by the Midpeninsula Region Open Space District (MROSD).  The project location is the Coal Creek Open Space Preserve.  The APN number is 080-200-080, and the County File number is PLN2022-00333.

The project in its entirely involves the construction of a retaining wall and a re-graded trail in close proximity to the entire western border of my residential property in Portola Valley.

My comments follow:

As a whistleblower of FBI malfeasance, I have received specific threats concerning the involvement of the FBI/Infragard in funding this MROSD project, contiguous to my property.

Chief among the threats I have received pertaining to this project is that of arson leading to a wildfire event.  My property sits on a steep slope, and the MROSD proposal involves work that is to be conducted very near to the low point of this incline.  Under certain conditions in the summer and autumn, when this work is scheduled, this represents an extremely high-fire-hazard area.

The Planning Commission has an interest in ascertaining whether this project is one that could endanger the welfare of lives and property within San Mateo County.

Specific question for the Planning Commission at this time involve the following:

1.  Has the necessary time period for public comment on this project been upheld?  This permit application was filed on November 3, 2022, three-and-one-half months ago.  Even so, the letter I received from Project Planner Camille Leung was not mailed until February 13, 2023, with a decision date of February 28, 2023.  Under these circumstances, I do not believe two weeks represent a sufficient time period for public comment.  More information about this project is needed.

2.  Have any funds for this project been provided by the FBI and/or Infragard, either directly to MROSD or indirectly through Santa Clara County or San Mateo County?  How much in total?

3.  Does the San Mateo County Planning Commission believe that it is acceptable for a whistleblower of FBI malfeasance to be receiving threats of wildfire and other grievous harms related to criminal trespass connected to this MROSD project?

4.  Is Project Planner Camille Leung willing to reveal to the Planning Commission whether she herself is signatory to Infragard?  In other words, has she accepted any compensation from FBI affiliates in order to handle this project in a manner that shortens the public comment period or waives consideration of public safety concerns?

5.  If this project is approved, and harm comes to my property, to my family, or to me as the result of wildfire or other harms related to criminal trespass facilitated by this MROSD project, is San Mateo County willing to assume liability for those harms in total, given that the County has been given advance notice of the high potential for corruption within this particular proposal?

6.  Is the Planning Commission willing to speak directly to investigators from the Office of the Inspector General Hotline of the U.S. Department of Justice regarding all it knows of FBI/Infragard communications pertaining to this project, my property, or my family?

7.  How can corruption of public projects through payoffs from the FBI/Infragard be prevented within San Mateo County in the future?  Should public officials ever be allowed to accept compensation in order to handle public projects according to the directives of corrupt federal officials who have no interest in the welfare of San Mateo County?

I would respectfully ask the Planning Commission to allow this project to be thoroughly investigated prior to granting approval of this proposal.

Thank you very much for your attention to these concerns.


Lane MacWilliams


Is the FBI Improperly Funneling $272,000 Through Santa Clara County?

 OIG Hotline investigators, please be aware that San Mateo County's Planning and Building Department has sent an unusual letter to my husband and myself, ostensibly notifying us of an improvement to a hiking trail close to our house.  The Project Planner, Camille Leung, is apparently inviting comment on the project.

An online search of this project turned up some unusual details.  Chief among them is the fact that the project is being funded by $272,000 transfer from Santa Clara County, which has no cross-over into this trail's blueprint.

Given that is is unlawful for one county to transfer taxpayer funds to improvements outside its boundaries, I am curious as to whether the $272,000 represents FBI/Infragard funds that are being diverted through Santa Clara County in an attempt to conceal their origin.

It seems strange to me that the San Mateo County Planning and Building Department mailed this notification to us on February 13, 2023, with a statement that their Office will "act on the above application" close to February 28, 2023.  That represents a two week period for public comment, when the filing of the application was made on November 3, 2022, three and a half months ago.

I believe that San Mateo County regulations require a longer comment period from the public for projects of this nature.  Several months are typically allotted.  So, it is unusual that the Planning and Building Department, which is guided by regulations and ordinances, would be violating required time allotments.

Given my stalker's threats of EMF/ELF problems associated with this project, I have asked Ms. Leung whether PG&E is involved in the planning of this endeavor in any capacity.

My stalker's threats of "wildfire," in addition to other harms, are notable given the project's near proximity to our home.

It is necessary to recognize that there are many, many miles of hiking trails within the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District.  The choice of the municipality to focus on the land closest to our home seems improbable.  These are not highly trafficked trails, and we live in a comparatively rural region, on 3.5 acres.

I will update investigators with any correspondence I receive from the San Mateo County Planning and Building Department in response to my emails, below.

In the meantime, should investigators wish to ascertain whether the FBI/Infragard is funding this project, here is the information I have located regarding this question:

The contact information for the Project Planner, Camille Leung, is as follows:

Camille Leung, Project Planner
Planning and Building Department
455 County Center, 2nd Floor
Redwood City, CA. 94063

Telephone:  650-363-1826

Thank you for allowing me to document this concern.

Most sincerely.

Lane MacWilliams

Email sent to: From: Date:  Monday, February 20. 2023 at 3:48 PM

Re:  ATTN: Camille Leung:  Please assist me in commenting on MROSD Project (County File:  PLN2022-00333)

Dear Ms. Leung:

I am writing to inquire about the County's planned construction of a retaining wall and associated regrading of the Alpine Road Bypass Trail.

Is PG&E involved in the construction of the retaining wall, by any chance?  Will PG&E be providing power to workers who are regrading the trail in addition?  Is PG&E installing power lines  or infrastructure of any kind to address short-term or long-term needs for power involving either project?

Further, I would like to know the particular department in Santa Clara County that is transferring $272,000 to San Mateo County in supplying the funding to support this project.

Will you please enlighten me with regard to the questions above right away?

I would like to comment on this proposal this Wednesday, but I need to know these specifics in order to do so.

Thank you very much for your assistance with these concerns.

Lane MacWilliams


Email sent to: From: Date:  Monday, February 20, 2023 at 3:36 PM

Re:  ATTN:  Janneth Lujan:  Please assist me in commenting on MROSD Project (County File: PLN2022-00333)

Dear Planning Commission Secretary Lujan:

Can you please inform me of the required amount of time that residents are given to comment on MROSD projects potentially affecting their private property?

Are private property owners typically allowed one month to research these projects?  Two?  Or more?

What is the legally required amount of time with which private property owners must be provided?

I note that the Planning and Building Commission has a hearing scheduled for 9:00 AM on Wednesday, February 22, 2023.

Is it possible for the public to participate in this meeting via Zoom or by telephone?

Do you have instructions you might provide to me regarding this?  The Planning and Building Department online sites are blocked to my viewing via my laptop, for some reason.

Thank you for promptly enlightening me with regard to my questions above.

Lane MacWilliams


Monday, February 20, 2023

Is Viktor Goldmakher's FBI Handler Instructing Him to File a Civil Suit?

OIG Hotline, I am informed that the FBI handler of my former Cape Cod tenant, Viktor Goldmakher, is instructing him to file a civil suit against me in federal court for violating his tenant rights.

I'm afraid I don't know how to protect myself against this kind of predation.

Our laws likely do not reflect the right of private citizens to protect themselves from falsified law enforcement reporting and related crimes as they are currently being perpetrated by far right FBI personnel and affiliates.

It is alleged that Viktor Goldmakher endangered both my family and my property by following the directives of his FBI handler in providing falsified witness statements to the FBI, in allowing access to my property by FBI personnel and affiliates, and by mailing to me information which was meant to falsely implicate me of a "crime" of which I know nothing.

When I attempted to forward that mailing to OIG Hotline investigators through certified mail, the letter appears to have been removed from the U.S. mail system for a period of time while FBI personnel engaged in evidence tampering.

It's not clear to me how to safely engage with a tenant who is willing to cause this level of harm, and who does so while accepting compensation from Infragard.

While it is safe to say that my relationship with Viktor Goldmakher would almost certainly have been peaceable and positive were it not for the predations of criminal FBI personnel, it is also appears true that Viktor Goldmakher has willingly misused the trust that I have extended to him in allowing access to my property.

It would appear that the FBI feels confident enough that it can control attorneys, court clerks and judges, that the agency is comfortable in extending ongoing abuse of "targets of interest" through unjustified legal action.

Certainly, the FBI's desire to wrongfully utilize court proceedings to establish a "reservoir" of defamatory information about "targets of interest" in the public sphere appears to be persistent.

I do not yet have evidence that a civil complaint has been filed against me by Viktor Goldmakher.

But the FBI's pattern of guiding predatory informants to claim victimization by those "targets of interest" they have in truth victimized, in legal settings and elsewhere, seems well-established.

Perhaps your Office has the ability to suggest to far right FBI personnel that they should not attempt this particular manipulation of the U.S. judicial system and that Viktor Goldmakher should cause my family no further harm.

Thank you for allowing me to express this concern.

Most sincerely,

Lane MacWilliams


The FBI is a deeply divided agency.  There are many FBI employees who view their vows to the Constitution with the utmost seriousness and honor, and who strive to defend the fundamentals of our democracy with courage, fortitude and commitment.  The fact that some segments of the FBI appear to have embraced a lawless course is not a justification to assail the FBI in general.  The safety of FBI agents should be protected, just as the safety of the American citizenry should be protected.  As President Joseph R. Biden has so rightly expressed, violence is never justified in any circumstance.  The rule of law must always be honored and upheld.  It is our shared determination to preserve the civil liberties and human rights of ALL AMERICANS that renders the United States a democracy.  We must never abandon this promise.  All of our most cherished freedoms depend upon it.  

Sunday, February 19, 2023

The Moral Imperative in the Face of Loss

I am re-publishing here a post I first wrote on November 27, 2022.

I believe that solemn reflection is necessary in the face of the gratuitous, targeted loss of those who ought to have helped define our future.

In their absence, it is necessary to hold fast to the truth of their worth.

Democracy must be earned and re-earned by our insistence on one another's inviolable human rights, by our determination to protect one another from harm, by our commitment to allow a multiplicity of respectful voices to debate and define the course of freedom within Americans' Constitutional governance.

It is the bonds of fellowship, the ties of benevolence, the shared commitment to one another's lives that defines the United States as a nation of citizens possessing both principle and generosity of spirit.  

The rule of law must be upheld alongside our compassion if we are to approach our potential as a just and honorable society.

I believe we have that capacity, because President Biden personifies that spirit as our eminently just and honorable Commander-in-Chief.

It is up to us as Americans to insist on this same expression of ethics and goodwill within the national security personnel and law enforcement officers who have vowed to defend our Constitution and our communities.

Our fortitude as a nation is defined by our individual character as Americans.

Our courage, our integrity, our honesty, our compassion, our insistence on the truth, our defense of one another's human rights, our goodness -- these qualities are not democracy's afterthought; they are democracy's necessity.

Lane MacWilliams


One of the greatest tragedies of covert war, as it appears to have been waged by the far right throughout history, and perhaps in our own time as I write these words, is that countless victims never understand the objectives of their assailants.  

They simply wish to live, and to live in peace.

Yet, that privilege is denied to them, and often denied violently, and without warning.

During World War II, Adolf Eichmann negotiated in excruciating detail with the Jews concerning the details of their longed-for emigrations to safer countries.  Yet, all of these mediations were a cruel ruse to enlist their cooperation in their own demise.  Their hopes for a safe destination ensured their willingness to board trains in an orderly fashion.  By the time they reached the concentration camps, perhaps the bitterness of Eichmann's deceit had caught up to them.  We cannot know the pain of their disillusion.  These voices were lost to us, through no fault of their own.

But I am here to articulate the moral imperative: that the murder of innocents can never be a political stratagem, a prerogative of those who wield the public trust, or an expediency on the path to power.

To quote from Argentine prosecutor Julio Strassera, "Sadism is not a political ideology, nor a war strategy, but instead a moral perversion."

When violence has been wielded against law-abiding American citizens with no capacity to defend themselves -- with no awareness that such defense might be required of them -- with no protection in their most vulnerable hour -- it is incumbent upon good people to re-establish the rule of law.

Calm insistence is required of us, despite the horrors such unconscionable acts may incite within our hearts and minds. Calm insistence on the facts.  Calm insistence on the truth.  Calm insistence on the Constitution.  Calm insistence on justice. 

If certain factions of the U.S. security agencies have perpetrated human rights violations against law-abiding American citizens for anti-democratic objectives, let us have the courage to acknowledge those crimes even as we grieve the loss of lives that cannot be replaced.

The "casualties" of the far right are not faceless, nameless, numbered "targets."

They are human beings.  Irreplaceable.  Invaluable. And vital to our future.

Would that we could have assured them of the dignity, the privacy, and the safety they so thoroughly deserved.

Perhaps the force of our grief can impel us to assure others that these rights, so recklessly imperiled, will now be reclaimed.

Lane MacWilliams