My Third Novel's Conclusion, My Heartbreak

My heart begins to break when I think about completing this particular book -- because this narrative has sustained me like no other story I've known. It's both more personal and more universal than my other works. But beyond memory and archetype, it's a cri-de-coeur about needing to become the person one is destined to be. And in the writing, I have met my own life's work, my own fated journey -- having the sense all the while that the pages are suffused with a resonance, an energy, an electrified field that defies explanation. Writers hope and pray to be overtaken by a work in this way -- to be conscripted into passionate service of a profound story. To experience it even once in a lifetime seems a great privilege. I still have several months before this novel is complete, and this constitutes my reprieve. Because I'm not ready for the beauty to end.

Friday, June 30, 2023

Update: Concluding Email to Dr. Taylor Spangler

Update:  Typographical errors have been corrected below.


OIG Hotline, in response to my query to Dr. Taylor Spangler regarding his promise of viewing slides on Monday, he denied the content of our phone call on Friday, June 23rd.  I do possess a recording of this call.  I have listened to it to be certain that I did not misunderstand Dr. Spangler's description of procedures.  I did not.

As a result, I sent Dr. Spangler the following email this morning.

I would ask for the followup of the OIG Hotline with Dr. Spangler.

With regard to my family, we continue to be deprived of basic medical care.  My son and I are in pain, and my husband does not know that he has been exposed to Echinococcus multilocullaris, because no doctor has raised this subject with him directly.

Our ultrasound order from Keith Rubenstein was cancelled, allegedly due to the fact that my son is a new eBay member.

We need intervention, and we need it right away.

Again, if the lives of whistleblowers and their families are to be sacrificed in this manner, totalitarianism will win, and win easily.

We need open advocacy, and we need it immediately.

Most sincerely,

Lane MacWilliams


Email sent to: From:  Date:  June 30, 2023 at 11:25 AM

Dr. Spangler, you did tell me directly that you would be viewing slides on Monday.

I feel I must disclose to you at this time that I was informed by a third party that your viewing of slides on Monday did occur.  I was also informed that the slides you viewed confirmed Echinococcus multilocularis in Oliver.  Further, I was told that, late on Tuesday, you signed a series of agreements with the FBI to serve as an informant with regard to your communications with me concerning this case.

What is the essential conflict of interest here?

The essential conflict of interest is that the man who has been in contact with you, FBI agent Txx Lxxxx, is the same man who is responsible for exposing my whole family to Echinococcus multilocularis, a life-threatening parasite, deadly in 75% of cases.  To put it directly, Txx Lxxxx has engaged in a plan of first-degree murder against my family, because I stand as a whistleblower of FBI malfeasance in the form of the agency's knowingly falsified law enforcement reporting about law-abiding American citizens.  In my family's case, FBI crimes have allegedly involved AI-generated films co-opting my likeness and that of my husband, and knowingly false accusations of "espionage" and "terrorist activities," on and on.

Why Txx Lxxxx has not yet been arrested is beyond me, because this matter is currently being investigated by the Office of the Inspector General Hotline of the U.S. Department of Justice.

Right now, my family members' lives and my own are imperiled as a direct result of the FBI's crimes against us.

I was counting on your integrity as a scientist to help us in moving this diagnosis forward.

Now that you have signed agreements with the FBI, I can no longer do that.  In fact, you have now become part of the problem instead of part of the solution, because, were I to speak to you over the phone on Saturday, as you have suggested, you would be forced to misreport that conversation afterwards.

The histology review by the Lab is likely to be a sham, given all that the FBI has at stake in this matter.  So, it's not worth pursuing.

The best thing I can do at this time is to ask you to gather together all the slides you viewed on Monday -- and I do mean all, along with Oliver's liver and kidneys and any other material you sampled, and ship them to me in a manner that preserves their integrity.  I would appreciate instructions with regard to the best way in which to preserve them on my own until I can find some scientists with objectivity to view this material.

I'm happy to pay you for frozen shipping, but otherwise, I would like the remainder of my $400 refunded, please.

Dr. Spangler, I just need to express to you that it is regrettable that this has happened.  The FBI has no business harming law-abiding American families, and certainly not the families of whistleblowers.  Beyond this, those good people should not be further harmed by being deprived of first-rate medical care and objective fact-finding regarding the illnesses to which they have been unjustly exposed.

Believe me, I myself was offered limitless rewards not to reveal the FBI's crimes of falsified law enforcement reporting -- and more serious wrongs that are connected to this fundamental deceit.  I turned them down, because I felt our democracy was more important.

At this point, my family members are dying because no one appears to have the courage to openly address the crimes that Txx Lxxxx committed against us. Without that truth, we will continue to be deprived of necessary diagnosis and treatment.

And in this context, totalitarianism advances.  Any time a scientist of integrity, such as yourself, can be persuaded to follow FBI directives in denying objective facts, our whole society suffers harm.  Our individual actions have repercussions far beyond our own lives, and that's why I view the matter of ethics and integrity so seriously.

Please be apprised that I will be sharing this communication with the OIG Hotline in the hope that this may assist their investigative work.

The FBI typically instructs informants to erase all communications, and even, in some cases, to destroy cell phone devices on which those communications transpired.  I would encourage you not to comply, but rather to faithfully preserve all communications on the chance others ask to reference them in the future.

Please let me know about shipping arrangements, and please be scrupulous and exacting in refusing to leave materials out of this shipment.

Thank you for your engagement in this important regard.

Lane MacWilliams


Thursday, June 29, 2023

Further Emails with Dr. Taylor Spangler in Light of Imminent Threats to the MacWilliams Family

OIG Hotline, I am deeply concerned by the email exchange with Dr. Taylor Spangler included below. I am receiving death threats that are specific and credible with regard to a break-in at my home tonight, and Dr. Spangler appears to be silenced in sharing his findings of Echinococcus multilocularis with me directly in a timely, responsive manner.

While I have only spent a short time speaking with Dr. Spangler, I can say this:  he, like many scientists I have had the privilege to know, including my own father, rejects lying and deceit.

Accordingly, his emails are terribly loud in what they do not say.


Instead, they talk about the Lab's upcoming histology review -- and who knows what slides the Lab will be viewing.

I need Dr. Spangler's honest communication about his findings at this time.

And I need the help of the OIG Hotline in allowing him to convey them to me freely and immediately.

Please intervene on our behalf.  Dr. Spangler may be reached at 530-297-0470.

Lane MacWilliams

Post script:  For the record, my stalker appears to be sending taunting material to my cell phones indicating that Dr. Spangler was offered career benefits for his silence in this matter:

Beyond this, my stalker seems to be suggesting that Dr. Spangler has now signed a secrecy agreement with the FBI and cannot be persuaded to tell me the truth of his findings, for which I paid him, regarding Oliver's Echinococcus multilocularis.  Rather, this is referred to as "a secret he will take to his grave."

My communications on Monday and Tuesday, prior to Dr. Spangler's signing his agreements with the FBI, were simply cut off through close range signal-jamming which obstructed my Wifi and cell phone access.

So, it seems that we need to question in this circumstance whether Txx Lxxxx should be allowed to get away with the murder of my family members through the concealment of Dr. Spangler's findings in this matter.

Would law-abiding Americans view Txx Lxxxx' concealment of the facts of his own murderous crimes to be acceptable in a nation which still ostensibly adheres to the rule of law?

Might we ask them?

Most sincerely,

Lane MacWilliams


Email sent to: From: Date: June 29, 2023 at 10:41 AM

Dr. Spangler,

Did you find Echinococcus multilocularis in the histology samples from Oliver which you viewed at the beginning of this week?

Lane MacWilliams


Email sent to: From: Date: June 29, 2023 at 4:41 PM

There hasn't been a histology review yet.  The expedite fee is to get the histology review done on Saturday.  The histology processing usually takes a lot longer.  Saturday is as fast as we can get it done.

Best regards,

Dr. Taylor Spangler


Email sent to: From: Date: June 29, 2023 at 6:03 PM

Dr. Spangler, I understand.

I'm not talking about the lab's histology review when I ask whether you found Echinococcus multilocularis in the samples which you personally reviewed on Monday.  I'm talking about your own direct viewing of the samples.

As you know, your own direct observations are very important to my family with regard to timeliness.  That's why I'm asking for your immediate answer to this critical question.

Depending on the particular samples viewed by the lab, others in the lab may or may not be privileged with the material you yourself have viewed.

It's also important to us that Oliver's liver and kidneys were frozen for future study.

I sent you a $400 check two days ago, simply because I didn't know the extent of the costs for further testing.  Of course, I will compensate you for the $500 difference.

In the meantime, if you would let me know whether you found Echinococcus multilocularis in the samples you reviewed on Monday, I would appreciate it very much.  To contextualize this for you, I am attaching some ultrasound images of the gallbladder of a a beloved family member.  The cystic features here are entirely consonant with Echinococcus multilocularis.  But we need more data, and I'm hoping you can provide that to us with your impressions right away.

Thank you very much,

Lane MacWilliams


Update: Attempt by Cal Water to Access MacWilliams Family's Water Main Curb Stop

Update:  Specific threats received which appear to pertain to water contamination appear at the conclusion of this post.


OIG Hotline, at approximately 12:50 PM today, a Cal Water truck with California plates 82323C2 passed me by at the top of my driveway, slowing markedly at my water main curb stop at 45 Vista Verde Way before pulling into the Cal Water/PG&E facility driveway at 46 Vista Verde Way.

The driver waited in his car, motionless, while I walked up the street a short distance in order to verify his license plate.  He appeared to be conversing continuously with someone through an earpiece while I approached to ascertain his license plate number.

Afterwards, a driver in a dark grey pickup truck -- appearing to be second utility contractor -- passed me while I progressed home on foot.  He slowed markedly while doing so, turning away from his view of the road to wave in what I considered to be an unusual manner.  I noted that his license plate was obscured, preventing me from reading it.

The driver of the Cal Water truck with license plates 82323C2 then immediately fled the scene.

Given the possibility that these drivers have been involved in illicit activity pertaining to FBI directives relating to my family's water supply, I would be concerned about falsified reporting from both of these individuals.

Because I received threats yesterday evening alleging exposure to Hepatitis, Coronavirus and other pathogens being introduced into our water supply by Cal Water, I have concerns about the intended activities of both of these men.

For the record, my water main curb stop now has some simple sticks placed within the notch required by Cal Water or others to lift the heavy cement lid covering the valve allowing access to my water supply.

That arrangement looks like this:  

(Please note that, when I returned to Vista Verde Way to photograph the water main curb stop, I was passed by a seeming gardener's truck, with California plates 94381M1.  The only thing unusual about this vehicle was that, after passing me by, the driver performed a U-turn and attempted to pass me again, coming from the other direction.  By that time, I was not within the driver's view, having entered the wooded area at the top of my driveway.  But this unusual maneuver identifies the driver as possessing a high potential for falsified reporting as well.)

As soon as the sticks at my water main curb stop are disturbed or removed, indicating unauthorized access to my family's residential water supply, I will be writing about that development here.

I believe Cal Water should be closely questioned about the full extent of this utility's actions at the directive of the FBI.

Further, I believe that the FBI's likely attempts to collect falsified witness statements from the three drivers identified above should be categorically disallowed.

Clearly, the agency is frightened by the implications of its malfeasance being made public.  Yet, the FBI cannot justify further aggression against my law-abiding family on any basis whatsoever.  The FBI leadership, as well as Cal Water and PG&E management, needs to be told to cease and desist in their attempts to evade accountability for their crimes against the law-abiding American public in general, and my family foremost among them.

This is to confirm that all of my actions today on Vista Verde Way, as always in every setting, were honorable and lawful in every regard.

I hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct.

Lane MacWilliams


Cease and Desist Communication to Cal Water Submitted by Lane MacWilliams on June 29, 2023 at 2:08 PM

To the Management of Cal Water:

This communication serves as a cease and desist demand to Cal Water with regard to harmful actions its employees, contractors, and affiliates have perpetrated in compromising the safety of my family's public water supply at the express directive of FBI personnel.

I stand as a whistleblower of FBI malfeasance.  However, this ethical choice does not mean that Cal Water may violate its guarantees to all of its customers of safe water access, free from contaminants and pathogens.

I believe recent actions of Cal Water in compromising my family's access to safe water have resulted in serious damage to my family's health.

Cal Water management is hereby notified that Cal Water stands in violation of th law in complying with unconstitutional FBI directives to cause active harm to my family members and myself through manipulations of water safety perpetrated at my water main curb stop at 45 Vista Verde Way, Portola Valley, CA.

Today, just prior to 1:00 PM, the driver of a Cal Water truck with California license plate 82323C2 appears to have attempted to access my water main curb stop yet again.

Please be apprised that Cal Water is directly liable for each and every harm perpetrated against my family through the malfeasance in the actions described.

You should direct questions about Cal Water's responsibilities as a public utility in this particular case to the Office of the Inspector General Hotline of the U.S. Department of Justice.


Lane MacWilliams


Following herewith are what appear to be specific threats of water contamination, received within the past 24 hours on my Pegasus-hacked iPhone.

I hereby certify that this information is true and correct.

Lane MacWilliams

References to "snails" and "slugs" "out of Afria" appear to connect to the FBI's intentional exposure to my family with the dangerous parasite Echinococcus multilocularis, though Ethiopia was mentioned as the specific point of origin.  Over the last 24 hours, these threats appear to be directed to Duncan MacWilliams and Mary Grinnell in addition to the rest of our family.  One threat appeared to make mention of Margaret Herzen.

Additional threats appear to reference contamination with HIV, cholera, and other pathogens as part of a "reign of vengeance" expressed through "aqua vitae" or "living water."

Dr. Taylor Spangler Is Being Pressured By FBI Agent Txx Lxxxx to Unlawfully Conceal Necropsy Results

OIG Hotline, I am informed that Dr. Taylor Spangler of NSG is being actively prevented by FBI personnel from disclosing the histology results of his necropsy study.

According to my documented conversation with Dr. Spangler last week, he was going to look at initial slides from Oliver's necropsy last weekend, on June 24th and 25th.

I was informed by FBI affiliates on Monday, June 26th that Dr. Spangler's results confirmed Echinococcus multilocularis as the cause of Oliver's final illness.

He should not now be prevented from disclosing the truth of this evaluation to me directly.

First, the delay serves to threaten our lives.  A lot can happen between Thursday morning and Saturday evening, when Dr. Spangler proposes to call me with current results.   Accordingly, I do not believe this information should be withheld.

In addition, I'm certain it is fairly easy to submit slides to a histology lab that demonstrate no abnormal pathology by simply selecting them from the full set available.  By contrast, a thorough necropsy selects the abnormal pathology and requests further testing on that particular sample of material.

I include below a transcript of my conversation with Dr. Spangler on Friday, June 23rd, in addition to his email sent this morning in response to my request for more information.

Was my virtual blackout of WiFi access on Monday and Tuesday designed to buy time for the FBI to threaten Dr. Spangler into silence?  I believe it was.

What is so threatening to the FBI about the truth of my cat's diagnosis?

The answer is that Oliver's diagnosis of Echinococcus multilocularis proves FBI agent Txx Lxxxx' engagement in a plan of first-degree murder against my family.

Should Txx Lxxxx now have the freedom to silence Dr. Taylor Spangler, given the import of this information?

My family still requires adequate diagnosis and treatment, both of which have been denied to us.

I respectfully request your immediate contact with Dr. Taylor Spangler to obtain all necropsy information regarding his studies, including that regarding Oliver's Echinococcus multilocularis.  In addition, all intimidation by Txx Lxxxx toward Dr. Taylor Spangler should be fully documented in your record.

I hereby certify that all of the information provided within this blog post is true and correct.

With gratitude for your engagement with this issue,

Lane MacWilliams


Excerpted transcript from conversation with Dr. Taylor Spangler on Friday, June 23, 2023

Dr. Spangler:  The kidneys look like there is something going on in them.  I found a cyst in the kidney. a small cyst that had clear fluid.  I thought the kidneys were subjectively small and pale and there was an area of white pinpoint spots in one of the kidneys.  But I don't know what all these findings are just based on gross pathologies.  I have to look at the microscopic pathology to investigate further.

Lane MacWilliams:  Ok.  After you've gotten all the samples you feel you need from the kidneys and the liver, please freeze them.

Dr. Spangler: Yes. I will freeze them.  So, what I'm going to do is try and rush through some histology samples, so I can get an idea of what is the pathology and what it looks like.  And then that will help inform our next decision.

Lane MacWilliams:  Great. Were you able to aspirate the fluid in the kidney?

Dr. Spangler:  I did.  Yeah.

Lane MacWilliams:  Great.  That fluid, if this is the parasite about which we're concerned, that fluid should be able to tell us that right away.

Dr. Spangler:  We should be able to see that in tissue sections histologically.  That should be pretty easy to spot.  Because the organism is there.

Lane MacWilliams:  I know this is a very rare disease in cats.  Any manifestation of the disease in cats would be considered really rare. If it is Echinococcus multilocularis, it may not look like it looks in people or in other animals, just in that, it's just not something cats usually have.

Dr. Spangler:  Right.  Ok.  Well, I'll do what I do.  I'll take it as far as I can, and then we'll figure out what needs to be done from there.

Lane MacWilliams:  Ok, what do you think is the fastest route -- I mean, don't you think an examination of the fluid of the cyst would tell us a whole heck of a lot?

Dr. Spangler:  I think we would be able to get the histology back faster than the fluid analysis.  I'll be able to take that cyst that was in the kidney and look at it under the microscope.

Lane MacWilliams:  So, you think we could get those results back really fast?

Dr. Spangler:  It won't be this weekend, but early next week, I hope.


Email sent to: From:  Date: June 29, 2023 at 7:28 AM


The samples are submitted to the lab for expedited processing.  I will have the samples for analysis on Saturday at which time I will take a look at let you know (sic) what I've found via phone call.  The price for expedited handling of th samples is $900.  I should be able to call with you current results by Saturday evening.

Best regards,

Dr. Taylor Spangler


Email sent to: From: Date: June 29, 2023 at 10:41 AM

Dr. Spangler,

Did you find Echinococcus multilocularis in the histology samples from Oliver which you viewed at the beginning of this week?

Lane MacWilliams


Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Threats of HAARP/DEW Deployment Which Make Specific Reference to Dementia

OIG Hotline, this is to document my receipt of myriad threats today of HAARP/DEW deployment toward my family members, all of which make specific reference to causing brain damage and, in particular, dementia.  I received repeated mentions of "cleaning the thrower," which appears to be a reference to the type of assault which hospitalized my son on June 10th.  Beyond this, the HAARP references allege that this modality is capable of producing a "black rain" which causes DNA/RNA damage linked to dementia.  Colorado Springs, the location of Schriever Space Force Base, was identified in the context of satellite tasking -- though, if past is prologue, it seems that international colleagues of those at Schriever have tasked satellites on its behalf previously.

I hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct.

Lane MacWilliams

CORRECTION: The Phoenix Program

Correction:  The answers to Questions #3 and #4 have been amended.


1.  Tell us what you know about the Phoenix Program.

Answer:  The Phoenix Program was initiated during the Vietnam War as part of a covert war effort that was classified as a "civilian pacification program."

2.  That's quite a euphemism, "civilian pacification."  What does it mean in real life?

Answer:  During the Vietnam War, it many that the U.S. was sending Special Forces personnel into remote villages in Vietnam to perpetrate violence against the Vietnamese as a means of coercing their cooperation against the Viet Cong.

Typically, a random family in the village was killed in the middle of the night for no reason.  Several days later, American Special Forces would arrive during the daylight hours to suggest that the Viet Song had committed the atrocity and to demand fealty to the cause of South Vietnam.

3.  And were Johnson and Nixon fully apprised of what Phoenix was?

Answer:  I am told that Nixon was fully informed about Phoenix.  

The tactics being employed through Phoenix, from the very beginning, were so brutal and unconscionable, they had no overt political seal of approval.

This was a Pentagon initiative with which Nixon was on board, and it was advanced clandestinely for hidden political objectives.

Nixon's complicity was certainly confirmed by his overtures to the judge in the Daniel Elsberg trial, in which his staff suggested that the judge could be appointed as Director of the FBI in return for punishing Elsberg, the source of the Pentagon Papers, as Nixon directed.

Fortunately, this corruption led the ethical judge to throw out the case.  The details appear within Elsberg's obituary in the New York Times dated last week:

4.  What do you mean by hidden political objectives?  Didn't the Pentagon want to win the Vietnam War in taking a stand against Communism?

Answer:  The Pentagon realized early on that the overt war in Vietnam was not winnable.  As a reminder, the Pentagon Papers made the Pentagon's internal analysis on this point exceptionally clear.

But the Pentagon maintained a powerful interest in the progress of the covert war effort in Vietnam -- which was not being discussed or illuminated on the evening news to any degree for the American people.

5.  And what was the purpose of the covert war in Vietnam per se?

Answer:  The purpose for the Pentagon and the CIA was to establish a method of gaining control of a society through selective violence and the terror that resulted from those events, alongside a system of informants, torture, coercion and bribes -- which was also being manifested on a trial basis.

There were a lot of acronyms for these activities:  Provincial Reconnaissance Units, Intelligence and Operations Coordinating Centers, Terrorism Liaison Officers who were paid to report "suspicious activity."  All of it manifested as the CIA's blueprint for a totalitarian system in which civilian populations of any nation could be effectively controlled, directed and subdued.

6.  And when was Phoenix implemented within the United States?

Answer:  Allen Dulles was involved in Phoenix-like activities within the United States in the 1960's.  So, the CIA has been perpetrating violence for its own objectives for a long while.  But the program under its current name "Phoenix" appears to have been initiated domestically in the mid-1990's.

At present, the FBI has become formally involved with Phoenix under the false pretest of "counterterrorism initiatives," so this represents a pressing threat to our democracy -- and the democracies of other nations as well.

7.  What about the argument, made privately within the Pentagon, that climate concerns necessitate that the planet supports fewer people?

Answer:  As a justification for first-degree murder, this argument fails rather spectacularly.  The Pentagon, through Phoenix, is engaged in criminal human rights violations that cannot be defended on any basis whatsoever.

Perhaps Mark Milley is a closet environmentalist and secretly gives generous amounts of money to the Nature Conservancy and the Sierra Club.

But publicly, the Pentagon has concealed, and continues to conceal, its internal analyses of climate change in its communications with the American people.  In truth, propagandists on the far right continue to cynically manipulate a significant fraction of the American population by conveying that climate change is a myth, that no adaptation from the American public is required with regard to energy consumption, and that family planning is a bad idea that violates Americans' freedoms.

The truth -- which the Pentagon understands all too well -- is that a significant and immediate course correction is required from all of us with regard to our energy consumption.  Beyond this, we need to have the courage to undertake both a domestic and International dialogue involving the fact that the earth cannot likely sustain ten or fifteen billion people with our current technologies.  Perhaps current energy advances allow the earth to sustain three billion or four billion people over the long term.  The Pentagon knows the number, and it is incumbent upon them to share it with us.  Because these goals are attainable peaceable, with planning, honesty, and thoughtful communication.

Civilian pacification programs as represented by Phoenix represent none of these necessities.

And it's necessary to point out that just societies can never result from unjust means of control over human freedom of thought, agency and will.

The Nazis killed nine million people in their concentration camps in a bid for a "greater Germany."  Instead, all they accomplished was a manifestation of Hell on earth, which still stands as an permanent indictment of the inhumanity of which human beings are capable.

8.  Are utilities companies such as PG&E and Cal Water engaging in harm toward certain members of the American public at the behest of the FBI?  Is this part of Phoenix as well?

Answer:  Yes, and yes.

9.  Don't you think there is also a problem in the fact that the alleged high-mindedness of far right CIA, Pentagon, and FBI personnel in their concerns for the environmental future of the planet is paired with profiteering from the losses of those Americans wrongfully designated as "targets of interest"?

Answer:  There were an infinite number of stories from the 1930's and 40's of SS Officers shooting Jewish civilian women and gifting their victims' jewelry as bounty to their wives and girlfriends.

Profiting off of first-degree murder represents a systemic corruption that can only be perceived as an abandonment of our human potential -- a darkness that threatened to eclipse all knowledge of good.

The fact that the forced property divestment of "targets of interest" -- and other elements of these good people's suffering -- is commoditized and distributed as "profit" is perilous territory for our nation as a whole.

Those internal administrators of the Phoenix Program, the "target of interest" program, the "non-investigative subjects" program and the Signature Reduction Program are not fit to lead us as a nation.

That's why we have elections.  That's why we have a civilian Commander-in-Chief who deserves our fealty, our appreciation, and our support.

10.  Can President Biden reveal the truth of this matter to the American public?

Answer:  He possesses the courage to do so.  And if he desires it, I would like to assist him in that process.

As democracy's champion, he remains the world's best and brightest hope.

11.  You have asked for assistance in supporting your family's health given the astonishing harms the FBI has perpetrated against you in retaliation for being a whistleblower of the agency's malfeasance.

Answer:  Yes, I have, and I hope that intervention will be forthcoming.

12.  Do you hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct?

Answer:  I do.


Lane MacWilliams

Online Identity Impersonation

OIG Hotline, the following email, sent to my gmail inbox at as a copied email to from, seems to suggest there is a degree of identity impersonation transpiring under my name.  I will not call the listed seller "Tressie McClure" unless my credit card is charged for this $930 order of a computer desk.

I hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct.

Lane MacWilliams


Gansett Trustee Jim Ware Fails to Answer Two Specific Questions

OIG Hotline, Gansett Trustee Jim Ware has still failed to answer the two questions within my email, below.

I would ask that he be interviewed in detail regarding the communications of Txx Lxxxx and a co-presenter on June 26, 2022 at the Annual Meeting of the Gansett Trust.

I believe Mr. Ware to be fundamentally a person of integrity who will be reluctant to lie to investigators from your Office.

The fact that he cannot answer my questions via email indicates to me that he finds himself under active threat.

I hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct.

Lane MacWillliams


Email sent to: From: Date: June 27, 2023 at 7:02 PM

Jim, my two questions to you were thoughtfully worded, and they still stand.

Do you certify under pain and penalty of perjury that you engaged in no comma nicaiton in any form whatsoever with Txx Lxxxx or any employee or affiliate of the FBI on June 26, 2022?  Do you further certify under pain and penalty of perjury that you witnessed no Gansett Trustee or Beneficiary engaging in any communication whatsoever with Txx Lxxxx or any employee or affiliate of the FBI on June 26, 2022?

Lane MacWilliams


Email to Redstone Health Care

OIG Hotline, I am in receipt of extensive threats this morning that Mr. Keith Rubenstein and Mr. Marty Masel have been coerced by FBI personnel Txx Lxxxx and "Izzy" to alter equipment within the ultrasound machine we ordered.  In addition, I am in receipt of threats suggesting that the delivery men who will bring this item to our address will be individuals who are likely to place my family's safety at risk.

Please intervene on our behalf by contacting Mr. Rubenstein at 1-773-294-5030.

Thank you very much for your support with regard to this security concern.  It would appear that the FBI is more than a little worried about the resolution a functioning Acuson Sequoia could lend to my family's liver health at this time, given the agency's intentional exposure of our family to Echinococcus multilocularis.

I hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct.

Lane MacWilliams


Email sent to:, From: Date: June 28, 2023 at 10:28 AM

Re:  FedEx LTL Shipment of Acuson Sequoia 512 Item ID 202493206251

Mr. Masel, thank you for your email.

In shipping the Acuson Sequoia 512 Item ID 202493206251 to us, you are certifying under penalty and pain of perjury that no third party has been granted access to this ultrasound, its keyboard, or any of its parts.

You are certifying that you are shipping Item ID 202493206251to us, and not a substitute or replacement device.

If access to Item ID 202493206251 has been granted to a third party, you accept legal liability on behalf of yourself, Mr. Rubenstein, and Redstone Health Care for any and all alterations to this equipment that were not approved by Graham MacWilliams, the purchaser, ahead of time and in writing.

For the record, Graham MacWilliams has granted no access to a third party to Item 202493206251 and no equipment alterations to this ultrasound.

You have guaranteed that ultrasound 202493206251 is fully operational.  You have further guaranteed that no harmful alterations to Item 202493206251 have been manifested by any individual, group, contractor, or agency.

We request shipment of Item 202493206251 via FedEx LTL, with all details to be provided to us at the time of shipment directly via email.

We ask for immediate shipment of Item 202493206251 without delay, today, June 28, 2023.

You have the full name of the purchaser of Item 202493206251, Graham MacWilliams, and the delivery address, 45 Vista Verde Way, Portola Valley, CA. 94028.

There is no loading dock.  FedEx LTL will deliver Item 202493206251 to our private home first floor.

Dimensions are fine.

Days and hours of delivery: FedEx LTL information must be supplied in advance.  Delivery MWF Sat Sun with advance notification time window.

Eighteen-wheel tractor trailer will not find easy access to our road.  Smaller truck necessary.

Thank you for your assistance, Mr. Masel.

We look forward to receiving FedEx LTL information regarding shipment of Item 202493206251 today.


Lane and Graham MacWilliams


Further Coerced False Witness Statements from a Family Member

OIG Hotline, I have Wifi currently, which constitutes a small miracle.  

Over the last several days, I was only able to connect to the internet for approximately five minutes over each period of 24 hours.

Please be apprised that I have been receiving extensive threats today, June 28, 2023,  of yet more falsified witness statements provided by my son Duncan MacWilliams (and apparently, his girlfriend) at the directive of his corrupt FBI handler Txx Lxxxx.  The involvement of a corrupt FBI employee named "Izzy" is also being repeatedly mentioned in this regard.

It seems that my son is being threatened with false arrest and his girlfriend is receiving death threats unless they comply with demands to sign their names to lies in official testaments for the FBI impugning my character and that of my husband.

If investigators speak to them directly, I'm sure they will explain that their handlers have threatened their lives in coercing yet another round of false testimony.

Of concern, it is alleged that Duncan's coerced falsified statements are intended by the FBI to be used as justification to cause my husband physical harm during his travels to Grenoble, France this week -- and possibly to justify physical harm caused to me within my own home in Portola Valley, CA.

Most sincerely,

Lane MacWilliams

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

OIG Hotline, please contact Mr Keith Rubenstein, from whom my son purchased ...

 OIG Hotline, please contact Mr Keith Rubenstein, from whom my son purchased an Acuson Sequoia ultrasound on eBay.

Mr Rubenstein is being coerced by FBI personnel to make equipment changes to this completed order which will void this purchase, and which are intended to do so.

The FBI's conduct is depriving my son of an ultrasound exam in a hospital setting, given his state of health, is indefensible.  

For the agency now to prevent our recourse of undertaking imaging at home represents nothing less than criminal obstruction of necessary care.  

Mr. Rubenstein may be reached at 1-773-294-5030.

Please intervene at your earliest possible opportunity on our behalf.

I hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct. 

Lane MacWilliams

OIG Hotline, please be appraised that my WIFi / Internet access has been obstructed since yesterday

OIG Hotline, please be appraised that my WIFi / Internet access has been obstructed since yesterday (Sunday 25 June) evening, shortly after my husband left for the airport, 

My communications with others, and particularly time-sensitive communications with NSG, have been disrupted as a result.

If you are able to reach Dr Taylor Spangler, please let him know that I approve of the initiatives he feels would be most helpful at this time. (530) 297-0470

This information is posted on Lane MacWilliams' behalf by KPM.  

Sunday, June 25, 2023

New Threats Following My Exposure of FBI Personnel in a Crime of Slander and Defamation on June 26, 2022

OIG Hotline, this is to document that threats I have received from FBI affiliates following my exposure of the FBI's crimes of slander and defamation on June 26, 2022 include the following:

  • a threat of intentional exposure to Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BCE) perpetrated by the FBI and affiliates to the MacWilliams family or friends of the MacWilliams family
  • a threat of the targeting of Duncan MacWilliams and his girlfriend with a powerful DEW device known to cause traumatic and lasting injury,  referenced as "the thrower"
  • a threat of staged suicide toward Duncan MacWilliams and/or his girlfriend
  • a threat of rendering Lane MacWilliams a widow
  • a threat of ongoing deprivation of medical care for Graham MacWilliams and other members of the MacWilliams family (Please note that Graham MacWilliams has been unable to get out of bed today -- and unable to eat or drink -- due to the abdominal pain which Dr. Christopher Campbell, at the direction of Txx Lxxxx, refused to image through ultrasound on Thursday evening, June 22, 2023.)
  • a threat of flooding, arson or vandalism at a MacWilliams' property, intended to lead to insurance cancellation and forced property divestment
  • a threat of cholera exposure through contaminated water due to tampering with the MacWilliams' water main curb stop in Portola Valley
  • a threat of violent home invasion during the travel of Lane MacWilliams' husband
  • a threat of fatal car accident during an emergency trip to the hospital due to Graham MacWilliams' denied medical care
  • ongoing threats of sniper assault
  • ongoing threats of car bomb
  • ongoing threats of being rendered blind through the FBI's deployment of a close-range DEW
  • ongoing threats of HAARP deployment, with a specific mention of Colorado-based satellite tasking
  • a threat of the Navy's commandeering my boat due to the failure of Parker's Boat Yard to send monthly statements, despite my repeated requests.  The withholding of these invoices has been perpetrated at the direct instruction of FBI personnel.
I hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct.

Lane MacWilliams

Slander and Defamation Perpetrated by FBI Personnel to Gansett Trustees and Beneficiaries on June 26, 2022

OIG Hotline, after a rather astonishing back-and-forth with the Trustees of the Gansett Trust -- and, surprisingly, their appointed litigator -- involving defamatory acts of FBI personnel regarding me during a gathering of my Gansett Rd. neighbors on Sunday, June 26, 2022, the truth of the matter is illuminated by the emails below.

Gansett Trustee Jim Ware cannot certify under pain and penalty of perjury that the FBI did not defame me to all my Massachusetts neighbors on the date in question, because, in truth, this is exactly the crime perpetrated by FBI personnel.

We should hesitate for a moment in considering who exactly is served by the destruction of trust between America's neighbors, where Democrats and Republicans have long lived peaceably side by side.

Is Txx Lxxxx serving the Constitution with these crimes, or is he serving Vladimir Putin?

Are individuals who wield the badge of an FBI agent to sow conflict, malevolence, and harm among American's neighbors patriots?

Or are they traitors?

I believe Txx Lxxxx should answer these questions in a public forum, as he attempts to explain his crimes before a public that deserves to know the justifications for his gratuitous and destructive acts against virtuous and law-abiding American citizens.

Please speak to Gansett Trustee Jim Ware about the FBI's crimes of slander and defamation on June 26, 2022. (

The routine slander and defamation that are a central part of the agency's "target of interest" program must be exposed as the unconscionable crimes they are.  As a prelude, accompaniment, and postlude to financial and physical harms, they remain indefensible.

I hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct.

Lane MacWilliams


Email sent to From: Date: January 25, 2023 at 10:12 AM

Thank you very much, Jim.  Would you be so kind as to forward to me a copy of the 2022 Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Gansett Trust in the exact form in which they were approved this morning?

I appreciate it,

Lane MacWilliams


Email sent to: From: Date: June 25, 2023 

Here you are, Lane.  These are as approved, and they are a complete summary of the meeting last year.  There really, really is nothing missing.

All the best,



Email sent to: From: Date: June 25, 2023 at 2:19 PM

Jim, do you certify under pain and penalty of perjury that you engaged in no communication in any form whatsoever with Txx Lxxxx or any employee or affiliate of the FBI on June 26, 2022?  Do you further certify under pain and penalty of perjury that you witnessed no Gansett Trustee or Beneficiary engaging in any communication whatsoever with Txx Lxxxx or any employee or affiliate of the FBI on June 26, 2022?

Lane MacWilliams


No reply from Gansett Trustee Jim Ware.


Emails to PG&E

OIG Hotline, if PG&E personnel attempt to undertake power pole work or power line work at our residence with no advance notice, or if they again deploy helicopters over our property with little advance warning, my older son and I are particularly vulnerable in my husband's absence.

Accordingly, in recognition of the detailed threats I have received, I have asked PG&E to cease and desist in its predatory stance toward my family at this time.

We would greatly appreciate your emphasizing to PG&E that this utility should refuse to follow any and all PG&E directives -- including that of water contamination -- toward my family.

Thank you very kindly for your advocacy in this matter.

Lane MacWilliams


Email sent to: From: Date:  June 25, 2023 at 2:48 AM

Re: Renewed Threats to the Safety of PG&E Customers MacWilliams, Account #510 4423 8965

To the Management of PG&E:

Please be apprised that I am in receipt of threats that PG&E's EMF Department has been instructed by FBI personnel to alter the power pole directly outside of my residence at 45 Vista Verde Way, Portola Valley, CA. 94028 in such a manner as to cause highly elevated exposure to EMF radiation to my family and myself.  The goal appears to be to cause my family physical harm in retaliation for my standing as a whistleblower of FBI malfeasance with regard to the agency's crimes of falsified law enforcement reporting against law-abiding American citizens.

Allegedly, this change to our power pole is meant to be engineered during a "cross-piece replacement" of the pole itself -- an utterly unnecessary change.  An alternative excuse for this access may be identified simply as "power line work."

I must ask PG&E to cease and desist all predation toward my family and myself at this time.

Given the malfeasance PG&E has already perpetrated toward us, the utility should not be seeking to make any adjustments whatsoever to our power pole, our power lines, our electric meter, or our gas meter at this time.

PG&E should not be seeking to expose my family or myself to hazardous EMF in any capacity whatsoever.

PG&E should not be seeking to expose my family or myself to fluctuating electrical current in any capacity whatsoever.

Further, PG&E should not be seeking to expose my family or myself to hexavalent chromium or other toxic substances in any capacity whatsoever.

Please be informed that this communication will be shared with the Office of the Inspector General Hotline of the U.S. Department of Justice.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Lane MacWilliams


Email sent to: From: Date: June 25, 2023 at 1:59 PM

PG&E Management:

Please also be apprised that this constitutes a formal demand that PG&E cease and desist all activities relating to contamination of our water supply through interference with our water main curb stop, as I witnessed PG&E crews perpetrating on June 18th, 2023.

The directives of FBI personnel that PG&E undertake these activities stand in violation of my family's right to personal safety.  The malfeasance is all the more indefensible given my stance as a whistleblower of FBI corruption of the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative and the agency's affiliated "target of interest" program in the form of knowingly falsified law enforcement reporting against the law-abiding American public.


Lane MacWilliams


Restricted Access: For OIG Hotline Investigators Only

This content, in its online form, is intended for the OIG Hotline only.

All others are asked to exit this post at this time.

This post will be made available for a short time before being removed from this blog.

Lane MacWilliams


OIG Hotline, my husband is leaving on a flight in a few hours' time.  He is not traveling with others from his company on this journey to France.

It is alleged that the necessity for this trip in its entirety was initiated by far right affiliates.

I have received myriad threats from FBI affiliates concerning this journey -- everything from those pertaining to my husband's air travel to those concerning an assault within a foreign airport to those relating to poisoning of his food or drink to those of falsified witness statements to be coerced from his colleagues to those alluding to false arrest to those referencing coerced separation from his company to those of placement of bedbugs in his luggage or hotel room.

Due to a much more formalized notarization process in France, my husband's re-notarization of his General Affidavit will not likely be practicable for him while in in Grenoble or Lyon.

My husband will be staying in the Hotel Mercure Grenoble Centre Alpotel in Grenoble from June 26th through June 30th.

Certainly, given the corruption of far right segments of the FBI and affiliates, I am concerned for the physical safety of my husband at this time.  

My older son's safety and my own are additionally imperiled by his absence.

Most sincerely,

Lane MacWilliams

Saturday, June 24, 2023

Who Are the Real Criminals?

OIG Hotline, please note that, during the composing of this post, the Wifi at my residence in Portola Valley was obstructed due to close-range signal blocking.

My husband, on trying to post this material on my behalf away from home, was also blocked from doing so.

This constitutes the third attempt to post this material on my blog.

Lane MacWilliams


1.  Recently, far right factions of the FBI appear to have been working overtime to falsely accuse your family members and yourself of anything other than lawful conduct.  Why the sudden escalation in that effort?

Answer:  I believe I have caught FBI Agent Txx Lxxxx in a crime of attempted first-degree murder against my family in the intentional exposure to echinococcus mutilocularis.  This act is clearly indefensible, and I'm sure it renders far-right segments of the agency fearful of public exposure for their crimes against the law-abiding American public.

2.  Did the FBI attempt to expose your younger son and his girlfriend to echinococcus multilocularis as well?

Answer:  I did receive that allegation, in the context of a false assertion Txx Lxxxx was making regarding a far-fetched story that liver cysts are some familial condition for us.

3.  You have never had liver cysts in your family before.

Answer:  Absolutely not.

4.  If your husband has liver cysts, that would disprove Txx Lxxxx' false allegation.

Answer:  Yes, and if my cat, Oliver, had echinococcus multilocularis, that would disprove it, too.  But beyond this, my older son is quite ill currently, and I believe a prompt ultrasound will reveal the cause to be echinococcus multilocularis.

5.  You have been told that the FBI has directed local law enforcement to break into your home while your husband is away this next week, with the specific intention of causing you grievous bodily harm.

Answer:  Yes, I have.

6.  You have been told to fortify your home against forced entry, have you not?

Answer:  I have.  But I would like to reiterate that I am a peaceable, law-abiding civilian without law enforcement training and without aspirations of law enforcement training.  And, in my opinion, the lives of peaceable civilians should not be rendered into violent video game fodder for the criminal far right.

7. You are referring to the FBI's capacity -- albeit in direct violation of the Constitution -- to film you in your own home.

Answer:  I am, yes.

8. How could the FBI -- or the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office -- justify a home invasion at this time?

Answer:  The agency could pay a corrupt ER physician like Dr. Christopher Campbell to sign his name to a false statement saying he thought my son and I represented a danger to the community in some manner.  He could falsely allege drug use, for example.   He could falsely allege a reference to weapons in some context.  The possibilities are endless when a physician is abusing his access to patients through lying about them for federal authorities.

Frankly, if Dr. Christopher Campbell had told any lies that were less appalling than these extreme examples, I don't think we would have had an escort home on Thursday night from a series of San Mateo County Sheriff's Office vehicles.

I did record the conclusion of our conversation with Dr. Christopher Campbell, so I don't think his lies can be sustained.  But that's assuming that my recordings are not taken from my home.

I would just like to point out the simple fact that, if an ER physician in a Santa Clara County hospital were truly in a fearful situation, he would call 911 and Santa Clara County police would arrive and speak with the individual in question directly.

9.  But that's not what happened on Thursday night when you left O'Connor Hospital.

Answer:  No.  Every law enforcement vehicle I saw was a San Mateo County Sheriff's Office vehicle.  And no law enforcement officer attempted to speak to me, nor did they attempt to speak to my son.  These cruisers simply followed us most of the way home, breaking off at Portola Rd. just prior to passing the license plate cameras.

10.  Is it ominous that you are being followed by San Mateo County Sheriff's Office vehicles when it was corrupt Sheriff's Deputy Rick Chaput who first appeared to cause so many problems with a falsified report of your stalking complaint?

Answer:  Clearly.  The San Mateo County Sheriff's Office is centrally implicated in this scheme of falsified law enforcement reporting as structured by the FBI.  So, yes, I'm sure the SMC Sheriff's Office feels unhappy about the prospect of exposure.

11.  How could corrupt SMC Sheriff's Office personnel justify harming you in a law enforcement raid?

Answer:  They could enter the residence shooting, and then later utilize my thumbprint to open my handheld safe containing my means of self-defense in an emergency.

12.  In other words, they could lie by saying that you were brandishing a weapon during a no-knock warrant.

Answer:  I don't know whether no-knock warrants are legal in California, but I'm sure that would not slow down a corrupt group of SMC Sheriff's Office personnel.

13.  Would they have the capacity to create AI-generated film showing you brandishing a weapon?

Answer:  I have no doubt that this is within the FBI's capability.

14.  Would they have the willingness to plant illicit substances in your residence in order to attempt to justify their crimes?

Answer:  Easily.

15.  Given these risks, is there some assurance you would like to extend here and now with regard to any entry by law enforcement personnel into your home?

Answer:  Yes, first I would like to clarify that all my means of self-defense are sequestered within locked safes.  Second, I would like to say that I will not be opening any safe whatsoever -- and nor will my husband -- in response to any interaction with law enforcement personnel.  Third, I would like to reiterate that I have never used illicit substances, nor has my husband, nor has my son.

16.  What is it like to stand face-to-face with an ER doctor who, instead of helping your son access needed care, is determined to harm you through falsified witness statements and failure of the duty of care instead?

Answer:  It's not an experience I would wish on anyone.  There is a palpable cruelty in a doctor's act of turning away a suffering patient.  This is not something I thought I would ever witness within the United States.  The inhumanity of this act as perpetrated by Dr. Christopher Campbell at the direction of FBI personnel on Thursday evening -- this is something I will never forget.

Beyond this, when a physician has determined that he is going to lie about a conversation -- as I believe Dr. Christopher Campbell was determined to lie about his conversation with us -- there is a terrible malevolence he conveys through every word and gesture.  In complete defiance of his role as a healer, such a person has decided to cause gratuitous harm.  And that betrayal pervades the interaction with distrust, guardedness, and suspicion -- this, when my son was experiencing debilitating abdominal pain and trustfully seeking help.

This is the type of unjustifiable malfeasance on the part of a physician that can lead a young man to determine never to make himself vulnerable to a doctor again, no matter his physical pain or suffering.

17.  So, now, you have a young man at home who is gaunt, jaundiced, and suffering from an unknown number of cysts on critical organs -- and also determined not to ask for help.

Answer:  All true.

18. Is there anyone who can help your family members to safely access necessary medical care on an immediate basis?

Answer:  This is the question for which I am hoping I will soon have an answer.

19.  Do you hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct?

Answer:  I do.

Lane MacWilliams


The FBI is a deeply divided agency.  There are many FBI employees who view their vows to the Constitution with the utmost seriousness and honor, and who strive to defend the fundamentals of our democracy with courage, fortitude and commitment.  The fact that some segments of the FBI appear to have embraced a lawless course is not a justification to assail the FBI in general.  As President Joseph R. Biden has so rightly expressed, violence is never justified in any circumstance.  The rule of law must always be honored and upheld.  It is our shared determination to preserve the civil liberties and human rights of all Americans that renders the United States a democracy.  We must never abandon this promise. All of our most cherished freedoms depend upon it.