My Third Novel's Conclusion, My Heartbreak

My heart begins to break when I think about completing this particular book -- because this narrative has sustained me like no other story I've known. It's both more personal and more universal than my other works. But beyond memory and archetype, it's a cri-de-coeur about needing to become the person one is destined to be. And in the writing, I have met my own life's work, my own fated journey -- having the sense all the while that the pages are suffused with a resonance, an energy, an electrified field that defies explanation. Writers hope and pray to be overtaken by a work in this way -- to be conscripted into passionate service of a profound story. To experience it even once in a lifetime seems a great privilege. I still have several months before this novel is complete, and this constitutes my reprieve. Because I'm not ready for the beauty to end.

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Thank You President Biden and Vice President Harris for Your Promise of Our Full Restoration

OIG Hotline, this letter appears without redaction in my gmail accounts, appearing with the subject heading Thank You President Biden and Vice President Harris for Your Promise of Our Full Restoration, sent at 12:10 PM on April 2, 2024.

Please access this communication at your earliest opportunity, together with communications sent to your Office's attention at 4:53 AM, 5:13 AM, 5:33 AM, and 7:46 AM.

All of my activities, communications, conduct, purchases, subscriptions and intentions have been and continue to be lawful and honorable in every way, shape and form.

Most sincerely,

Lane MacWilliams


Thank you, President Biden and Vice Presdient Harris for ensuring the full restoration of the health of my family and myself.

Accidents can happen within hospital settings, as we now know.  The far right has exploited this capability in a manner that has placed all Americans at risk.

Yet, the active involvement of both of you in my impending hospitalization will, I know, guarantee my restoration to my full, complete, robust health as it was before the FBI ever began to prey upon me.

Hospital staff, however others may attempt to bribe or coerce them, will not be defying the President and Vice President of the United States.

There is an assertion that corrupt attorney Lxxx Zxxxx has been ib direct communication with hospital personnel who will be involved in my health care.  Let's hope that's not true, as Mr. Zxxxx has allegedly accepted compensation through certain programs tasked with harming law abiding Americans in the past, and he allegedly maintains close affiliations with Russian organized crime boss Bxxxxxx Pxxx within the United States, and the FBI as well.

In order to counter any communications on the part of these men, strong leadership will be required.

So, I am gratified that President Biden and Vice President Harris are taking full responsibility for my restored health, especially given these complexities.

Thank you for your commitment.

Thank you for your leadership.

Thank you for your insistence on restoring my health and that of my family members, including Mxxx Gxxxxxxxk, as well.

Lane MacWilliams

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